Polar Explorer Stem Programme starts!


On Thursday, we were one of 45 schools this week to be lucky enough to talk to Sally Thorpe who is an Antarctic scientist studying and modelling krill there. This event, set up by the British Antarctic Survey as part of their Polar Explorer Stem programme,  was to celebrate Antarctica Day 2017 on the 1st December and the creation of the world’s largest marine reserve (which comes into effect today). Sally called us at 11am from Bird Island in South Georgia and even though she was quite quiet on the phone, we managed to ask her most of our questions. We spent half an hour talking to her and we are really grateful for her time. Thank you Sally!

Our Polar Explorer STEM ambassador is coming into school on Monday and giving a whole school assembly as the start of our programme of science experiments. Orchid class will then be lucky enough to have a session with her and take part in some experiments based on climate change.

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