my ponys

I now have 2 ponies one is called Charlie,the twins Lauren and Sophie have said about him. Charlie is a chestnut pony with a black mane unfortunately he is retired 🙁 .My new pony is smaller than Charlie and he is called Dakota , .He is only 7 and he’s very unpredictable I have already fell of twice. The funny thing is it was in the same day in less than 1 hour.Dakota is a grey and white patchy horse and he is clever because he goes under electric fences.

I love both of my ponies so so much !!!! 🙂

Hi people out there, only read if you like teddy bears and please

leave a comment after reading. I  have over 50 teddy bears all different sizes, shapes and age.

  I have even got teddy bears older than me .

My family don’t like teddy bears as much as me but they still like them . My

best teddy of all is woof woof,  it may seem like a strange name to you but its not to

me, he was given to me when i was born.  He is old and matted but i still love him .

I love teddy bears because they are so cute and cuddly .

Hope you like my blog ?


Kia’s Blog

From my last blog you could probably see that at home I am very busy.  We have one male guinea pig and seven female guinea pigs the reason why we only have one male is so we can breed from him and that is why we have so many. At the moment  my guinea pig has just had two little baby’s, it was unexpected as well because they haven’t even met any boys except from there brothers when they were very young and they are still very young now and that is why she has only had 2 baby’s.

Wolfkid354s blog

Wolfkid354s blog.

Hi people, this is my first blog (exciting isn’t it.) I like Football, Minecraft and reading. I’m reading Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver at the moment, it’s really good and I’d recommend it. In football, I support Arsenal … just because they’re the best. Now I move onto Minecraft my name is wolfkid354 (only on the game of course.)I’m not going to chat for too long… actually Ill stop chatting now. See you next time, bye.


Kales blogg

my name is Kale , I am really enjoying being at westwood school ! Iam going to Florida in 9 days time ! I am very excited to go on to a plane to America. I have a cat called Merlin he is silver and tabby .

All about me

Hi people out there , my name is Harriet .I love swimming I am in stage ten . I also love dancing and being with my friends . I have four people in my family this includes




my brother



my mum

Heidi  and

my dad


I also like reading and maths if you like any of these then please tell me .

I hope you like my blog [ even though it is a little boring ].

moving on to a boat!!

Hi Everyone. As I said I might moving on to a boat. We have looked at a boat called Coggin. She is really nice and has a long living space, a kitchen and then a bathroom, a bedroom for my parents and a lovely bedroom for me. In my bedroom there are two single beds, a fire, some shelves and a little cupboard and the best bit is that there is a T.V! I can’t wait to move on if we do. Please tell me what you think of the boat in comments! Thanks for reading! Bye!

Football if you love Football then please leave a comment below and say your fav team I would like to know. My fav team is the super spurs. Soldado phew have you seen him but Bale left so on that bombshell im off.  


Hi welcome to my blog!
I’m nutdog or Harry.
I hope you enjoy my blog.

Hi this part of my blog is about me, my nickname is Nutdog I don’t know why my brother just came up with it my football team is QPR there awesome  LOL I like to play on Minecraft and please if you see me TEAM WITH ME!!! My name on Minecraft is NutdogJr