Whats life without competition?

Stephanie was an amazing dancer, she had just moved to Cornwall from Wiltshire. She had just joined a dance troupe called Breaking point. She had been going there for two weeks and had already made loads of friends. A huge competition was coming up in a month and it was a duet competition. ”Okay you guys choose your duet partner,”explained the coach. They all had to choose a partner and started to make up a duet. When it was time to show the duets to the coach, Stephanie was really nervous because whose  ever duet was best, were the only ones out of the troupe that got to perform in the competition. Once Stephanie had performed the duet, she found out that she had won! She was so happy and exited. She was jumping up and down like crazy! She went home with a huge grin on her face and she couldn’t stop skipping and jumping up and down! When her parents found out, they were so proud of Stephanie.

The Mystery Place

I ( Roxy ) was playing with my toys late at night. I drifted of to sleep . Suddenly , I woke but not in my bed … I was in a bed that I had put in my dolls house . “How could this happen to me why me ?” I sobbed .                                                                                                                                               “Roxana ( that was my real name , Roxy was for short ) get out of bed and come down and have you’re breakfast , it is the most important meal of the day ,” My Mother yelled up to me .  I had been playing with my toys all night .

Slowly , and silently , I turned to were one of my dolls lay . “Hello I’m Amy the owner of this house , ” said a voice . It was the doll that was on the bed. Amy interduced me to the family . I had a tour of their mantion. It was like being in Buckingham Palace. They were a big family . They had lots of pets too. For me it was a new world , that hadn’t been discovered yet . I felt like part of a family . My Mum never really cared about me .

They were nice to me until I had been there for a week. “Roxy you are only in here to learn a lesson,  “Amy scowled.                                                                                                                             “What do you mean Amy to learn a lesson?” I asked .                                                                              “You are only a DOLL because you throw us around ; make us sleep in rock hard beds ; making our house look hideous and not letting us have a garden so the dogs can’t even run around ,” Amy replied , then getting her breathe back.                                                                                               I’m very sorry , can I just go home now please then ?” I asked Amy .                                            There was no response.

As quick as a lightning strick I was in my bed , at home all nice and warm.

I Saved a Whale

Hi, so right now I am swimming in the ocean with my extremely heavy air tank on my strong back. I have my underwater camera taking photos of the wonderful coral. It was like a massive rainbow. I am having such a wonderful time. The fish were also amazingly colourful and I have seen so many Turtles as bright as the fresh green grass (one of them was really big). It was an amazing experience! I almost got stung by a Jelly fish, but I swam away in time.

One hour later, I was deeper than I have ever been in the sea, I was a little scared but I was fine. As I gracefully swam forward, a big ray swam pass me. Anyway I was swimming a bit further when  I saw a huge whale. I swam up to it and it had a fishing net on it’s fin so it couldn’t swim, so I pulled the net off it and watched it swim away. I then swam back to shore. It was an amazing experience, I wonder what is next…

BANG, The Crazy Adventures Of The Sock.

There was once just a normal sock, well to himself he was normal but to others he wasn’t because he could talk. When he was hopping through the park one day he heard some strange noises and obviously of course like everybody else would do he went to explore to find out what was making these strange noises. He could hear the noises coming from a house.  When he opened the door to see what it was, something caught his eye before anything else. It was a curious green bottle saying “Magic Potion!” He thought about not drinking it but the temptation to taste the liquid dragged him towards taking a sip of this mysterious drink and suddenly he felt incredibly strange like he had somehow gained powers…

The next day Sock went to test what interesting powers he had acquired: he had X-ray vision, the power of flight, and best of all, power of teleportation. And he knew just what he was going to use these powers for – to find his long lost brother.

He first used his flight to find a village that knew a village that knew the village that his brother was in, so he found the village and went to ask everyone if they knew of his twin sock. But it was no use, he couldn’t find anyone. Just as he was losing hope, he found someone who told him exactly where the village was and he flew over there straight away. He walked into the town and unusually the first person he asked knew where his sock brother was so, again, he flew over to that village where he used his X-ray vision to find his brother. He teleport-ed through the walls of the house and just as he wished he had found his long lost sock brother.

He was so grateful for his powers but for some reason, now he had found his brother, they had disappeared, but he didn’t even care.

Sock and his sock brother walked off into the sunset.

-‘,;! MAPOS


Unicorn World

I was out walking with my family in the forest.  The trees were all as tall as massive buildings, like sky scrapers.  ” Look,whats that?” asked Mya, (who was ten years old).  Under the trees it was quite dark then we saw something glinting.    WHOOSH!  A golden treasure box flew open: inside it was full of golden coins; gems; necklaces and bracelets.  Suddenly, me and all of my family, (even Kirra our pet dog) got sucked into the treasure box.

Inside it was a whole new world, it was bright and sunny and had loads of flowers and green grass.  It was like a wonderland. We were all shocked and amazed by this beautiful place.  Suddenly, we heard a noise and realised something was coming towards us.  At first we felt frightened, but then saw a herd of multi-coloured unicorns with gold sparkling horns.  Surprisingly they could also talk! They showed us around their home and gave us lots of food and drinks.  All too soon it was time for us to go back to our own world and we were all sad to leave such a fantastic place that we would never forget.

The Sea

My family and I quite often go to the beach. We all love surfing and we are quite good at it. My favourite part of the beach is the sea, it sparkles and shines when it is sunny. Our dog ( Kirra) loves getting in the sea and surfing . She has her own life jacket to keep her safe.

