Prehostoric family

In the stone age the cave men ruled the earth for thousands of years in a row.One day I was watching my dog darcey doing her really cool tricks with her bone. Something happened that changed everything. A big fire ball came crashing down on to the earth at 2222222000000 miles per hour. Surprisingly one of the cave men survived by hiding behind a few rocks. He rushed into a cave and hid behind a big rock but then he had a good idea.He rolled a big stone in front of the door and ducked. He waited until the end of the day to seach the surroundings.

The next day was very hard for the cave man because there was know one around him at all.He said  to himself that the world has been distracted by a lava ball so why wasn’t the ground burning.He went over to the lava ball and stared at it really hard as if it was a long lost friend.He walked a bit closer to it and then noticed a few more lava ball around that first one.If you think about it the cave men were really stupid but sometimes very clever and smart.However don’t forget the dinosaurs.They were awesome.

The End


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