The bat world

In a magical world of a land of bats all the bats had to fly they need to get food in the night to feed the baby’s, there must of been loads and loads at night they all start of bye crouched down in a ball. Then they fly across the world they do it at night because they like the dark the mums stay at home looking after the little baby’s all the dads go get the food. while they fly they would always see so pretty views in the sky when the dads come back they feed all there family.

Me and Maisie

I was at my best friends birthday party and I was wearing a sparkling blue dress, which was very creative, when a bold-looking man came up to me. He handed me a piece of paper which said, ‘Come to the amazing horse show in Kent. Have lots of fun and be inspired!’ As I had a horse called Maisie I thought that I would see if I could take part. When I lifted my head up the man had disappeared into thin air.

After the party I skipped home, eager to take Maisie for a ride. I went straight to her stable and put her saddle on her, then we galloped of into the distance.

The moon Man

Sunday 24th of June: On a  Sunday night Daisy Downer was doing a creative essay for school.  All of a sudden, she saw a man on a moon through her rustic window with blue curtains ,as soon as she looked away the Man was gone…

Monday 25th of June: When Daisy was going home from school she saw him but he was not on the moon , Daisy noticed the shape of him , he was wearing a sparkling grey hat with a long black coat , he looked sketchy and bold . I ran off scared,startled but inspired how he got up the moon  , I never saw him again…

Izzy doesn’t know what to write

I was sat in my pale blue chair thinking about what to write I couldn’t think of a story that included inspired, creative  and bold. I mean I could of tried a bit harder but it just wasn’t coming to me and I was running out of time.The first idea that came to me was about a purple sparkling football that traveled round the world but I think that would be a little bit to weird. Whilst I’ve been writing this Mr.Rocky was getting a wasp out of the room (surprisingly no one screamed). Be warned this is a real life story!

no longer living

Bash Cazzy smashed her brother till he was black and blue he really was inspired  by her         creative use of torture but he was  bold  but his eyes would not be sparkling with pride, ever.

                         Cazzy’s road to redemption

Cazzy knew she had to change  so she decided she would go on a  quest she was lying in bed when the bed was no longer there then she got sucked into the mouse hole under her so called bed. She hit  the ground with a thud she looked at her hand to see if her hand had scratches but she was not living was not there seems the quest found her.

The Market

I have a creative shopkeeper called Lydia but when I meet her in the street, she is always on the phone. Or maybe she doesn’t like me, all because of the sparkling, blue dress. Inspired by my older sister, I skipped happily to the market with Lydia to buy one. When we arrived, me and Lyds rushed over to the dress stall, where we both had our eye on a bold, blue dress, which was sparkling in the early morning sunshine. I snatched it up and had thrown the coins into the old lady’s lap before Lydia had a chance to ask for it. So that must be why she hates me.

The art work

It was my the best art work I have ever done in my life .It was creative and very blue, my aunt taught me to do art work when I was seven years old and now i`m a pro at doing it.It is my faith to be a famous artistes sparkling in the light of thousands of cameras.My mum did not inspire me at all in the slightest.I may be bold but I am still loved by my family so I don`t feel like that I should not do my job any more at all.

my new teacher

My new teacher, she is the worst always telling me off it’s not fair all the other kids adore her … but not me i see through her clever tricks . All the favourite children in the class don’t suspect a thing but I do there is something fishy going on but not do i know what. Anyway lets look at the facts here she gives us homework 101 that’s torture to a child everyone knows that except a dumb person and that’s obvious she isn’t one. Everyone thinks that she is a blue inspired creative sparkling amazing person that’s not true but that’s what they think.

The story of Bucky Barnes

The bold Bucky Barnes came out from the deep dark scary cave to see a paradise, a lake a park and lots of people Bucky had been asleep for one hundred years. It was 2043 he was asleep since 1943 to his surprise it was not a fight and quite peaceful. In the war the reason he joined was because he was inspired  by his best friendHe was called Steve and was strong and  creative When he fell asleep he saw the sparkling blue eyes fighting for his country. He was afraid to ask who won the war and stayed in his cave never to be seen again.

The Blue girl

One day there was a girl called Lilly, she loved sweets she was inspired to eat them everyday but she only ate one sweet her favourite the blue big sour sweet it was so sour that she always would turn blue. Her favourite thing was doing creative she loved making things out of paper she loved making animals like a bird or a fish. She was so bold that she could lift a barn Lilly had a little dog she was sparkling with love. One day she woke up and ate all the blue sweets she could eat and she went into a blue raspberry.