My pet dog

I have a dog and she is called Skye. We spelt her name with a E because my sister has 4 letters in her name and so dose my dad and my mum and my brother and Me so Skye is part of the family. Skye is a springer spaniel and if you don’t know that type of dog here is the 1 word I’ll tell you about them… CRAZY!!!!!!!!! Skye is Brown and White and loves people. When my grandpa and grandma Skye goes Crazy she wee’s everywhere and I mean everywhere and when she has Finished she will find a stick or ball and wait for it to be thrown. She is a Weirdo


tonight I have to say goodbye to my antie who lives in grand camen Islands I m gouing to miss her so much I hardly ever see her.But time will come again to see her                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            BY Ruby

My pet goldfish

This my goldfish Strawberry Cornflake(I was two when I named him!)

A funny thing happened once…  We were leaving for school one morning when I suddenly saw the fish on our lounge carpet; it had jumped out of the tank overnight! My mum couldn’t touch it because she was scared so she scooped it back in quickly. He has also survived two floods and two house moves.

He is invincible!!!

Strawberry Cornflake


Ten facts about gorillas

Fact 1    There are about 700 million gorillas left in the wild, they live in high mountains.

Fact 2    You may see mothers carrying the baby gorillas on their backs but a month after they’re born the mothers carry them on their chests.  The babies have a very strong grip.

Fact 3    The silver backs ,which are the dads , are normally the king of the tribe and carefully chose which tree to go in. Sometimes they are too big to go in small trees so they have to sleep on the floor.

Fact 4     The babies are very quick learners and are as good as a normal sized gorillas in a week at climbing.

Fact 5      The gorillas diet is usually  roots , leaves , stems , vines , shrubs and bamboo.

Fact 6      The gorillas size goes up to 130 to 400 lb. [59 to 181 kg]

Fact 7       The baby gorillas like to roll on the floor and swing from branches.

Fact 8       Gorillas live in dense rain forests.

Fact 9        Gorillas can make a loud barking noise as a warning.

Fact 10      Gorillas live in West Africa if you are trying to find one!


my three pets

I have A dog called molly she s a 10 year old boxer and she lives with my nan  she s pure white with a brown patch   on her eye and on the oppasite ear.Her favirote  treat is a bonjo she also likes a nice walk along the kennel and I  play with her in the water

I also have a pet called mr pickles he s a black guinea pig with a white stripe up his nose and he s 14 weeks old he s very cuddley and he likes a good old carrot

I also have a black  bunny called blackberry he s a lop ear and he likes to run around in the run  we bought him to time to time he has a fight with my brother s bunny thumper

by ruby



My Pets!

I have two rabbits , who are called Bracken and Bramble. Bramble is my rabbit and Bracken is my sister’s. They are both honey coloured lop-ears. Bramble is very cheeky and adventurous, as soon as anything new appears in the garden she runs straight towards it to investigate. Both the rabbits follow my Dad around the garden a bit like a dog! If you put your face close to Brambles face she will come to kiss your nose! They don’t like being picked up because they have most of our garden to play in.