“POP BASH WOOSH!” Stars were suddenly Banging and popping, disappearing into the night. Actually, I don’t know if was day or night because it was happening in Space…The stars were unbelievably screaming, screaming for help, afraid they would disappear next.                        “GOSH, that’s different!” Conner called to his twin sister Alex above the noise. They were on a ship; in space; also quite afraid.                                                                                                                “Yeah quite amazing, let’s just sit here and watch,” she replied with obvious sarcasm. Conner sighed, his sister was the best student in class, top of all subjects. Rather her brother, Conner, found class very amusing IN HIS SLEEP! He likes to take a nap quite often in class: the perfect place don’t you think? “BANG POP POP!” Sorry, I went off subject, the stars are quite determined not to be forgotten, in that case we won’t be forgetting them as they are quite a big part in this story.

“Hahahah!” laughed the evil enchantress, “I have completed my curse: nothing, NOTHING can stop me now!”                                                                                                                                              “My queen your subjects are being attacked and your army are busy, my queen what are we to do?” asked a servant politely backing away to the door, afraid the queen would lash out.                          “So WHAT!” laughed the queen madly,”I don’t care about them or you for that matter,” “But….but….but you said-”                                                                                                                “What you thought I loved you people, ’cause I don’t, you get on my nerves,”  “Now SHOO!”

“I have a way to stop the curse, I have a way!” Alex yelled to Conner…

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