A few days ago, i was walking along the street, my next-door neighbours dog was barking it reminded me of a time when i was younger and me and my dad were walking along the street together. They are gone now and i live on my own, i have been for the past year or so. I wish my parents still lived with me, I have a dog and his name is jazz he is the coolest dog in the world and he is my only friend well that is for now. I am going to start going to school and hopefully my life will get better from there.

Broccoli tree

Gently, the swing moved in the sun. The girl, who was 10 years old, was swinging on the broccoli tree. Ouch, she fell off the tree on her bottom with a splat. She wasn’t very happy because she fell. Her mother was terrified and came rushing over.

The Broccoli Tree

Slowly, Milly and her mum walked to the broccoli tree that had a swing on it, her mum loved broccoli trees but Milly hated them but this one she liked more as it had a swing on it.  As Milly started to swing on the tree she wondered who it was that built it because she had never seen anything like it…  CRASH!  The broccoli branch on the tree snapped.  Her mum ran over to see her daughter laying on the floor feeling miserable.

The Broccoli Tree

The dark green trees made a lovely shaded spot for Isla. Isla, who was ten, absolutely loved playing in the trees because there was an old swing, she would swing on it day after day looking at the view. Suddenly, BANG! The swing fell, down she tumbled. She felt miserable; picking herself up she walked slowly back to her house.

The Broccoli Tree

Excitedly, Lottie ran as fast as she could into her amazing garden so she could go and play on her sturdy swing.  She loved playing on it because it felt like she was flying. As she was playing on her swing, which her Granddad made for her, she just noticed out of the corner of her eye that the tree the swing was on, wasn’t a tree, it was broccoli. “SNAP!”went the tree branch. Sadly, the bright green broccoli tree broke. Suddenly, Lottie heard her mum shout her name for dinner but Lottie was very upset about the tree breaking.

Suddenly, the girl ran to the swing on the tree; but weirdly the tree looked a bit like a broccoli. The girl and the Mum, who were enjoying it a lot, completely lost track of the time. When the mum saw the time they left straight away, but before they did, the little girl licked the tree and went argh that tastes like broccoli. The Mum cried ” we’ve got to go.”                                 When they got home they got nice and comfortable and the Mum whispered                               ” if we do that again let’s not lose track of time ok.”

The Shrinking

Suddenly, it looked as if the Johnson household was expanding around them, or maybe not, maybe they were shrinking.  In a flash, the piece of broccoli, which was emerald green, changed from an everyday vegetable into a colossal towering tree.  As they sat under the tree paralyzed in disbelief they heard a THUMP! THUMP! “What was that?” screamed Jonathon and Sarah. It was the Johnson’s rather chubby cat jumping onto the table; the Johnson’s rather chubby, hungry cat.

The Unfortunate Advent

Bounding, Abi and Leanne raced over to the towering broccoli tree; they were both determined to climb on to the oak swing before each other to get the first go. The moist grass swaid side to side in the gentle breeze, surrounding the magnificent, colossal broccoli tree.The fraying rope was thoroughly worn down by the weather and the rough branch that held it all up; although, it was very precariously tied on and every now and then it would slip …                                    ‘CRASH’ It didn’t just slip, it had fallen.                                                                           “Help me get out of this tangled up mess, Abi.” Leanne whimpered as she was depressed because her dad had made the swing for her just before he died three years ago.

The unexpected fall

Immediately, the miniature girl (dressed in a white and red chequered dress) ran to the swing and jumped on excitedly. The swing, which had been put up by her father, was one of the best reminders of her dad when he was away ‘Borrowing’. It made a soft swooshing sound through the air, as she swung backwards and forwards and the nylon fishing wire creaked ever so often, as it cut gently into the bark of the towering broccoli tree. Suddenly, there was a snap…she fell. “How did that happen?”, the girl exclaimed as she landed on the ground with a thud – she sat up perplexed and frustrated.

The people who loved the swing.

Surprisingly, while I was having breakfast I saw some tiny kids climbing up a peace of broccoli, they climbed it like it was a tree! I just thought it was a dream so I ignored it. The next morning I woke up, at 3 o clock, I was again having breakfast with my new spoon and saw… People on a swing, attached to the broccoli once again – like it was a tree. “Oops” said one of the mini people, “We got spotted” They cried. That was cool to watch I said.I felt happy after that,  also I felt lucky.