Short Division

How to do short division:

First you will need your bus shelter and have your number here is a demonstration say 1,345 divide by 5 you would times five by 1 which you can’t do, so on top of your 1 you will put 0 then cross out your 1 and put it next to the 3 so it will make 13 then you put 5 into 13 that you can do twice that also remainders 3 because 5×2=10 so whats left is 3 so you would put 3 next to 4 and then do the same thing try to put 5 into 34 that makes 6 because 5x[6]=30 so then you cross out the number and then put 4 in front of 5 that means the number is now 45 and 5 into 45 is 9 exactly and now your at the end of your number with an answer that is 0269 if you got that give it a big fat tick!

That is how you do short division.

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