Bye Kia.

Hi Kia if your reading this.

“Best friends? More like sisters funny pictures crazy times. Friends for life friends forever.”

Good luck and have fun, enjoy your new school.

From Jasmine.

The Way of Willverine!


Hi welcome to my blog. You will find that I mostly talk about Minecraft, Karate and Cricket because these are my hobbies. Firstly, Minecraft is terrific alternate world that you create yourself using blocks. It’s such a clever game because you have to think about how you find and use your elements to create anything you want, villages, volcanos,  waterfalls and loads more. There are no rules or Mums to bother you! BUT, you have to watch out though because there are creepers, zombies, endermen and skeletons out  there to get you. In my Minecraft world I’ve  been to the ‘End’, the ‘Ender World’ and I’ve built a giant house with 15 floors! It has a games room where you can shoot arrows into a target, a football pitch on the roof and a toilet!

In the real world, I spend a lot of time training for karate. I am a purple belt right now and I’ll tell you the other belt colours later. I go every Monday and Wednesday with my Dad and at the moment I am working on my Heian Godan Kata for my next belt.

I love Cricket and I play for Norton St Philip. I am best at batting and I scored 3 sixes in a row in a match this year. The cricket season is over but I am doing some winter training soon at Somerset County.

That’s enough for me, I’ll see you soon!


Fifa 14 is a new Xbox 360 game which was released about a month ago.  I bought this game and I think that the graphics and player movement are much better than Fifa 13.  I do not like the fact that when players are fouled they do not fall over! The commentary is not that special, but I really like the new music!



Nutdog goes running

Hi, it’s me NutdogJr. I’m going to tell you about the cross country run that I did the weekend before last. I came 220th out of about 340 people ( most of them where adults! ) It was 5 miles long and very boggy! Also afterwards I got a packet of sweets, a coke and a pub lunch so it was definitely worth it!

3 more sleeps till we go on holiday!

                                                  3 more sleeps till we go on holiday!




On Friday afternoon we are going to Bigbury on sea in Devon. I’m really looking forward to it because we are taking our new puppy Hettie. We will be exploring the area, it is great for walking and crabbing, last time we caught 22 crabs! It has a fantastic beach which is in walking distance from our lodge. It has a hot tub and I cant wait to get in it!!!!



The holidays!!

   The holidays.

Can’t wait till the holidays because me, Sophie, my mum and dad and hettie (my dog) are going on holiday to Bigbury on sea here is a picture:


When the tide is in you have to go across on a tractor (it is really fun)  this is the tractor: