A Robbery In The Air

It was 12:30 at night, the sky was dark and it was the perfect time for a robbery. Suddenly, the bushes started to move through the darkness and when you least expected it, 2 robbers popped out the bushes, giant bags in their hands. They tiptoed to the cottage in the camp, sneaking through the window and going to the safe. The code was smack down in the middle of the desk – they took it, putting the code into the safe lock. Grabbing the money, they were about to escape and,

“Jeremy, wait,” whispered one robber, “we have the money, but where would we hide it all?

The diamond case.

There was a hole in a big field in a big town in a big country and you sort of get it, it would keep going on and on. In this hole there was a diamond case. People would say ‘’… but where would we hide it all?’’ Then they would find the big hole where they ended up hiding the diamond case. Even though the hole was so visible nobody had ever known that the diamond case was there. They would not think that lying in a field was a diamond case that could make them rich and that’s why nobody has ever found the diamond case!

The Grandest Robbery in the World

But where would we hide it all.”

I don’t know.”

These two mysterious men had just made the news paper. You wanna know why? No. well I’m going to tell you anyway. They had just made the grandest robbery in the whole world. They had broken into the Industrial and commercial bank of China. They had been working on it for so long they even got  jobs there. They were both amazing hackers so they could control all the cameras and sent messages to all the guards that they have all been repositioned. Suddenly they hear sirens. They went into their secret lair and flew out ;they were on the run.

Gym comp

I had to make the competition. If i didn’t make it and not get the medal, then i would not earn all that money. I could steal  all the medals…but where would we hide it all?…,As i stepped onto the gym floor, I started my routine, it was time to do the:roundoff flick layout backsault with a double twist. I had made it, i had actually landed it…as i finished my routine, i presented to the judge. OMG! In the end I had won it i got the gold medal ! Out of so many people its amazing.


“But where would we hide it all?” screamed Mister Myagi
“Don’t ask me me,” screamed back Donald Duck in his squeaky voice. They stared at the big, illegal package, mom was going to kill them. Their mom was a old Navy assasin she was called Thelma Hufflepuff, nobody really liked her but she had been through two world wars and was pretty messed up. People liked to call her Gangster Granny because in the world war her shooting was like a Gangster, she had a storage of grenades that she liked chucking in her neighbours bedroom window. She was going to go crazy.

Why do you have to to love them so much?

I lugged my bag of babyish toys to the park my little sister carried a small table. All of a sudden I saw my friend Isla who loved any type of cuddliy toy . “What where should we hide it all ?” I asked my little sister . She went blank . Hi Isla Do you want these ? Yes . I handed Isla all the cuddlies in the verge of tears . ” Isla will love these,” . Who are then ? I asked . “Oh I I’m Roxana Isla’s twin,”said Roxana. “Oh yes I forgot you had a twin,” I remembered. Happily she jogged away . I strolled home seeing my toys in my house . I was over the moon.


Jack was about to go on a walk when suddenly he found a chest, this chest was gold, brown and green. Jack found a key a few days ago under his bed and then he thought it would go in the lock on the chest. He got the chest up to his bedroom and unlocked it. Gold and lots of it but where would we hide it all?  Gold was in his hands finally after searching for years. He had to hide this from anyone otherwise they would steel it. £30,000,000 of gold in his hands…


I lived with my mother, we were poor. An idea shot through my head. I was going to be  a   robber and steal money. But where would I hide it all?  I scampered through the vast village, and then I came across a prodigious mansion. Swiftly and silently, I opened the dark crimson door ; it screeched like a resounding scream. “Who goes there?” He was tall and slender man holding a prolonged machete, which had a serrated point on the end. I took a step back. I tripped over a vigorous and hostile Rott Weiler. He bared his seliver – filled teeth “NO.”



Roman Facts About War

  1. They made many different formations with their shields.
  2. Depending on there rank they could decide which way there feather on their helmet was.
  3. The roman army was incredibly sexist as they didn’t let women join.
  4. The soldiers were not aloud to get married until they left the army.
  5. They sometimes used slingshots as a weapon.
  6. He carried a shield (scutum) and it was specifically carved for him.
  7. Roman soldiers kept fit by running, marching and practice-fighting.
  8. To join the army you had to be 20.
  9. When the Romans invaded us they used stilts in the swamps
  10. They used huge spear heads

The mystery cutlass

One day two brothers were in the car with their mum they did not know where they were going it was meant   to be a surprise they did not seem very excited when they stopwhen the two brothers saw a present they were now excited.They walked onto the hard soil they were in a dump stepping on the cold that had been tossed from the big metal machine.”Boys come back here” her mother said she had always been an overprotective mother.She walked with her children bringing the

Present with her but where would they hide it all? It was a dark cutlass with powers but they did not know that.