Antarctica Used To Be A Jungle ?

Last week a man called Doctor Andrew came in to talk to us about ANTARCTICA.He told us loads of interesting facts such as Antarctica is always changing and used to be a jungle and it used to be the ocean, it  changes over 1000’s and 1000’s of years.We know this because Andrew saw a fossilized tree and fossils are only made in water!Andrew went to Antarctica 10 years ago with 5 people.He said it was the most beautiful place in the world he showed us a power point about every thing he did with  loads of pictures. It It looked cold no freezing no THE COLDEST PLACE ON EARTH . Antarctica is the coldest place on earth with a record temperature of -86 degrees Celsius,


Thats all for now BBBYYYEEE!!!!!!!

Back to school

On Tuesday i went to school and learnt about Antarctica in English.During maths i did place value it was sort of easy.Next i went outside for break. After break i read Diary of a wimpy kid dog days it was great!

This term

This term so far has been really good, I liked the Antarctica man because he explained really well. We’ve been very busy learning about weather and climate; we have learned about the weather and climate in: Brazil , Italy, Iraq, Greece and Madagascar.

Facts about Antarctica

  Antarctica surrounds the south pole in the coldest, windiest, emptiest, place on earth.  Antarctica got to the south by splitting from Australia .    Ice covers 14 million square kilometers of Antarctica and plants grow on only 2 percent of the land these are lichens and mosses.  

  There are lots of penguins, whales , seals and fish in the waters around Antarctica , but there are no land animals.

The average temperature at the south pole is minus 56 degrees F and in the summer it rarely goes above zero degrees.

There are no native people the only people there are researchers who live  on research stations which move along with the ice sheet.

You can get to Antarctica from Chile and Argentina which are country’s in south America, you have to travel by ship or plane.

You can travel across Antarctica by Pony’s, Tractors, Dogs, Sledges and Hugglands.  Captain scott is very famous for visiting Antarctica in 1901.

Ellie’s summer holidays !

The first week of the the summer holidays , I went on brownie camp with my sister . Where we walk to a windmill  , that was built in  1890 .

The second week , i went camping with  Ellie may to Woolacombe  . Where  I taught Ellie may how to surf .

The third week, i went to see my uncle in southport . Where we went to blackpool pleasure beach , a theme park . Which i won a sponge bob squarepants teddy and went on a 230 feet rollercoaster .

The fourth week , i got my ears pierced , yippie !!!!!!!!!!! The earrings are silver with a tiny diamond inside .On the fourth week as well i went to worthing to see my mums bests friends and there children Stanley & Esme .

On the fifth week , my 17 year old cousin came down . Unfortunately ,she nominated me to do the ice bucket challenge : – (   



My Summer Holidays by Millie ;)

My summer holidays was amazing the first week I got my ears pierced they are Orange and Gold everybody  in my family thought they were Gold but no they were wrong the first week was so much fun but it was about to get even Amazing. Me and Ellie-may went to stud land (a type of beach when we got to the beach from a long trip I told Ellie-may that I had my ears pierced it was so funny she didn’t stop talking about them. The water was cold once you got in but once you got a bit deeper it was warm there was hardly any dogs on the beach but the flew past and was I knew it the days was over. The second week was holiday time we went to Wales with my Auntie and my cousin Jess it took us three hours to get to the cottage in the middle of know were (we stop at burger king 🙂 the cottage was so peaceful they was loads of animals I loved it but there was a lot of sheep mess . Bonnie (the dog) was so hyper with the other dogs we went to this ginormous waterfall it was so cool . but sadly the week was over at Wales I went to go see my horse Lenny when got back home (and Charlie my other horse) I was so glad to see them. the third week me and my brothers Jack and George and my dad went to( swange a another type of beach) it was so cool we went to the arcade it was much fun we went to the claw and got baby Oleg ! yeah but it went so quick the summer .hope u liked my summer cant wait to see my friends see soon 🙂

Eos Lipbalm*

Today on Craft life I am going to show you how to make a Eos lip balm  but with an Easter egg (because some people don’t have Eos lip balms, or like me there’s isn’t empty yet.


An Easter egg,


A teaspoon,

Lip gloss,


Food colouring,

A bowl.


First get a bowl and mix Vaseline, lip gloss, then mix  food colouring and strawberry juice.

Next for the strawberry juice, get a bowl and squeeze the juice out of the strawberry, then mix in the juice.

Secondly get the egg and put your mix in, close the lid and then put it in the fridge.

After it should look like this!!!!!

These may be eos lip balms but your egg should look like this   🙂


My Life

Hi my name is Ellie-May and I love Guinea Pigs I have one called Comet,He is a short haired Persian Guinea Pig and he is Caramel coloured. I also love  horses so it is a treat to see my BFF’s horses.

This is a short blog so I will Blog soon

Bye Bye!

My Week! :)

My week!!!!!

My favorite part of  this week is practicing the play. In the play I’am doing the music and my BFF (Flo)is the main character called pearl, in the play she has to children Liza (my friend Rumi) and Jackie (my other friend jasmine) My Twin sister Sophie is playing a character called Mrs Pratt , this character is one of the health and safety officer her partner is Miss Wally (Natasha) and there is lots of other characters…

Last weekend I stayed round one of my friends house Rumi, when we got their we went to the woods and built a massive den made out of lots of big sticks. Rumi accidentley touched a fungus and Sophie (My sister) got worried she was going to touch it so she put her coat round the other way so she didn’t touch it.

Thank you for reading!  xxx