Roast dinner at midnight

At midnight, I snuck down stairs to see what the adults were eating, it smelled exquisitely delicious but when I saw what they were eating, it looked disgusting, it was : roast Turkey with pencils stuck in it, a pensive looking fish head and a slimy slug on it!

My Sentence By Lily!!!!

On a Sunday morning,my mother: The queen of England made an exquisite Roast Dinner, then my Brother (Prince Harry), came home with a bag full of pencils ” Harry, Why have you came home with a bag full of Pencils?!” Suddenly my Dad came home, my other brother ( Prince William) was pensive about him coming home because he was always scared about his Dad!


Songs now online!

As promised, here are a couple of clips from the songs we recorded on Friday. I think they sound wuper, well done everyone! CDs can be ordered from the office and the order form can be downloaded from the school website HERE Enjoy…