Rocket sweet

It’s the day of the launch, rocket sweet was about to take of… 3 2 1 blast off. It was going so fast you could hardly see it. Then it started to shake. BANG! An ear-splitting noise: the rocket exploded. It was raining sweets, people were so excited, they got there bags of there back and try to get as many as they could. However, what they didn’t know was that if the sweets came down the metal would to. ” Run! it’s the rest of the rocket” someone shouted in fear. People were running left, right and center. Would they survive?


Rocket sweet — 1 Comment

  1. Jay, I really enjoyed this! You thought carefully about your story and it flowed well. You used a variety of punctuation “” ? ! , ‘ …(not at the end!) and MAPOS. Well done 1wpp! 🙂

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