The sea is a mysterious place , sometimes calm and sometimes wild. When the weather is stormy the waves are large and dangerous and crash to the shore. After a storm there are usually things on the beach that the waves have brought in, this is called flotsam. It could be wood, shells, seaweed, broken fishing nets and even plastic, which is not good for the environment.

The strength of the waves is controlled by the moon: quite often at the time of the full moon the tide is very strong so swimmers need to be careful not to get into danger.

There are many creatures that live in the sea. The largest are whales; dolphins and seals are also quite big. I would love to see a whale or dolphin! Fishes, crabs, jellyfish and starfish are easier to spot in the sea or on the beach. I would love to live by the seaside.

National Dance Auditions

I knew Sophie was really the best dancer of all of us: she got treated like she wasn’t though. She finished her routine with a high kick and a turn. I clapped (loudly) but Amanda just sighed at her; as if she wasn’t impressed. Poor Sophie backed down into the corner and watched other dancers audition for nationals, trying not to be jealous when Amanda complemented them.                    “Maybe I’m not a good enough,” I heard Sophie sadly sigh. I couldn’t stand it, so I walked up to her and said,                                                                                                                                          “Don’t tell my sister I said this but she’s just jealous. You’re probably the best dancer here.”                                                                                                                                  “Really? Wait a moment – Amanda’s your sister?”  Sophie questioned, intrigued.                           “Sadly…yes. Look, she’s alright once you get used to her. Trust me….she just needs some time.” I whispered sadly. I really liked Sophie, I decided. I told her my name was Cindy and a little bit about me. She followed and told me about her and here we are now…performing our duet for nationals.

: , () ; “” ‘ ? – …

Rabbit Rescue

Lottie lived in Canada, in a small farm surrounded by rolling hills, thick forests and shimmering lakes. The farm had fifty sheep, four pigs, twenty-five cows, nine horses, fifteen chickens and four dogs. Lottie was a bright girl who liked going on adventures with her year-old cocker spaniel called Marmalade. They went on adventures all the time. One day, on a sunny morning Lottie’s mother called her and her older brother down for breakfast. Once she’d eaten her breakfast she said, “Mother, I’m going out to take Marmalade for a walk.”

“That’s ok, see you later,” her mother replied. Lottie packed her ruck-sack with her usual explorers kit and set off towards the lake running exuberantly down the hill. When they got to the lake they both sat down on a smooth stone, listening to the drip, drip, dripping of last night’s rainfall from the leaves of the trees into the lake below.

After a while, Lottie got up to go and find Marmalade (who had gone off exploring) to take her back home.  When out of nowhere, Marmalade sprang through the bushes excitedly. She stood in front of Lottie, barking and jumping up and down like a spring almost as if she was trying to tell Lottie something. “What’s the matter?” asked Lottie in a shocked voice. Suddenly, Marmalade shot off back through the bushes, barking as she went, calling Lottie to follow. Lottie rushed after Marmalade trying to figure out what was going on. Marmalade started to slow down and stopped barking, sniffing the ground. Lottie peered into the trees ahead as Marmalade continued to sniff the ground, turning left and right as if searching for something. Then out of the corner of Lottie’s eye, she saw the one thing she did not want to see…a rabbit lying motionless on the ground.

Quietly, Lottie took off her ruck-sack trying not to make a sound. She got out her gloves, pulled them on and picked the rabbit up. Slowly, she turned the rabbit around, looking for any obvious injuries when suddenly a glow appeared on the rabbits back leg which made Marmalade back off with a whimper. Lottie looked at the glow and saw what looked like a piece a jagged glass in the rabbit’s leg. “What is that!” exclaimed Lottie. “Marmalade, go and get help,” commanded Lottie. As she watched Marmalade run off into the distance, Lottie thought to herself what was going to happen next.

A story.

‘WHOOSH!’ Suddenly, a flying carpet zoomed across my face like it couldn’t even see me. As soon as I looked up I saw that the prince was flying it; I then saw everyone following it until the prince stopped the flying carpet. The prince shouted “Hello everybody I have discovered something amazing that nobody else would think of: it’s called…the flying carpet,”( well not really the prince just came up with that probably). Then the prince came zooming down going as fast as an airplane and almost hitting me in the face again. Everyone then started to follow it again but they couldn’t because the flying carpet was to fast for everyone. As soon as the flying carpet was out of everyone’s sight they all went straight back to there houses trying to get there carpet to fly but nobody could get it to fly and the prince wouldn’t even tell them how he did it.

The Cow Jumps Over Lulu

Have you ever heard the saying cows can’t jump over the moon? Well, it is the same as saying cows can’t jump over waves like dolphins can; however, this time it is real… Cows really can jump over waves like dolphins (although only one rare species can). It all was discovered just off the Southern coast of Africa near Lesotho scarcely near shore. It commenced on a terrific day, around noon when Lulu (who was now ten) was enjoying her birthday at the beach with her beloved mum,  dad and trying to spot dolphins as they were known to come quite close into the shore and so far been unsuccessful. As a result, Lulu’s dad (trying to keep her spirits high) offered to go snorkeling with her to see if they could spot any dolphins further away from shore. A grin spreaded on her face, “Ok but I’ll be expecting a toffee ice-cream when I get back!” gigled Lulu.

Her and her dad headed out into the sea with a splash in there step in hope to find what they seek: twenty minutes in there surch they had not found anything. Just as they dived down something out of the ordinary happened… There in front of them was a dolphin alongside a swimming cow! How could the cow breath under water because it had gills? Then as if they had been synchronised swimming champions they did a mighty leap out of the water and over Lulu and her dad’s heads! As they came up to the surface for air, they realized it wasn’t just them who had seen it, everyone on the beach had!