Sock Bunny

All you need to know about looking after your sock bunny:

  1. You need to get him or her a bed; you could but them in a cage or a bed. You could make him or her a cage or bed and put it next to your bed. You could make them a quilt cover out of: a few matching pieces of material and sew them together.
  2. Now you need to make them some food, (you obviously don’t know what they like). My sock bunny loves: carrots, lettuce, cucumber, peas, celery and sweet corn. My bunny is like a real bunny.  Mine really likes: mango juice. She likes it because it is smooth and fresh. For a treat she likes: coke, chocolate and sweets.
  3. My bunny needs clothes, hair bands, and lots of different accessories. Mine loves to have her hair neat so I always put it in a plait or two. Her clothes are very important so mine wears: trousers, t-shirt and trainers. For bed time she wears a bunny nightie.

4.  My bunnies behaviour and how you handle with them: Mine is cheeky, funny, naughty and mischievous. If your bunny is not behaving well you need to: give them two warnings and if they don’t behave well again…, give them a time out for a couple of minutes.

That’s all you need to know about how to look after your sock bunny.



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