Pandora’s box and Paris and the Beauty Contest

Pandora’s box

Once, the world was a perfectly happy place. Then a Titan named Prometheus showed humans how to make fire and Zeus, having punished him, decided to punish humans as well. He ordered his son to create a women out of clay and they named her Pandora. Zeus gave Pandora a wonderful box but told her that she could never, ever open it. One day Pandora’s curiosity grew too much. Slowly, she lifted the lid. In a frenzy, out flew all the things that make the world miserable:

Sins, sickness, war and death.

As Pandora watched, appalled, one last thing fluttered out: hope. From that day on, life on Earth was never easy however no matter how hard things became, people always had hope.

Paris and the Beauty Contest

The Trojan War, finally won thanks to the trick with the wooden horse, all began with a beauty contest. Three goddesses couldn’t agree who was the fairest so they asked the Trojan prince, Paris, to judge. He chose Aphrodite, who promised him the most beautiful girl in the world as his wife. Unfortunately, this was Helen who was already married – to Menelaus, the King of Sparta. Paris stole Helen away, infuriating the Spartans and triggering the war.


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