best part of the week!

The best part of the week is practicing the play and learning my lines.

My name is Sophie,

the play is called Pirates of the Curry bean

my friens characters are:


Jasmine: Jackie

Natasha: Miss Wally

Flo:Pearl (main character)

Harriet: Lofty

Ellie: Sqwack

Issy: Admiral Horn honker





my BFF is: Rumi (she is awsome!)

my animals: Hettie is  a cockerpoo and is really cuddly , she is a Dog and hamish (a Westhiland Terrier who is as white as snow)

the awesome but werid leaning post

What I’ve done in West wood is quiet interesting for the few years I’ve been here. I’m a year six in the class called orchid we have a teacher that is called Mrs Tyler she is nice and sticks up for you.

We’ve been learning about a lot of things and fun activity’s too we have four to five lessons a day and even doing a play that is called the Pirates of the curry bean and the others in the class enjoy it and they sometimes want to do it again and again.


My Learning Week.

My Favourite part of the week was practicing for the play. My name is Flo and I play Pearl (The main part)  in the… Pirates of the Curry Bean! My Friend Sophie plays Mrs Pratt  and My other friend Rumi plays Liza, My daughter. My Friends Issy and  Jasmine play Jackie ( My daughter)  and  Admiral Hornhonker. 

Things about me…

I am called Flo and I live in Bradford on Avon. My Best Friend is Lauren and she is awesome! She is the Best Friend anyone could ever had!!!! I really want to be an author and I am in love with Harry Potter!!!!!!

Pigs – muddy or magical?

Hello I’m Ekin, I like pigs as you can tell by the title. Here are a few pig related facts

Pigs have very few sweat glands so the term ‘sweating like a pig’ is false

Pigs are very intelligent (my thought)

Anyway you can get all kinds of pigs. Different colors, different personality the list goes on.

My favorite part of the week!

My favorite part of this week was learning and rehearsing for the key stage two  production (Pirates Of The Curry Bean!) where I play the 3rd biggest part of Captain Readbeard (aka pink beard) who has 79 lines! The other main parts are Pearl (103) Captain Cod (94) ME scuttle and slack (74 and 65) I think it is a good play but not as good as some of the previous productions such as Alice in wonderland or the wind in the willows….

I also enjoy watching Wimbledon tennis but it rubbish that Andy Murry lost to Dimitrov 🙁

what we did this week

I enjoyed doing the play which is called the Pirates of the curry bean.

It is an adventure about two children called Jack and Lisa where they go on a Navy ship called The crunchy frog to chase Pirate s that kidnapped there Mum#Pearl.Also they stole a Treasure map.Also they dreamed about a island called Lumbago.

Story by Ellie k

The slashing and banging from the Victorian, glass window shivered through me like bramble scraping me down the side . My master had abandoned me from food or water for three hole days, I am not sure if I will live those terrible starving days though ? The wind was herding inside me real fast , as if it was cattle and a sheep dog . My body pumped faster inside closing in towards the vast , hand cutting edges . Ear piecing stomps came shuddering out side the ancient door . Suddenly …

westwood writers

·The box is old and ancient.

·It has had loads of adventures.

·No one has lived to tell the tale about the box.

·Only people who don’t expect adventure get the adventure.

·The wonders turn so fast they could come off.

·It takes people on amazing back to the future.

·It’s magic like a wizard.

·Only people who are grumpy go on the adventure to make them happy.

·It’s broken and the next adventure someone needs to fix it.

·Only dust is inside it and a book telling the story’s but no one dares open it.