Roman Food Facts

Roman Facts


  1. New different types food was brought over from other parts of the empire by other Romans which were manly new to the British and had never been tasted by them before.
  1. The Romans had the same as now (three meals a day;) however, they called them ientaculum (breakfast,) prandium (lunch) and cena (dinner).
  1. As there breakfast (ientaculum) it was either bread or wheat pancakes with dates and honey. For lunch (prandium) a lot of the time it was cold meat, vegetables or the previous night’s dinner.
  1. If you were the poor then you would eat vegetables or just simply some porridge, for as the rich would have several luxurious courses including wine for dinner (cena).
  1. Wheat was boiled to make it tastiest and add vegetables, a little meat and herbs to add the flavor back to it.
  1. Romans grew all sorts of vegetables including cereals that they used to make bread that they eat a lot of (if you were the poor anyway).
  1. For a drink  they didn’t have much option as it was only wine and a bit of water that they could that was clean.
  1. Romans eat a lot of meat – the rich ones that could afford it anyway – they would eat all sorts of birds and any animal they could!
  1. A lot of new food to the British would include carrots, cucumbers, radishes, cabbages, broad beans and celery!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ! , – () ;

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