Smaug From ‘The Hobbit’

Smaug is from the Hobbit and he is a dragon. He guards the gold which belongs to the dwarves. He lives in the Lonely Mountain which once was a dwarvish civilisation called Erebor. He half-fills the room that has gold in. He has very solid scales but one of the scales is loose and in the end, Bard shoots him on the missing scale and he dies. He came from the north of Middle Earth. His eyesight and hearing is amazing as well as flying, breathing fire and being incredibly strong. He is almost invincible! Smaug has been sitting on the gold for 200 years because dragons like gold and the dwarves have a great quantity of it. He has dark, scaley armour and his eyes are huge and orange. I would never be his friend because he is terrifying.


Smaug From ‘The Hobbit’ — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Megan,
    Brilliant description of Smaug, you described him clearly and it is sad that he dies but he does sound terrifying. Next time try to use different punctuation.

  2. Well done Megan great description on Smaug, it is sad that he gets killed by Bard. I haven’t read the Hobit but I think I might read it now.

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