The Horrid Humans

Dear Diary,                                                                                                                                           I’m so annoyed and overwhelmed with emotions right now; I am even struggling to catch my breath back through the salty, path-like tears that are rolling down my scails. Many things have gathered up to produse this massive, pathetic sob: they’re all to do with them over powering our dragon realm – now none as the human realm. The horrid humans. They are the course of my misery. This is my fourth and last resort as a home; we have been hiding away far as possible with hope that they will give up looking for us.

I snapped out of my horrible mood as sudden as the idea came upon me… I new what we had to do… REVENGE! We had been running away from a fear that had already grown big enuff and now was the time to face it! How though? This was the plan, sneak up at the darkest hour and that is when we will pounce.                                                                                                  “Muhaha!” I am saying to myself right now as I’m writing this.

P.S. Going out to plot with the other fellow dragons now.

The Unicorn

Dear diary,
I have just woken up and found fresh breakfast of apples and berk. I settle my pearl wings down and I know I shouldn’t do that because I know that I am so ill… I might not get back up again. Actually, I know I’m not getting back up again. I am going to die here, all alone… knowing that someday you will grow without me… and forget about me. I am afraid to say that all I have is bad news. After being banned from the blessing (a group of unicorns and Pegasus’) I am not able to heal myself. After a gigantic war against unicorns Pegasus’ and centaurs, my wounds aren’t going to heal themselves. Every time I look at my chest, I might as well be blind to see that I am dying. I need at least five unicorns and five Pegasus’ to heal this particular wound. It’s almost like there is a hole in my heart… well actually, I know there is. I still remember the Unicorns horn plunging deep into my heart. I have a few days left I suppose. Once I die, and part with my body so that my spirit can roam free, I swear on Starlight’s grave, I will find him and when I do, I will avenge my sister. Stick a spear right into his chest – just like what he did to Starlight.

I have to go now. I may not get a chance to say goodbye so let me say it now. Goodbye Llamrei. I hope that when you are old enough, you will read this. Just remember, mum isn’t evil: no matter what they say little sis, she was a kind brave young and beautiful, just like I can tell you will be.

The Unexpected Day

Dear diary,

Today was the most amazing day ever- I didn’t realise it would end like this. It started off with me looking at the timetable of my day and believe me I had a busy day ahead of me, however the first thing I had to do I wasn’t very keen on doing. I looked outside at the pink and rose gold coloured clouds with hints of sun yellow on them and decided to get going with my jobs. The first job was to check on the people of the earth as I was a centaur, that was my job; to make sure they weren’t fighting or doing something bad. I don’t like this job as such, just because if a human sees you you have to live in a secret location just so the humans won’t find you and the secret location isn’t very nice. After a while, as I galloped over the candy-floss like clouds and gently taped my foot on them until, I came back to my home.

SLAP! Went the Unicorn post while I was eating lunch, I immediately went over to it and opened the envelope and I started reading the letter.

“Oh my gosh this is amazing,” I shouted out, I couldn’t believe it the mythical council have asked me to join them for tonights employing evening. I finally have a chance to be in the council ! So I put on my best golden outfit, sprinkled fairy dust over me and set off straight away to the Great Hall. When I got there I was invited in to see the head of the council Mr. Pegasus the most powerful creature there is. I bowed down to him, slightly trembling with admiration and that is when he cave me a scroll and it read: You have been nominated to join us in the mythical council do you accept. I burst out  with a huge yes and he told me to get some rest to be fit for tomorrow. Signing off for today with great anticipation for an exciting tomorrow.



Diary of my dragon

At the start of the day Iget out ofmy stone cave.My bed is made out of a huge layer of stone in the shape of a rectangle.Then Igo and practise flying with the adult dragons.We normly find random dragons lurking around our stuff.I am a ice dragon and am ready for battle any time.In the afternoon I normly play tag with my freinds near the lake(sadly one is a fire dragon).Then I come back home to have my tea which is my favourite sheep rapped in bacon.I go to sleep at about 12 at night.That is why i’m so so tired.

The Diary of A Hippogriff

This is my diary, I am Alex the Hippogriff. A Hippogriff is a cross between a horse and an eagle.

First, I got out of my nest and had a nice juicy ferret for breakfast. Then, I stretched my legs and my wings and wondered whether I would be going flying today. After that, I went into the forest and wandered about a bit and I noticed that there was an odd smell in the air. I had a few nibbles of a leaf and then carried on.

