The four people alive were 4 children in one big house trying to stay alive from zombies however other people were alive. It was a lot of pressure for them but one person in the four was the boss and the boss was Jeff but another boy called Bob wanted to be the boss.                                    “But what I was the boss,” cried Bob. As he shouted at Jeff. He always wanted to be the boss but couldn’t because he was to short and to fat and he needed to be more fit and have a six pack to show off to the lady’s. It was his dream.

To be continued

What If. . .?

“Go to your room,” mum says, her angry face on. I say,                                                            “I don’t want to,” but she stares at me in the eyes, my vulnerable eyes and I’m gone upstairs for another day. I look at my dog and say,                                                                                  “I love my family, but what if I was in charge?” I smile and think of what I’d do: I would run over the hills and walk along the beach in the morning dew. Maybe I could have an ice cream and walk slowly into the sea with a friend called Sue. That’s what I would do if I was in charge.


I live a normal life, have a normal job, I think, and have a normal house until today. It started on my way to work. I heard a weird sound, like something rampaging through the streets of Chicago. As I got closer, I started thinking about my job. But what if I was I charge? I would give pay rises and fun jobs…BANG. My train of thoughts got broken when a giant Cthulhu crashed the street in front of me. I was the only survivor of that attack and the only one to tell the tell.


The boss

My name is Abigail and this is the day I went fo a job interview . I was really excited but also nervous. I defentily wasn’t expecting the lady to say, “oh just to say there is no boss,”

”No boss,” well that was the last time I go for a job interview. Then when I got home and I had a call from the lady who interviewed me and she said that I got the job as part of the council of the city. Then she said,”we still do not have anyone for the boss.”

But what if I was in charge?”

100wc, the Dream.

Slowly, Liam fell into a deep sleep, he was in Venice drinking away at a Spritz, when all of a sudden a 60 bolt motorbike flew past the 10 story building. There were two men on board wearing no protection other than a full black helmet. They grabbed a random citizens handbag and drove of, I felt myself falling through a delicate piece of bulletproof glass, they had smashed through my chest with no mercy. I woke up, in a hospital bed, I had a huge bruise up my side, what had actually happened. I will never know.

I Want To Be A Teacher

Hi, my name is Rebecca and right now I am in my school class room, we are doing (quite reading), and some of the naughty boys are talking. I am trying to read but they are              just being to noisy that I can’t concantrate on my reading. “I can’t take it!”,I said in my head.       It is really irratating, but what if I was in charge? I could tell them of for talking, I wish I could be a teacher. That could be a dream come true. Suddenly, our teacher just dissappeared.   Then I went flying up and I turned into the teacher…

Bossy Francis

Once, at my school there was a very bossy girl called Francis, if you didn’t do what she said, you were in big trouble!  When I was t the park she turned up and started bossing me about.  I was not happy, she said to me, “What are you doing here : this is where I play.”  I had had enough, I was not gonna let here treat me like this any more.  I thought to myself, “But what if I was in charge?” At school she started to be bossy so I decided to just egnore her.

A week later she was my best friend.

A Day At The Wire

Me and my fellow batteries,double A, triple A and me the 9V battery were walking down the wire. When,BANG,a K23 battery burst through a shop door a swag bag swung over it’s back. If, when the police maybe they would catch it but what if I was in charge? What if they put me in the charging station, what is they thought I was the criminal? Being in charge was horrible, you would be turned back to a single A battery, what could be worse? So, just to be safe we all ran away. We ran till we got to the hills and that criminal K23 battery is still out there…

School Teacher

I don’t like school. Especially not my teacher. She likes to go round the room hitting my class mates with a cane. My Mum doesn’t like me being here because I come home with bruises on my body; but what if I was in charge?

The Next Day

I came in to school looking like a teacher! “Mrs. Bunn I am the new teacher you have been replaced,” I said very proud.

”I am sorry but I am not replaced I am the teacher not you.” Mrs. Bunn said very annoyed.

You should of seen it she got arrested!