My favourite holiday

I really liked America it was a great holiday. We had a lot of funThere were many memories my favourite park was Busch gardens and my best ride was cheetah hunt.

 My favourite sports

I have a lot of friends at tennis so tennis is my favourite Sport I like hitting the ball well it feels lovely.I also like football it’s a great sport dangerous though.I have friends there to when I play football I like to be striker.Because I can score a lot of goals.

 My dogs

I have two dogs one is called Rosie she is a very fast dog she never stops running. She loves tickles when you stop she barks at you!My other dog is called Jessie she’s a very old Labrador she is 13 years old she does not like to go on walks often if she goes on a walk the she always cuts across the fields she cheats !


jasmines blog

Jasmines blog


I LOVE ponies so, so much. I love riding especially in the summer it is really fun. My pony is chestnut with a black mane. HE IS EXTREMALLY CUTE!!!!!!


My favourite animal is a red panda, they are adorable. I also like huskies. I love how soft there grey fur is, But they are so strong. I have a husky cross boxer and she can already pull me over and she’s only just gone 9 months! 


sophies blog

On Saturday I am going to be getting a new horse called Ginger. He is not my first horse, I have had another horse before Ginger called Charlie. I have been riding for quiet a few years now.The reason why we gave up Charlie was because he became lame so no one could ride him so he was retired. I was really upset when Charlie left  but excited about getting Ginger I can’t wait!!!!!  





My blog!

All about me.


Another thing I love doing is reading. My favourite author is the amazing J.K Rowling. She wrote Harry Potter which is a series of books that I would defiantly recommend ton anyone how loves reading just like me!  I’m going to tell you a bit more about myself: I am ten         years old and my birthday (yay) is on 7th March 2003. Like I said I love writing and would like to be like J.K Rowling. I love animals except spiders (shiver). I would love to have a dog but my parents only like cats, Plus we have a cat. I’m really exited because I might be moving onto a boat!!! 


laurens blog!!

My blog!            

Exciting news in my life?


Last summer holidays I got a new puppy called Hetty. She is a chocolate Cockapoo. We were very excited the day we got her!!


Also on Saturday we  are going to be getting our new pony Ginger, he is not my first pony, we have just gave up a pony called Charlie that was 26. He got retired as he was very old but we are really, really excited about our new pony!!


In November the 27th it is mine and my twin Sophie’s birthday, at the moment we are making a birthday list, we wont  have a lot of presents because our new pony is a massive birthday present but he adds up to presents!


That is what has happened this year in my life!


                                                                     Hope you enjoyed it!!






All about me.


                  My name is Flo and this is a blog about me.

                          In my family there is:






                                                   Smudge (my cat)


My hobbies are: swimming, horse riding, watching T.V and writing. 

Kia’s everyday blog!!!!

                                                        Kia’s blog

 Hi my name is kia, I am 10 years old.

 My hobbies are horse riding because I love horses I also like dogs, guinea pigs, Little Mix and music, I like to sleepovers and seeing my friends. As you could probably see I love animals and my family have loads of them, altogether we have: 3 hamsters, 8 guinea pigs, 2 snakes, 2 dogs, 2 fish tanks and 2 budgies.

 My puppy is called Rosie and my older dog, that is almost 3, is called Alfie! 



All about me

All about me!

My name is Lauren and this blog is about me and my hobbies!

 I’m ten years old I have a twin sister called Soph,

In my house we have 1 puppy called Hetty and 1 dog called Hamish a hamster called Honey 4 Guinea pigs called  Lola, Cookie , Coco and Pepsi I also have a horse called ginger.

 My favourite colours  are : yellow, orange and blue. My favourite hobbies are: horse riding and swimming.


All about me

 Hi, welcome to my blog, My name is Natasha and I’m here to tell you all about me! 

I am the sort of person who is into drawing objects from entomology and lapodotry and since you are here I will show you some of the masterpieces that inspire me;

My name is Sophie I am 10 years old I have a sister called Lauren and my mum and dad, they are the best! 

I have a lot of pets I have 2 dogs called Hettie and Hamish and a horse called Ginger and a hamster called Honey! 

 Every year me and my family go on holiday to Mariara in Spain. it is really hot there the hottest it has been when we were out there is 40 degrees my dad got sun burnt but me and my mum and Lauren got tanned!