Roman facts

Our brand new topic in Orchid class is to learn about Romans and Greeks. I am going to write a bit about Roman slaves.

  1. Roman slaves could be men, woman or even children.

  2. If a child’s parent was a slave, the child would also automatically be a slave.
  3. A wealthy Roman, would have about 400 or sometimes even 500 slaves in there Villas. (Wealthy romans lived in Villas.)
  4. Roman empires used to have (sometimes even over) 20,000 slaves.
  5. The slaves used to have to help dress the family; drying them after they have bathed; cleaning the Villa and so on.
  6. It would be extremely fortunate for a slave to be freed after about thirty years! They would be called freedman or freewoman. 
  7. The hardest job for a slave to do was working in mines.
  8. Naturally, (most of the time) a gladiator would be a slave.
  9. Poor Roman slaves mostly ate porridge, bread or vegetables.
  10. A slave could be treated very badly by their master and that was not suprising, in Roman times.


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  1. Hello Susan,

    That was a great fact fial about the slaves. I don’t think I would like to be one though! Next time try and use some semicolons.

  2. Hi Susan ,

    Love your facts great work . Would you like to be a slave in the Roman times I wouldn’t ? I agree with Jenna you should try and use some semicolons .


  3. Hello Susan, I found your post really interesting. Next time try to use some conjunctions. I also liked your post because it had lots of detail.

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