Roman soldiers

1. Amazingly, a Roman soldier could walk up to 20 miles a day in a full coat of armour.

2. In the Roman army, only men could fight: no women were aloud.

3. shockingly, a Roman soldier had serve for twenty-five years, before he could retire.

4. Unfortunately, Roman legionaries could not get married.

5. If you were a legionnaire you would ware armour made out of iron and leather.

6. If you didn’t obey the legions rules, discipline was harsh eg reduced food, less pay, sometimes getting whipped and these were only minor punishments.

7. For major punishments soldiers sometimes were beaten to death, with a wooden stick.

8. Roman legions, were very skillful in building castles and were very good engineers

9. The soldiers diet, was made up of corn, wheat, barley and meat, they also had cheap wine and fruit.

10. When you turned twenty, you become a soldier and could fight in Roman army.


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