As the bombs dropped the powerful smell of smoke loomed . The defining sound of the air raid siren piercing through many ears . The air was hot and stuffy .boiling Smoke was every were making me splutter . I baked away feeling queasy as I did so I backed into something cold and ridged I stumbled and fell in I bashed my head instantly I placed my cold shaking hand on it terrified I rolled over pulled myself up taking my hand away from my head I was bleeding I rubbed it on the seat beside me .I was flying .I was dead .Death had defatted me .

104 word story challenge

Hazel & Maple were staring out of the shattered glass window when suddenly there came a thunderous crash of light, it was extremely frightening . then , out of the blue there came an enormous blast of flaming , blistering sound that made the street go dead silent . Unexpectedly it started to happened again until the whole street became laver land. Hazel & Maple were petrified they darted to the cupboard under the stairs were the dreamed to stay unharmed.

Maple got left behind in the process . when she finally got down the stairs she found Hazel on the floor although that’s were she laid dead 30 seconds later.

Hello my name is Emily potter and I am 11 years old I love to cast spells at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry  that’s where i go to school my friends are hermione and  Ginny  they are both 11 to . this is a secret so don’t tell anybody about this but my crush is Ron Weesley he is a cute young boy perfect for me because I look cute to I think .   To be continued …….                        more to follow guys


50 word challenge

Hetty the talking dog!


The day had finally arrived for Lucy to go and pick up her cockerpoo puppy named Monty. Monty was quiet on the car ride home. Later that night Lucy heard a voice from down stairs. “Who could be talking when everyone is upstairs” questioned Lucy. She went downstairs and it was Hetty talking!


“Amy, Amy HELP ME PLEASE ANYONE HELP!” shouted Lilly as her face trembled into a immediate, deserted cry. no one answered no one replied this time Lily was truly lost and there was no hope.

5 months ago: Lilly was at home smiling and listening to music like nothing could be better, but instead of listening to music she should of been revising for her how to survive in the wild camp. In the camp test the pairs are left in the wild and they have to get back.

50 word challenge!

Girl who dreamed of having a pony!

Bella enjoyed lots of different hobbies but one thing she always dreamed of was owning her own pony. When she was 3 years old she had her first ride on a little scruffy brown noisy Shetland pony called Sid and she was hooked. Will Bella ever get her own pony?

My 50 word story!

Hey people of the blog!
This is my 50 word story. It’s not actually 50 words it’s 117. 

The Thestral.

On Monday I was walking through the Forbidden Forest When I saw a pretty girl with long dirty blonde hair. I cautiously approached the girl and saw that she was looking at a strange animal. The animal had long black bony wings and a black skeleton like body. I looked down at her feet and saw she had no shoes on. “Excuse me, but aren’t your feet cold?” I asked. The girl shook her head and replied, “Oh no, not really. I’m Luna by the way.”
“Heather.” I smiled. I looked at the creature for a while then Luna and I went back to the Ravenclaw common room. I never saw the strange creature again.


Tommy Robin
Tommy looked down at the forest floor far below him. He spread his wings as wide as they would go and then he jumped! His wings lifted him up, he was entranced, it was the most amazing feeling! He was doing it, he had learnt to fly like mamma robin.

Hi again

Hello again people out there .
I hope you have had a lovely week this week I went to see some of my friends near Oxford. I had a lovely time . as I said last time I love swimming , running , reading and dancing if you love any of these then please tell me with a comment. bey.