Simonsbath trip

At Simonsbath I really enjoyed all the activities and meeting the staff. They were all so nice and they were almost like one of us. One of my favourite activities was when we went on three different parts of climbing on the second day. Learning archary with Louise and also playing games at the meadow on the bikes was fun. On Wednesday we did the up and over wall and that was so much fun – the zip-wire was exciting and I also did a vlog with Izzy when we were there. When we made bread mine didn’t cook so I couldn’t eat it.

When we went to Lynmouth the walk was really fun and interesting. When we went home it was very sad because we were leaving them we had nick names for them. Emily was Emily, Toby was Joby and Rhys was Rhys’s pieces. I loved it there and wished we could go there again.

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