Pigs vs Ducks

The big question in my mind is Pigs VS Ducks!

Here are some fascinating facts about both!!!

Pigs have few sweat glands so the phrase im sweating like a pig is false!

Ducks are probably the least intelligent animal on the far!

Pigs are very clever and often have been described like humans!

leave a comment below about who is better.

Jack out!

Duck Cartoon Looking Back Or Behind Royalty Free Stock Image - 25347786       Three little pigs. Vector illustration with simple gradients. Each in a separate layer for easy editing. - stock vector

Ellie :-)

This week we have been practicing our production , which is called the Pirates of the Curry bean . It’s about a strict, mother pearl who gets kidnapped by evil Red beard and his pirate crew . Jackie and Liza ,pearls children  are on the case .They catch a trip with captain cod and admiral horn honker’ s crew . However there’s a massive storm and Red beard takes over  captain cods ship ! Red beards driving ship skills are not to good, so the ship ends up  on  the shore  of lumbago ,were they find the treasure ,they were looking for ,with the help of CHEEKY  scuttle and slack .

about me

I have a horse called katie . And a car called racing dot for racing  i love them both. I love to get in my hot tub with my BFF Elzie

I have a golden retriever called Benz as in Mercedes Benz and a cockpoo called Ruby

Jasmine in school.

This week we have been practising our production! Its called the pirates of the curry bean, my part is Jackie Periwinkle and I have a twin called Liza Periwinkle. My best friend is Admiral hornhonker a hilarious character. Its about a lady called Pearl Periwinkle and she gets kidnapped by pirates. Jackie an Liza set off in a navel ship to find her. In the navel ship Admiral hornhonker is always forgetting what the parts about the ship is. They all get washed a shore in Lumbago and the Periwinkle family finds there lost husband/dad also known as Captain Swagger sword  a pirate who lost his memory. The pirates of the curry bean crew try to steal the treasure but captain cod asks Cutthroat cleg to cut off captain red beards pink beard. The Periwinkle start a new life as pirates. The end!

Millie at school week’s 1 :)

This week in School we have  been practicing  are play  it is called Pirates of the curry  bean  my character she is a tomboy pirate called Baggywrinkle    she has capitan called captain redbeard  but  don’t tell him but I think he is blind because his beard is bright pink  there is a famliy called the Periwrinkle  they have a adorable Cat called Fiddlesticks when we were blowing up the safe I wanted to take Fiddlesticks for a pet Cat (pirate) I hope you enjoy what I wrote about the pirates of curry bean.Fiddlesticks is played by my BFF (best friends for  ever) well unless she has my phone number  or my house addressee when I move  out my  mum’s house any why she is named Miranda she is doing something we play on Animal jam bye she is being scary HELP!!!!!! bye bye 🙂

best part of the week!

The best part of the week is practicing the play and learning my lines.

My name is Sophie,

the play is called Pirates of the Curry bean

my friens characters are:


Jasmine: Jackie

Natasha: Miss Wally

Flo:Pearl (main character)

Harriet: Lofty

Ellie: Sqwack

Issy: Admiral Horn honker





my BFF is: Rumi (she is awsome!)

my animals: Hettie is  a cockerpoo and is really cuddly , she is a Dog and hamish (a Westhiland Terrier who is as white as snow)

the awesome but werid leaning post

What I’ve done in West wood is quiet interesting for the few years I’ve been here. I’m a year six in the class called orchid we have a teacher that is called Mrs Tyler she is nice and sticks up for you.

We’ve been learning about a lot of things and fun activity’s too we have four to five lessons a day and even doing a play that is called the Pirates of the curry bean and the others in the class enjoy it and they sometimes want to do it again and again.