Planet doom

Axa was on a normal planet called Xena (the 10th planet in the Milky Way galaxy) it was a calm,careful and a central planet.

Axa lived in a tall massive house, it was a modern space age looking house with secret passages and doors that opened by scanning finger prints.

Axa had a robot for a friend he was called Robert. He helped her find stuff, he would help her do her homework and he would play with her.

One day Robert was trying to wake Axa up and when he finally did she showed her the two lasers coming down from the sky,

Axa bellowed “it’s just the government don’t worry “CAN U NOW LET ME GO TO SLEEP thank you”, However it wasn’t the government it was a bomb agency.

Axa then again woke up to her to this time saying everyone should evacuate that’s when Robert came charging into the room putting everything in his massive compartment area beds, seats anything he could find and they docked this massive space ship right outside her house Axa’s mum and dad were on the rocket.What was happening?

Axa then saw a massive explosion and half of the planet had blown up! Axa then asked her parents what just happened they said nothing (dead silence).Even Robert wouldn’t say anything.Axa was so confused however then she heard a banging and…!




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  1. Hi Lily! Thank you for posting your story.It is great that you used the Axxa from the Phoenix. You story was fast paced. Remember to add detail as you write too. You used a variety of punctuation and tried to include some complex sentences too. Next time, it would flow easier if you used pronouns instead of repeating proper nouns.:-) 🙂

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