After a while, I came to a stream that I had to fly over. I stretched out my long wings and took off. I would have come back to the ground, however, I liked the feeling of flying so I carried on. Slowly, I went up a bit higher and left the forest behind. The early morning breeze flew into my face making me want to never go back onto the ground. I loved being up high in the sky, because I felt as if I had left all of my bad thoughts back at home.

An hour later, it was my lunch time, so I found a good spot to land and found some food. I put my nose to the ground and sniffed around. I could smell a rat so I got ready to catch it. Suddenly, it came out of it’s hole and I pounced on it within seconds. Immediately, I gobbled it up and licked the remains off my claws. After the splendid meal, I lay down on a pile of leaves and had a ten minute nap.

I woke up by the sound of rain hitting the ground. I hated the rain and I needed to get back home were I was safe. I stood up and took off again. This time there was no lovely morning breeze going into my face, there was just the rain making me feel freezing and soaking. All of the birds in the sky dropped from the sky and went to their warm nests.

An hour and three minutes later, I was landing by the stream on the side that my nest was on. I ran back to my nest and quickly got into it. It felt so nice to be back at home. I was feeling very hungry so I ate another ferret from my collection and then I went to bed and fell asleep.

Hectic Day

Thursday 4th April 2019

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe how hectic my day was who knew dragon training would be so hard, it was not a good day to do it either, it was way to windy one of the trees we planted fell on our teachers head and we were all sent home while our teacher was sent to dragon hospital. The plus side was though it was my birthday so it was nice to go home for my birthday and my whole family was at home waiting for me. We lived in a little cave and everyone had decorated really well for the occasion: made me feel happy and loved and all my friends were there to.

A Day In The Life Of Medusa

Dear diary,                                                                                              8th century BC

I started off in life beautifully but now people just run away and don’t bother to say hello because they see my snake hair and think I look horrible. Today, I went into market to buy some food and a wig to make me look more attractive but when I arrived, the shopkeepers refused to let me in. Mostly I just want people to be my friends. I used to have flowing hair and a lovely voice but now it has all changed. Anyway, beside the point, this was the worst day of my life because of the horrid world out there. I will never forget the horribleness of this. Please let me be happier tomorrow.

Medusa X


The Lung is a type of dragon from Chinese Mythology. It is said to be the bringer of wealth, fortune and rain.

Lung dragons live in the clouds and are the guardians of the earth’s water.

Unlike other dragons, the Lung has no wings.  It has a body of a huge carp (a type of fish), feet and legs like a tiger, the talons of a bird and the antlers of a stag.  Alternatively, they are described as having a scaly serpentine body, four legs, four paws, four huge nails on every paw, a sinuous tail and with a head of a huge lizard. In pictures, they are often seen carrying an egg in one of their front claws, and they are said to carry a pearl of wisdom in their mouths.

The Lung can change form as an when it wants to and can become as small as an inchworm or as big as the Sun.  It can also make itself invisible.

Lung lay their eggs on river banks. Every river, sea and lake has got its own lung as a guardian.


The Dragon

No one had ever seen a living dragon until one day something very unusual happened . It was a normal day for everyone who lived in the small village until a young girl went missing in the woods . Everyone was very scared since no one had ever gone missing before . They had searched and searched with no luck at all . They decided to report it to the police and call it a night .

When they woke up and looked outside , they saw large paw prints in the ground .They got very worried because she could of been killed . Everyone made a hard decision and that was to go searching for her .They all set off to look for her in the massive forest with the small chance of finding her alive.

Half an hour later , still no luck , that was until they came across the cave … They had found a small cave and when they looked inside they were so confused at what they had found .They had found a living dragon ! The dragon had been looking after the girl all this time and she wasn’t harmed . They were so happy when they found her and became friends with the dragon .

Naga Dragon

The Naga dragon is a serpentine common to all cultures influenced by Hinduism. They have several heads depending on their rank, they have no arms or legs but the ones with limbs resemble the Chinese dragoon. Other dragons are the Vrtra the serpent dragon who was defeated by Indra, the Thunder God and King of Heaven. They protect Bhudda and the dharma. They are temperamental creatures who can spread diseases when angry. They have human upper torso and are snakes from the waist. Naga means cobra which is very true because it looks quite similar to a cobra. They will eat: insects, eggs, geckos and small mammals. They live in a underground kingdom called: Naga-loka, or Pata-loka which is filled with wonderful palaces and beautiful ornaments with sparkling, precious gems in. They are associated with: waters, rivers, lakes, seas, wells and are the guardians of treasure. The female Nagas are serpent princess of striking beauty.