Rabbit Rescue

Lottie lived in Canada, in a small farm surrounded by rolling hills, thick forests and shimmering lakes. The farm had fifty sheep, four pigs, twenty-five cows, nine horses, fifteen chickens and four dogs. Lottie was a bright girl who liked going on adventures with her year-old cocker spaniel called Marmalade. They went on adventures all the time. One day, on a sunny morning Lottie’s mother called her and her older brother down for breakfast. Once she’d eaten her breakfast she said, “Mother, I’m going out to take Marmalade for a walk.”

“That’s ok, see you later,” her mother replied. Lottie packed her ruck-sack with her usual explorers kit and set off towards the lake running exuberantly down the hill. When they got to the lake they both sat down on a smooth stone, listening to the drip, drip, dripping of last night’s rainfall from the leaves of the trees into the lake below.

After a while, Lottie got up to go and find Marmalade (who had gone off exploring) to take her back home.  When out of nowhere, Marmalade sprang through the bushes excitedly. She stood in front of Lottie, barking and jumping up and down like a spring almost as if she was trying to tell Lottie something. “What’s the matter?” asked Lottie in a shocked voice. Suddenly, Marmalade shot off back through the bushes, barking as she went, calling Lottie to follow. Lottie rushed after Marmalade trying to figure out what was going on. Marmalade started to slow down and stopped barking, sniffing the ground. Lottie peered into the trees ahead as Marmalade continued to sniff the ground, turning left and right as if searching for something. Then out of the corner of Lottie’s eye, she saw the one thing she did not want to see…a rabbit lying motionless on the ground.

Quietly, Lottie took off her ruck-sack trying not to make a sound. She got out her gloves, pulled them on and picked the rabbit up. Slowly, she turned the rabbit around, looking for any obvious injuries when suddenly a glow appeared on the rabbits back leg which made Marmalade back off with a whimper. Lottie looked at the glow and saw what looked like a piece a jagged glass in the rabbit’s leg. “What is that!” exclaimed Lottie. “Marmalade, go and get help,” commanded Lottie. As she watched Marmalade run off into the distance, Lottie thought to herself what was going to happen next.

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