My Week! :)

My week!!!!!

My favorite part of  this week is practicing the play. In the play I’am doing the music and my BFF (Flo)is the main character called pearl, in the play she has to children Liza (my friend Rumi) and Jackie (my other friend jasmine) My Twin sister Sophie is playing a character called Mrs Pratt , this character is one of the health and safety officer her partner is Miss Wally (Natasha) and there is lots of other characters…

Last weekend I stayed round one of my friends house Rumi, when we got their we went to the woods and built a massive den made out of lots of big sticks. Rumi accidentley touched a fungus and Sophie (My sister) got worried she was going to touch it so she put her coat round the other way so she didn’t touch it.

Thank you for reading!  xxx


issy in school being cool also what i have enjoyed.

In school my favourite thing has been doing our class play .I am Admiral Hornhonker in the play and I am on a ship called the Crunchy frog with Captain Cod and the crew. My best friend Is Jackie Periwinkle and she has a twin sister called Liza Periwinkle , they have a mum called Pearl Periwinkle. The play is called THE PIRATES OF THE CURRY BEAN !!!!.Its about pearl getting kidnapped by pirates and  Jackie and Liza go to find her and they both end up on different ships (Pearl, is on a different ship Jackie and Liza) then they meet on one ship and they meet a storm and end up on lumbago , then they meet there dad Stanley periwinkle and then its all happy familys and its all great.(:


Hi my week has been ok. Yesterday I had a year 6 maths test.Today we did choir for ahoy.We then did our play.

I like football but I’m not very good at it.I have a goldfish called strawberry cornflake.I love reading crime books !


The best thing this week was WW1 day we did cooking and made biscuits they where gross and risen extremely high we also learned about life in trenches. At the end of the day we played a game of football in remembrance of the troops orchid won 4-0.

I really like tennis I watch Wimbledon on TV I watched Halep vs Lisicki , Murray vs Dimitrov and Federer vs wawrinkle  (in the ladies tennis I want Halep to win in the men’s I want Federer to win.)


my week


The best thing in my week was on monday when we did the play all day i am liza are play is  the curry bean it is really fun  

my best friend is : sophie 
my pet: is buddy he is  1 

Mirandas week at school

hi i’am Miranda and  this is my week at school this week we have been practicing our play for the year 6 people i am fiddlesticks in the play and my owners are Jacky and Liza periwinkle there are 2 captains one is a pirate and the other is the captain of a navel ship but his Admeral (Admirerl hornhonker ) and my BFF (Millie) she is fun,honest,patience,kind,respectfully,loyal,forgiving,trusting,encoring,and a grate listener and she is baggywrinkle .

My week

thing  week in school we have been practicing the end of year production it is called The pirates of the curry bean .

It is about two children called Jackie and liza periwinkle who discover a treasure map. Their mum then gets kidnapped by Redbeard and his pirate crew who, steal the treasure map and set of to the island of lumbago to find the treasure meanwhile, jakie and liza find Admiral hornhonker who catch up with them and find the treasure map.