Simonsbath Day 4 Part 1

Good evening from a happy and ever so slightly tired Simonsbath. Today we have had some of the best weather we’ve ever had here, with wall to wall sunshine for our walk to Lynmouth.

After being dropped part way en route, we all made our way down through the woods via Watersmeet, stopping for lunch by the river on the way. After a trip to the local museum, a little bit of shopping, rock pooling and even a ride on the cliff railway up to Lynton – very exciting! – we were treated to a private showing of the History of Lynmouth and Lynton at the Lynton cinema – who knew there was one there? It’s lovely.

Of course we couldn’t let the day pass without celebrating Luke’s birthday properly with a very loud rendition of Happy Birthday and cake before settling down for a film. Shortly we will be broadcasting for the last time on Westwood Radio this week and I am so proud of everyone for making the week very special indeed.


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