Best friends

Hi our names are Ellie & Harriet we are best friends and  have been for eight years .

we have our up’s and down’s but 99% of the time we are friends.

We do literally everything together including brownies dance  and lots more

 ( we used to do swimming together but we don’t any more) .

We also adore teddies and animals our favorite animals our dogs and horses .

we love dogs because they can understand you and care for you . We love horses

because they are big ridable and loveable .we also have a lot of sleepovers a very lot of them .

we’ll see you soon but for now bye.

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Jacobs blog



Hey guys (girls) and I’m called Jacob and Im Ten years old and I know im young but who cares. Today I’m going to be talking about football.




The first football team I’m going to talk about is Liverpool and I think that they are the best but only because I support them and 2013 there doing well. Top of the table winning 3 of there matches whilst drawing .And I’m going to share some big time super stars for Liverpool. The first person I’m going to talk about Kenny Dalglish ,he was amazing for Liverpool in the FA cup, witch is basically a football match which is to get the FA cup. And he scored the winning goal in the last 2 minutes which was amazing.


The other footballer is Steven Gerard who is a great for Liverpool he is a legend for them but Liverpool went from top of the league to 4th place.

                           Tottenham Hotspur  

Tottenham have got a really good player called Townsend and he also plays for England and he is there new super star. He scored the 3rd goal for England and is amazing he scored with his right foot when he’s left footed and he was epic on that day!


my favourite books!

                                                                                         favourite books ! 


my favourite books are: 


gangster granny 


everything amazing 


kenzukes kingdom 


toro toro  


the lost gods


the sleeping army 


make sure you read some of these books they are awesome!



Arthurs blog

hello welcome to my blog so let me first tell you about the blog.

and the things I like I like lego and video games.














































Jakes Blog

hi my name is Jake and i like football and i support Realmadrid and I also like music and my three favourite songs are Katy Perry roar , standing in a hall of fame, and radioactive and i love xbox 360  my favourite game is Fifa 13.

Other things!

Hey Guys! The comments you left last time were really nice. Thank you. So I said I might be moving onto a boat. We have looked at a few and the one with the weirdest name was probably Lothlorien. I know, funny name. Apart from moving onto a boat I also do Ballet classes. I am really exited because in January im moving into grade 4. I am in grade 3 now. I would like to do gymnastics but preferred Ballet. I am also really exited for HALLOWE’EN!! I’m dressing up as a ghost girl. Last thing is my friend Kia is coming round on Thursday for a disco. Were gonna PARTY!! Hehe. Bye!!

Laurens weekend.

   At the weekend.


On Saturday, my Auntie, Uncle and cousin Jack came for Dinner we had a yummy roast. After that we played a game called head bands. (You might have played it before?) When we played the game it was so funny to see all the different cards on everyone’s heads, Sophie my sister kept giving the answers away and giving massive clues!

We were having so much fun we didn’t realise the time was 10:30! So they had to go home and we went off to bed.

Hope you enjoyed my blog and hope you leave a comment!



decorating my room!

    Decorating my room!


I have been decorating my bedroom and it looks awesome!

Most the walls are lilac and one wall is a dark purple, I can’t wait to move back into my room on the weekend, I’m just waiting for my bed to arrive.

I have been sharing a room with my sister Lauren for a couple of weeks; all she has done is moan that I am really messy! I bet she can’t wait for me to move back into my room too!