Toothless- how to train your dragon

It was late on a fateful, dark night. A tired young girl entered her dark bedroom. As she opened her door she heard a flapping noise come from her room- no, it wasn’t Silver, it was something worse she thought. Her heart started to beat fast and her hand was shaking uncontrollably as she reached in to turn on the light. She overcame her fear, and as the light flicker on she saw…Toothless. He was sitting comfortably on her bed, licking his lips at the sight of Silver in her cage.

land of the dinosaurs

First I saw the most enormous and gigantic T-Rex in the world.  I started running to my cave with my cape and the enormous beast behind me until I felt him trying to bite me and my cape!  Before he got me I got to the safety of my warm, cosy and welcoming cave.

Homework procrastination!

While conscientiously completing my interminable homework, I was continually distracted by the droning buzz of a germ – ridden fly.

When I couldn’t stand it any longer, I jumped energetically out of my leather seat and mercilessly crushed it to smithereens with a lethal fly swat!

maths homework sheet

I loved the maths sheet  it was really interesting going back through what I had done. Some of the questions were easy and some of them had meanings that I did not even know. However when my Mum and Dad helped me and I understood it straight away. I had forgotten everything that I did in  Mr Bennett’s class and going through the sheet was a really nice piece of homework!!!

VCOP sentences

The game started London Irish Vs Bath. ‘Jack over her PASS’ It was like a stampede people screaming in anger it was the last game of the season!! It shook as they ran past every step they took the ground shook!! It was a furious game!!!

What did you do in YOUR weekend?

I was wondering what you all did this weekend? Maybe it was just shopping or maybe you were playing sport for yourlocal team. You have so many activities between you, it would be lovely to hear about them.

I drove to central London today using just a map (no GPS) and I only made 1 mistake, so I felt very proud of myself. I drove over Tower Bridge, which I have never done before, and it was beautiful and ornate. It was sunny and warm, the Thames was glistening and glinting and it made me really feel like I was on holiday.