Teddy goes face to face with his Grandfather and it does not go well

Teddy was a turtle and his dream was to go and see his grandfather, so that was exactly what he was going to do! The next day Teddy was up super early so that he wouldn’t be caught up in traffic by any fish. He had a long journey in front of him and he was nervous that he wouldn’t make it but on the-other-hand he was very excited. Teddy was now about 10 miles away from his home and he had been travelling for 20 minutes. Suddenly, as he was travelling a huge whale passed him and it was about 100 times the size of him! Luckily, the whale was going the same way as him so Teddy grabbed onto his fin and he was moving a lot quicker and 15 minutes later he reached his grandfather’s house. Quickly, Teddy let go of the fin and he went  to the front door; he tried to see if the door was open and luckily it was. Slowly, he made his way in very quietly because he wanted it to be a surprise. He saw his grandfather and counted himself down:

“5,4,3,2,1 SURPRISE.”

“AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH,” screamed his grandfather. ” Who are you and what in the world are you doing in my house?”

“I’m your grandson,” Teddy said nervously.

“No you’re not and get out of my house or I’ll call the turtle’s authority.” Sadly, Teddy left and he was very sad that his Grandfather didn’t recognise him.


Our Secret World

As usual, I was just gliding through the shouls of fish with no care in the world until, all of a sudden, an interest hit me, out of no where – what would our secret world be if the humans were to find and possibly and destroy it? I realise that I am drifting to a hault because I had been day dreaming; however, I was vaguely awere that I was bobbing and bumping, face to face with a moss covered topped, moldy green, moist rock. A satisfied yet mysterious look crossed my face while examining the surroundings realizing the much valued sea bed full of coral (with many homes for fish) seaweed that produces the much loved food, and much more that we call home. I don’t think I can even possibly imagine our home trashed, darkend, ruined and drowned in the horor in the mess that the humans bring amongst them.


Hi my name is Isla. I live in the Pacific ocean and recently our species have started to die. This is because of plastic. Every body is getting ill because of this terrible stuff we need to make sure that it doesn’t keep coming into our ocean. If you can’t imagine this happening here is a little story that might help you imagine it . Okay, so you are living in a lovely house and you go to school almost every day and you see your friends, teacher and then one day the shops started selling fake plastic food , you get really ill and everybody starts to get poorly as well and the doctors can’t help you and then everybody starts to die. Where ever you walk there is plastic what ever you touch is plastic. Now that was my little story; plastic is really helpful but you need to use it in the right way and dispose of it in the right way. So don’t have single use plastic and recycle every single piece of plastic, it is not to hard just start with the little things and work your way up.

My Journey

As I started my journey towards the distant reef, I could see the open ocean and the wonderful site of multi-coloured fish swimming gracefully through the water. I could see murky shadows on the sea floor, which I knew were sharks waiting for their evening snack. Slowly and silently, some jellyfish floated up behind me giving me quite a shock, so I swam a little faster to avoid their translucent tentacles. After a while, the sea floor fell away beneath me and I swam on alone into the open ocean.The sunlight sparkled through the ocean roof illuminating the surrounding water, as something caught my eye floating ahead of me.

My eyes adjusted as I focused on the object, checking to see what it was and if there were any predators around me. Cautiously, I nudged the flimsy, white object that was torn and frayed around the edge.

“What if I ate this?” I thought to myself as I opened my mouth wide and took a bite. Oh no I was not meant to eat this because it was a plastic bag, something that had been in the ocean for many years. After spitting the thing out of my mouth I quickly swam on and continued my journey hoping to find no more pollution.

Under The Plastic

The Undersea Times

Hi I’m Tammy the turtle and I live in the Pacific Ocean, however my lovely home is being destroyed.  Now I live under mountains of plastic and the Fish Council has recently decided that it is the human’s turn to change.  We have to cope every day with more and more plastic placed carelessly on our homes.  We will do everything we can to shift the plastic and in the meantime, please don’t panic.  Dolly the dolphin was seen yesterday as she has sent us mail saying that she could not believe that we would even write about such a horrifying subject.  We really hope that the humans will change their minds so that we can have our ocean back.  For more on the subject, see pages eight to nine where we interviewed Jilly the jellyfish (head of the Fish Council), where you can find out for yourselves what Jilly has to say about the situation. Goodbye for now!

The dangerous life of a turtle.

I was swimming around the ocean and I saw lots of plastic surrounding me, I was shocked to find out that the humans had dumped it in the ocean I live in! I was very annoyed to see that the sea was full of trash. I angrily swam off to a new home. Over in the new place I saw lots of creatures but they also had plastic around their neck and was slowly fading a away. I got to a safe place and made a marvellous new home although there were sharks near by I would be able  to live the in peace or so I thought. The next day I saw a load of sharks, they came in and chased us around the whole reef but for the humans it was satisfying seeing us dying again and again and we are close to dying out. So I made a run for it and they saw me the chase was on….

