This Saturday it is my aunties wedding. I am going to be a bridesmaid, and to wear a dress that my grandma has made for me, out of a blue dress, that my mum wore to her sisters wedding. Apparently I am supposed to look after a little girl who is four , I just hope that she isn’t to demanding or shy!
I have made my auntie a patchwork  pillow in traditional crafts and I  hope she likes it.

Saturday after noon I went to the Arc theatre in Trowbridge to try out a new theatre group I did Drama, singing and dance. I enjoyed the Drama and hope to do there drama club! Also at the weekend I did some baking with my Aunty at her house we made Macaroons and jam tarts. While I am talking to you on my blog I thought I would recommend a book that I have read over the weekend.Also at the weekend I did some crafts and I made a binder and a folder, here is what they look like.

The one that says Kawaii scrapbook album tutorial was my inspiration.




maxresdefault.jpgPen And Paper Clip ArtThese are my creations. My Binder looks  a bit like the pink one next to the scrapbook album.                    ^-^

My life

My hobbies are:  Skateboarding,mountain biking,  building jails out of pillows and surfing.

I don’t like being bossed around and no sugared tea.

The things that make me cross are:getting annoyed and not seeing daisy when its our weekend with her.

Orchid class pet gallery

After Ellie’s post about wanting a dog, Tom telling us about his rabbits and Bella talking about her dog, Hal, I thought it would be fun to have a picture gallery of our pets. Take a photo, upload it and add an interesting fact about them (when they have been up to no good is usually very entertaining for the reader). If you don’t have a pet, then upload a picture of your favourite animal explaining why you particularly like them.

As a challenge, see if you can use some ambitious adjectives and adverbs to describe their mischievousness!


All About Me!!!!!!!!!

Here are some of the things I love and hate!!! I have listed them below;

1) you will not believe this but my family have a type of bird called a Sparrow Hawk and her name is Arrietty!! She is one of my favourite, favourite things,

2) my trampoline,

3) my climbing frame

4) and my dog, Hal.

Did you know that on the 14th of September we bought Arrietty into the house, and she watched us eat!!!

I absolutely hate homework, it’s the worst thing on earth!!! When something goes wrong it makes me cross.

All about me

I enjoy playing ball games. I like dressing up with my sisters in silly outfits. My favourite is when I wear a wig. I also like photography.  I take pictures of people and friends doing things as well as things I’m happy with.  At night I like to read & listen to music.  My favourite music is by little mix. My favourite books are by David Williams & Enid Blyton. I don’t like going on baby rides or listening to my sisters singing.  I don’t like the Elsa song from Frozen because I have heard it a million times.


My name is Harriet 

I love swimming
and running
I love swimming because when I swim it feels like I am flying through the water
I love running because when I run I feel free and happy
I also love animals my favourite animals are frogs and horses. I love frogs because they feel slimy and cool. I love horses because it makes me feel excited when I ride them.

All about me

I’m Ellie i love sports especially : gymnastics because you learn to do the impossible ,  athletics because i love running and i also like swimming . When my younger sister, Neve is older we are planing to get a dog , not sure what type yet .I am also learning the violin which is really enjoyable .