Zac was visiting his uncle who lived in the Amazon Rainforest. One day, he was exploring when he saw a magnificent cheetah! Suddenly , it turned it’s head and let out a bloodcurdling roar. Terrified, Zac sprinted back to his uncle’s wooden hut. The cheetah was left clawing at the door.


Here we go over the top, slipping on my over-sized belly, just like a very big jelly. Water whooshing all around, bubbling, gurgling, people screaming all around. Down, down twist and turn, no escape my stomach starts to churn. Down the ramp round the bend, right into the deep-end!
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The lost pony.

Hi I hope you will like my 50 word story.

“Neeeyyyyyyhh.” The voice of Pandora echoed as I strolled down the dry, dark corridor that   “Hello gorges,” I told her whilst slipping on her  head college.”see you tonight.” I added as she prodded along in the field to the juicy grass.                                                                                                                      That night:                                                                                                                        “she’s gone!”

Hope you liked the story, sorry it was short I had to take description out to add the story in probably. (This and the sentence I did to start of with do not count in the 50 word story.)




Here to tell you more about my faverouite horses. This time I will tell you about Toffee

Toffee is

  • 5 years old
  • was born at warliegh lodge farm
  • loves to roll in mud, eat mint, carrots and to chew my green jumper
  • hates to see her medicine in her food, celery sticks for horses and her picture being taken
  • she will buck you of if she cant stop when cantering down hill.

Bye for now

next time you will find out about my guineapigs

lots of love



Who are these Halloween Ghouls?

These ghouls were on my doorstep tonight. 

Can you tell who they were before they were transformed? 

Halloween Ghouls

Orchid please note:  Mrs. Tyler made sure she had all the proper permissions from the ghouls and bare-faced ghoul’s parents before she uploaded this haunting photo. 

My story.

Hello Everyone! Before I show you my story a few people in the comments said the link in my last blog took them to the profile page. I have sorted it out (I think) and this is the link: Ok, back to my story here it is.


“Nev! Pass me that sword! Please!” I shouted at Nev. He looked at me then chucked it to me. “HA! TAKE THAT!” I screamed as I stabbed my sword through a Death Eaters heart. “Ewww.” I muttered, pulling the sword out of his dead body. “Thanks Nev!” I yelled.
He grinned and yelled, “It’s alright, oh and be safe!”
“I will!” Suddenly I felt my whole body lift off the floor as I got blasted off my feet. I groaned and everything went black…

Chapter 1: Where Are we?
Katniss pov:
“Hello? Helloooooooo, Katniss?” I could hear a voice but it sounded like it was coming from the end of a long tunnel.
“Mr Longbottom. Please!” Came a voice I knew so well. Suddenly my vision cleared and I saw…”Neville!” He looked completely different. He looked… 11? I looked at my own hands. What I saw made me gasp in shock! My hands were soft and clean. When I got blasted by the spell my hands were dirty and injured. Neville handed me a mirror. I nearly dropped the mirror. In my reflection I had long honey golden hair and sea blue eyes! I was 11 again! “What’s going on?” I exclaimed.
“When we got blasted by the spell I think it was a spell that takes you back in time cause look.” he whispered, nodding to a figure, a figure with a long grey beard and twinkling blue eyes…

Chapter 2: Answers.
Professor Dumbledore walked over to us. “Professor Dumbledore, pardon me for saying but your… dead!” I exclaimed when he came over. Professor McGonagall glared at me and Neville nudged me to make me shut up. Professor Dumbledore however just chuckled.
“What makes you think that Miss moonstone? Because I do not think I am dead just yet,” He smiled at me.
“Oh… it’s just…” I blushed.
Dumbledore chuckled, “Professor McGonagall, can you please get James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Lily Evans.”
Professor McGonagall looked surprised but didn’t question the headmaster. She walked out the Hospital Wing. She returned a while later with four people. One of the boys had short honey coloured hair and amber eyes. Another boy had scruffy black hair and blue eyes. The only girl was very pretty with long ginger hair and shocking green eyes. The last boy had scruffy black and brown eyes. They all looked exited by us.
“Ok you four; this is Katniss moonstone and Neville Longbottom. I want you to take care of them while at Hogwarts because they have only just arrived. They are both in Gryffindor. And no questions, they can be answered later.” He added as James opened his mouth. “You may go to your first lesson; your stuff is in your dormitory. Bye.” Dumbledore waved and walked out the Hospital Wing. Neville and I walked out the Hospital Wing and to our first lesson.



Hay I am going to tell you all about my horses.

First Caramel:She is nine weeks old

Loves  to roll in mud and give me cuddles

she hates sand and me giving her medicine

she likes to eat peppermints,sugar lumps,carrot,apple and hay

Next Toffee I will tell you about her next bye


I can’t wait til the week of, if you are dressing up comment to tel me what costume you are wearing. I am dressing up as a devil with the shining red leggings thing there really funky.Are you going anywhere for halloween like a  a party Devon I don’t know just are you doing anything? And why is loads of people going to Devon. I am going to Devon Elijah s going to Devon the twins are going to Devon! If your going to Devon say in the comment box because it is crazy.


ps: Have a good Halloween (even though it is not Halloween yet it is just in case I don’t have time to blog) bye.



Hi my life is so cool I have there guineapigs and one horse called Toffee and a foal called caramel. They are both really cute. I am going to paste a picture  of them on to my next blog so look out for it. Oh and everyone who does the chocolate box girls club I will email you the next issue. I am nine years old and love all animals I was called Ellie at first but then it was Ellie-may I am not going to tell you why though. oh sorry I have to go and help my mum tidy my room because I get kicked out of it for guest coming to sleep  in it bbbyyyeee love Emily-May