Short division

I’m going to use an example to show you how to do short division.

When you write out your question you need to make sure you put it down in the right format. Make sure you have the right sign the divided sign.

For this examples we are going to use the number 4384÷7.

1. The way I do it is there to put about 2 cm line before you put the answer and how big the answer is put a line on top and then start using your division to find out what the number is. It should look a bit like this.

2. Second use your TimesTables to figure out the answer after you do that do the inverse to check if it’s right. You need to check if seven goes into four and it doesn’t so you need to add the four to the three to make 43. Remember to put your answer down, above the four put a zero.

3. When you check how many times seven goes into 43 if you do your TimesTables right you should end up with 7×6 is 42 you add on the one that is left over to the eight which makes it 18 and then you put six on top from how many times 7 goes into the 43.

4. Now you need to see how many times seven goes into 18 which is 2, remember to write down the answer, and then add on four which is left over to the 4 which is 44.

5. Then like before it is 7×6 was 42 it would be the same but this time you have to put the decimal point in, then you add on to 0 that you should’ve put after the decimal point.

6. Next figure out how many times seven goes into 20 which is 2×7, leaving 6.

7. Carry this on, you need to keep doing it until you solve the answer.

8. Good luck!


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