The special occasion

One evening, a yellow gorilla sprinted past a hot dog stand what smelt delicious! The gorilla smashed into the chequered bricks and made a huge explotion. Everybody screamed and ran as fast as they could, but the gorilla chased after them. When it climbed the pretty buildings he sprung from one another! I was Running away from the beast and I was frightened. So I went home and told my mum and mum called the police and I felt safe when she had done that.The police came to my house and told me where it was… it was on my roof!

The dark jungle of Peru

Down in the jungle where nobody goes there is big Gorilla called Max and he loved to eat, one day as he ate quite a lot well it’s astonishing for a human. Max did not like it that he had a tummy ache because he wasn’t looking at what he ate and ate bricks but they were painted  pretty.He didn’t feel good but it was painted yellow like a banana he felt so bad he was running . He got there and went the led on his bed up in the trees for the rest of the day.


The Yellow Gorilla

Today I saw a yellow gorilla running towards an ice cream truck .It was quite a funny sight until the gorilla started throwing bricks at people .Someone walking past and said to the gorilla “Omg , what a pretty gorilla . Can I keep you as a pet ?” . Someone called the RSPCA to come and get the gorilla to put it back in the zoo it came from.

A week passed and the gorilla had become famous for its unusual colour .News reporters and tv people were coming to the zoo to interview the owners to see how they bred the gorilla .

The Locked Door

When I entered the house, the door creaked slowly on its hinges. ‘What was all that about?’ I wondered. I was an inquisitive girl of many talents and I also loved to answer questions. Slowly and carefully, I crept up the staircase to my bedroom. I twisted the handle. “Oh for goodness sake!” I muttered. The handle was stuck. I stomped back downstairs with the force of a raging stampede. The staircase shook as I jumped off the foot of the stairs and onto the floor. I walked over to the kitchen door and pulled. There was a rustle. I wondered what was behind the door…

The Light

Hi I’m Olive I’m 12 years old and this Is a story of my Adventure In oakly Hallows . It all started on Sunday when I was just about to reach the top of my climb It was a grade 8 c . With my heart beating arms aching I went to clip the rope into the carabiner however I fell ! Then i  opened my eyes and saw a door in front of me I wondered what was behind the door so I went to turn the handle however It was jammed . I gave It another push and then It opened ‘ arrrhh ‘ a big flash of broke in front of her eyes…

The Mischievous Kitten

Today me and my sister are going to the pet store to buy a cute, fluffy kitten. I want to name it Sparkle but my sister wants to name it Ginger, its really enoying! I’ve always wanted a cat but if its called Ginger then I will be upset. “Lottie you have to go to school and when your back we can go to the pet shop,”shouted mum. Yay, I can’t wait, ( this is the best day ever!)

Six hours later, I was at the counter paying for my precouis cat, he is so cute. We are back in the car and we are going home. “I wondered what was behind the door”Said the cat.

The Day I Dreaded

This was the dreadful day that I wanted to be ill on. Today we were going to the hairdressers, the one that we went to did the most ugly and ridiculous hair cuts in the world. I got in the lime green car and waited for my mum to finish putting on her make up. Finally she started walking towards the car in her high heels ( which were yellow and black).

30 minuets later, we arrived at the hair salon. I got out of the car and walked down the street. I  saw a secret alley way, I wondered what was behind the door next to the salon. Behind it was a camel.

The Unknown Thing

wonder what is behind the door,” I whispered to myself as I opened the door. It took me at least 10 seconds to open the door: until I saw a face of a werewolf which really scared me. I carried on walking and then I heard a noise and I went towards it. Suddenly, I saw something and it was surrounding me; I tried to get out but there were to many of them. They were to fast for me and then by the time I knew it, I had already been knocked out and I had know I dear what had happened.

What was behind that door ?

Monday night ,( bonfire night ), I was watching all of the multi-coloured fireworks as they were shot into the black sky. When the dazzling fireworks suddenly ended I was pulled away by my friend Charlotte. She took me into her house and showed me the door that had a pure emerald padlock. Slowly, she pulled out all her parents keys however none of them sadly worked. For hours I wondered what was behind that door so desperately.                                             “What is that on the floor?” I asked. Charlotte picked it up inserted it into the key hole. The pad lock fell of the door and the key revealed a patch of gold on it .

The Mysterious Forest

Quickly I sprinted through the forest, running away from my horrible step dad… that was trying to make me go to school ( dreadful school).  Finally I had lost him.  Not looking where I was going, I walked straight into a wooden door that was carved into the tree trunk.  Not knowing what it was I went home, and told my mum that I had walked into a wooden door.  That night for hours and hours I wondered what was behind the door. Early the next morning, I awoke with a start, wanting to head back into the forest.  I encouraged my sister to come with me and we brought all the keys we had.