How Timmy’s Life Has Changed

Suddenly, Timmy woke up with a shock, a piece of plastic had flown into his little mouth. He spat it out quickly into the pile of other bits of plastic that had flown into his mouth before. ‘Again, the day has started like any other day,’ thought Timmy angrily. Slowly, he started swimming over to some plants that were just the other side of him. However, as he started to nibble them, a piece of  plastic went onto his food, so that he couldn’t eat anymore.

“I was eating that,” Timmy shouted at the packet of crisps. All of the other animals had bits of plastic around them too. Over time, the whole ocean would be covered in plastic; the animals would be living in plastic, rather than the amazing home that they had originally known. Each day it was getting more and more horrible. Every day sea creatures would eat: plastic bottles, straws, crisp packets, broken pieces of plastic and many other plastic objects.Things were getting caught onto the animals and were putting their life at threat.

We need to try and help Timmy and other creatures in the ocean by recycling plastic, spreading the word and cleaning up the plastic around us.

Under the sea

One day there was a girl called Audrey and she went to the beach , the sand felt soft in between her toes and she loved the blue waves as they hit the bank . She swore when she was in the sea thst she could hear the sea creatures talking to each other, a few hours later Audrey went to the local diving shop and got an aqua lung invented by Jacques Cousteau , the diving suit invented by Leonardo da Vinci and the flippers by Benjamin Franklin . Audrey next went and got changed in her beach house.
“Shall we go and explore the sea now? ” asked her mum Katie
“Sure” answered Audrey as she started to wade through the water but suddenly a man (her dad) started to run over to them .                                                                                                  “Look at this guys ” shouted her dad David .                                                                          “What?” asked Audrey.                                                                                                     “It’s a newspaper about Jacques Cousteau’s son Philippine Cousteau ,it says that he is a treasure hunter” told the dad  .                                                                                                     “Wow that’s so cool” answered Audrey excitedly .                                                                      After they read the article about Philippine Cousteau they jumped back in the deep blue sea ,as they got to the bottom they saw a star fish .

Audrey had forgot her camera but luckily her dad saw her looking for it and swam up to the top and got her the camera .                                                                                                       “Thank you” smiled Audrey thankfully .                                                                                     suddenly, they were interrupted by a wale call ,they looked at each other, swam for miles but Audrey couldn’t see her dad or mum in fact she could see nothing except a big faint shadow coming towards her . Then she panicked and swam up to bank but she was not at the beach any more no she was in a city , the city of New York .                                                                 “Oh no ” she cried worriedly as she climbed out of the sea , Audrey found a nearby information centre and asked for help and  what she should do .                                                                 “I need help “.                                                                                                                    “What is it were here to help “.                                                                                              “I lost my mum and dad on Yuta beach when we heard a wale call so we swam and I looked behind me and I didn’t see them so I swam up and found myself here ”                                      the lady made a call and it sounded positive ,                                                                           “I can get a search party out to look for them if you want ?” .                                                     “Yes please , but how are we going to get back to Yuta ?” .                                                        “Oh silly me I forgot to tell you I am getting you a plane back.” .                                            The mum and dad were found after one hour and they happily got back to Yuta.

The adventure of diving

3,2,1 SPLASH. Suddenly, I dived into the water having a feeling I might see some incredible animals. The sea was as salty as a jar of salt and It was super murky. I decided that i was going to go really deep underwater so I could see a lot more animals. I then started to swim deeper and deeper and then the most amazing thing happened… I saw a blue whale write before my very eye’s. Quickly, I took a picture of it and then I carried on swimming deeper. ALERT, ALERT suddenly the suit stared to vibrate and then I realized that the suit could only go 100 foot below the water and I was 237 foot below the water. It was now that I only had a matter of minutes to get out of the water. Quickly, I started to swim as fast as my legs would take me and the top of the sea wasn’t in sight. I now only had 2 minutes left and then luckily the top of the sea was in sight but I had to swim as faster as ever before. 20 feet away now and then when a least expect it 10,9,8 I was really nervous to see if I had made it or not; 5,4,3 just 5 feet away from the top 2,1… I had made it just in time and now I don’t think I’ll ever be going diving ever again.

The Diving Expert

One casual morning, Mark was eating his Weetabix while watching the news. His face was distraught when he seen that a shark had killed someone last week.

At ten o’clock in the morning Mark was at the beach  (he was a Lifeguard.) “Whoah” He whispered to himself while he looked at the shining sun. When he was looking out to see if everyone was ok, He seen a diver about to leap into the water. The diver had an, air tank, a gas mask, and also a suit with wiggly flippers on. I asked him, “Can I go and get my diving suit on so I can dive with you please” “Yeah sure” He sounded confused. The Expert Diver got in the sea with him and seen if there was a shark or something dangerous. In the distance, he could see something huge… “SHARK” Mark tried to scream under the deep blue sea. He had no choice but to swim as fast as he could to get away from the great white shark… Everything was silence.