Simons Bath.

Ok I’m am really really exited about going to Simons bath it’ll be so fun I bet you, my best-friends will hopefully be in the same dormitory as me. Why I  will like Simons bath is because I am a big tom boy and I love doing rock climbing, wall climbing, ab sailing and doing all those crazy things. And best of all getting WET and MUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!! And I love getting mud on my face that is really fun.

The Simonsbath Trip!!!!

I am soooo looking froward to the Simonsbath trip because, your parents aren’t there to tell you what to do, your outside all day, you get to stay up late and you can make your own lunch!!!!! At Simonsbath I am sooooo looking forward to, the climbing wall, stream scramble and the traverse/boulder & Great Wall!!!!! In my “down” time I would like to, chat with my dorm friends, lisen to music (out loud) and write in my Ideas Book.


In a weeks time all of Orchid class will be going on their residential trip to simonsbath.Which we are all looking forward to, very much. When we arrive at Simonsbath ,the thing i will be looking forward to the most is being with my  friends . In our down time at Simonsbath i would like to play outside or in our rooms .

Volume two

The strange land, down under.


Hey, you know how in volume one we said we would write more…Yeah, well here it is!

Chapter one

Wheeeee Mazzie flew through the air and landed with a thump on a slimy cover protecting something, she wasn’t quite sure what! But then she focused on where she was, actually where was she? Where was Mario? Was he okay? She didn’t know but she was going to find out!


Meanwhile Mario was thinking the same thing, peering through the clouds and calling, “Mazzie! Mazzie, are you okay?”, “what’s down there, anything exciting?”, but Mazzie couldn’t hear his cries!


While Mario’s cries for her where undiscovered Mazzie started exploring where she had landed.

It was slimy all-over but then it felt like it was covering a box?

                        Thanks for reading, part 2 coming soon.

Simonsbath – here we come!

For homework, I asked you to write a post about what you would like to do at Simonsbath, especially during your down time. Maybe some pictures will help your thoughts!

 The house from the river.


This picture is a little old as there have been lots of improvements. The red square is the main part of the building we will be using with the big sticky out part of the building below, the yellow square is where we eat and the orange square is the outdoor classroom. The green field in the top right corner is where the play equipment is and where you can play football and let off steam.

Now what are your thoughts?

My Bug Hotel.

Over the weekend some of my friends and I made a magnificent bug hotel made of  rotten wood,  fresh green leaves, super soft moss and dew covered grass. In the hotel we placed some outstandingly active woodlice.

All of of sudden my friends, Flo and Bella amazingly spotted that two of the woodlice had gigantic egg sacks on their delicate stomach’s. As we looked closer the egg sacks split magically producing miniature translucent yellow interesting looking baby woodlice.


Swansea VS Everton

Recently, the mighty Swansea fc hammered Everton 3 to 0.The goals were a fantastic strike outside the box from Marvin Emnes, a 2nd GOAL in the season for the quality,on form, wonder that is GYLFI SIGGURDSSON after a swerving cross that hit the bar from Jonjo Shelvey , the other was a magic cross from Jefferson Montero to a classic Dyer strike . MOTM Jefferson Montero with two stunning crosses and 10 stunned defenders! All in all a great match.

comment if you want any more football reports, bye!!!