Short division

How to do short division:

First you need to look at your question, say it was 1235/5 then you need to make a bus shelter. Then write in the bus shelter what ever your big number is, and put your small number on the left of the bigger number. After that, you divide 1 by 5 which you can’t do, so you cross out the 1 and put it next to the 2, which would make 12. So 12 divided by 5 is 2 put that above 12 and 2 left over, put 2 next to it 3 which makes 23. Then 5 divided by 23 is 4 and 3 left over, and put 4 above 23 and 3 next to 5. Then finally 35 divided by 5 is 7 exact. Now your answer should be 247.

That’s how you do short division.

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