The doll

I was having a morning stroll, then suddenly out of the darkness a vast plant fell on me: Pain seared through my veins; my heart throbbed I fell to the floor; My arms tingled. Blood cascaded out of my knees like a crimson waterfall. “ARGH!” Then I saw someone sitting on the floor he turned his head 360 degrees. Wow that was…um… eccentric I thought to myself. Suddenly, I couldn’t feel my arms, I was fading away. “What’s happening to me?” I asked him. I phanted, I was unconscious and paralyzed. I was trapped, not able to move. Was this the end of my life?

100 word challenge

Its the day I get my room done, getting a new light bulb, a really cool one with sweets in it. “BAM!” I screamed, what was it… One week later I was in heaven: dead, I was gone but all I had was a light bulb with sweets in. The big delicious sweet was inside, bright pink. How is there a sweet inside? I smashed it open with my big fists and my head with 3 seconds left until now. My body was like the shape of a light bulb and my head was the shape of a pizza.

sweet disaster

There was a plant pot that had fallen over and broken , weirdly there was jellybeans and tic tacks inside it.So Dis jumped for them and he started stuffing them in his mouth , but as he was eating he saw some weird people trying to eat the sweets!Quickly he jumped backwards and shouted who in the world are you? We are could the Muppet’s but most people call use dim dims ,  “well hi dim dims i am called dis and were did you come from ( but i don’t really care) then i won’t tell you then but i can tell you…”


2 Days Ago

Sir Raegon walked across the bleak landscape. Little did he know that he was being followed by a shadow, slowly coming closer…

The men in suits ran as fast as they could to the scene. People were getting curios. Quickly they put up bollards and tape around it. The radiation was getting bigger; the heat more intense…        There was a scream as One of the villagers fell over. The radiation was getting dangerously hot. There was no way they could stop it; all they could do was evacuate…

100 word challenge

SMASH!!! the light bulb had smashed, a bunch of beads came out but luckily there was a builder who had built a light bulb so he thought he knew what he was doing but he didn’t know what was coming a colossal spark had shot out like lightning ,he got so paralysed with fear that he ran and just left the beads and the glass why would he just leave it there you never know what could happen it could struck again or it’s sharp what if another little person doesn’t see it and gets stabbed also there in a house what if oh know…

The mystery

I was  just walking down the street (at night|) when suddenly I saw some Robbers stealing out of the Jewellery Shop. Then they saw me and were coming towards me fast there cheeky grins on their faces.


I Cried As they shoved me into a bag.Then I was just able to Wriggle out.then I felt something pierce in my leg.It was a bullet.However I was just able to get into my house,

“who is it?”

“Its me mum”

Then she came down stairs.


She had seen my leg, I was done for.

Would my mum ground me or worse…

Facts About Neptune

  1. Neptune is the eighth and farthest known planet from the Solar System.
  2. Did you know, the discovery of the planet Neptune was one of the most exciting discoveries in astronomy.
  3. Neptune has 14 moons! They are called: Naiad, Thalassa, Despina, Galatea, Larissa, 5/2004 NL, Proteus, Triton, Nereid, Halimede, Sao, Laomedeia, Psamathe and Neso.
  4. Neptune cannot be seen without a large telescope and was first seen in 1846 from the observatory in Berlin.
  5. It takes Neptune 164.8 Earth years to orbit the sun.
  6. In 2011 Neptune completed the first orbit of the sun since its discovery 165 years before in 1886.
  7. Neptune is blue and bits of white.


There are thousands of other planets around all of the main planets we know. They are called extra- solar planets that orbits around stars. They have found one thousand- eight hundred new worlds.

Astronauts were placed in quarantine after going to the moon. One million Earths can fit in the sun. What? Amazingly, you become taller in space. The weather up in space is extremely bad. Weather warning! Surprisingly, the moon looks bigger on the horizon. The word astronaut comes from the Greek word astro. You can cry in space but your tears just can’t fall. There is a dwarf planet named after Easter island legend.

Facts About Space

Did you know that Mercury and Venus are the only planets that don’t have any moons.  The hottest planet in the solar system is Venus, the solar system is about  4.6 billion years old.  The sun is over 300.000 times bigger than the Earth and our moon is about 4.5 billion years old.  Saturn is the second biggest planet in the solar system.  The first man on the moon was Neil Armstrong, the moon is moving away from the Earth(it mite be because the moon doesn’t like Earth), and the sun is all of the colours mixed together but it looks white to us.


Space Facts

When the Apollo astronauts  took their first steps on the moon their footprints will probably stay for about 100 million years!

All of space is silent (completely)!!!.

Mercury and Venus are the only two planets in our solar system that do not have any moons!. Venus is also the hottest planet in our solar system, this is because it has a lot of gasses in its atmosphere which causes the ‘GreenHouse’ effect.

The solar system is around 4.6  billion years old and scientists think it will last at least another 5000 million years!!.

If a star gets to close to a black hole it can be torn apart!