Pluto facts

Today I am going to tell you a few facts about space. These facts are very interesting and they are absouloutly mind blowing. My facts are about Pluto and Pluto was discovered on 18th of February, in 1930 by a man called Clyde Tombaugh. Pluto was the planet furthest away from the sun when it was a planet and it was the smallest planet when it was a planet. It became a dwarf planet in 2006 and that was 2 years before I was born. NASA’s New Horizons space probe flew by Pluto on 14th of July 2015 at about 7.50 in the morning. It flew within 7800 miles of the surface. To celebrate NASA released a photo which showed Pluto has a reddish colour with a really cool looking heart shaped feature on its face. I am telling you these facts because I think space is an amazing place and I think it is cool.

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