school report



The best thing I enjoyed this year was Simonsbath.  First when we got there we had to stay with our year groups personally I had Zak, Cam, and Charlie in my dorm. It was quite an eventful week, we ate in a room called the common room and had dinner there too. Each day one of the groups would have to wake up early and sort out the food and set the common room out.Also we did some really fun little walks, we went mountain biking and walked along a cliff. They also had a little park and in that park there was an assault course and in the park we also did some climbing activities. On Wednesday we went to Lynmouth and went shopping, we also went up a really advanced escalator. After that, we  went on a mini treasure hunt in twos. Before that we also went to a big factory and some of the workers were really far underground. We also got to choose our food on a chart and you can add whatever kind of topping you like to a jacket potato which was amazing .Also it’s the same with breakfast, in the campsite we also had a tent with a lot of cushions.


Another thing we did was a football tournament that consisted of me Billy,Luke, Matthew, Cam , Reggie ,Josh and Ollie. That was really fun and we played against many schools and won quite a lot. I really enjoyed it and want to do it again.

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