All about me

I’m Ellie i love sports especially : gymnastics because you learn to do the impossible ,  athletics because i love running and i also like swimming . When my younger sister, Neve is older we are planing to get a dog , not sure what type yet .I am also learning the violin which is really enjoyable . 


today I went to a christing it was really fun I played with a little girl called May she is so cute she has a brother called  charlie when the water had to be put on his head he got really upset when I had to leave May gave me a big squeze

All about me!

My favourite thing to do is going to a fair or fun park with my family. I love riding on quad bikes. My favourite hobby is fishing. I go sea and coarse fishing with my Granddad. I have two rabbits called Bracken and Bramble, they are both the colour of honey. I don’t like people being upset and I get cross when I see people being mean.

About me!!!!

I enjoy many things; I’ve listed some below:

  • Playing Lego
  • Snorkelling
  • Playing on my Kindle
  • Riding my bike and scooter
  • Skiing
  • Making loom bands

I have one pet who is a goldfish; he is called Strawberry Cornflake (I named him when I was two)!!!

I don’t like mushrooms or getting ready for school in the morning. It makes me angry when a loom band goes wrong after I have worked on it for ages.


A day with Dr Andrew

On friday  morning a man called Andrew  came in and told us about Antartica he hade  pitures it was so cool                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         by Isabella


Antarctica Used To Be A Jungle ?

Last week a man called Doctor Andrew came in to talk to us about ANTARCTICA.He told us loads of interesting facts such as Antarctica is always changing and used to be a jungle and it used to be the ocean, it  changes over 1000’s and 1000’s of years.We know this because Andrew saw a fossilized tree and fossils are only made in water!Andrew went to Antarctica 10 years ago with 5 people.He said it was the most beautiful place in the world he showed us a power point about every thing he did with  loads of pictures. It It looked cold no freezing no THE COLDEST PLACE ON EARTH . Antarctica is the coldest place on earth with a record temperature of -86 degrees Celsius,


Thats all for now BBBYYYEEE!!!!!!!

Back to school

On Tuesday i went to school and learnt about Antarctica in English.During maths i did place value it was sort of easy.Next i went outside for break. After break i read Diary of a wimpy kid dog days it was great!

This term

This term so far has been really good, I liked the Antarctica man because he explained really well. We’ve been very busy learning about weather and climate; we have learned about the weather and climate in: Brazil , Italy, Iraq, Greece and Madagascar.

Facts about Antarctica

  Antarctica surrounds the south pole in the coldest, windiest, emptiest, place on earth.  Antarctica got to the south by splitting from Australia .    Ice covers 14 million square kilometers of Antarctica and plants grow on only 2 percent of the land these are lichens and mosses.  

  There are lots of penguins, whales , seals and fish in the waters around Antarctica , but there are no land animals.

The average temperature at the south pole is minus 56 degrees F and in the summer it rarely goes above zero degrees.

There are no native people the only people there are researchers who live  on research stations which move along with the ice sheet.

You can get to Antarctica from Chile and Argentina which are country’s in south America, you have to travel by ship or plane.

You can travel across Antarctica by Pony’s, Tractors, Dogs, Sledges and Hugglands.  Captain scott is very famous for visiting Antarctica in 1901.