Simonsbath Memories

When we went to Simonsbath it was a great experience and I would love to go again, it was really fun.  I loved the climbing, archery, mountain biking and the den building, I found it was the most fun I had in all my life.  The Simonsbath crew were Louise, Emily, Rhys and Toby and they made it very enjoyable for us.  I was in a dorm called Morley and I was in it with all of the year six girls.  Also, the food there was really nice, but all the dorms had to take it in turns to set up for Breakfast, lunch and dinner.  On Thursday we had a movie night and we watched a film called Hood Winked.  Each dorm had to try and win as many dorm points as we could and in the end the year six boys won.  But my dorm wasn’t too far off them.

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