My week

thing  week in school we have been practicing the end of year production it is called The pirates of the curry bean .

It is about two children called Jackie and liza periwinkle who discover a treasure map. Their mum then gets kidnapped by Redbeard and his pirate crew who, steal the treasure map and set of to the island of lumbago to find the treasure meanwhile, jakie and liza find Admiral hornhonker who catch up with them and find the treasure map.

My Week

My week has been great, mostly we have been practicing the end of year play! But on Tuesday we had a WW1 day.

It was really fun we made these biscuits that they had in the trenches, they called them dog biscuits because they are really really hard. We also pretended we were doing the Christmas truce, so we sang German hymns because we were Germany and the other class was England. We had a football match and shared our stuff just like they did. We also had to dress up as some one from the war.


When we were finishing the game two helicopters landed because an old lady was really ill. It was quite exciting seeing a helicopter land on the field next to ours. Last time that happened was when a boy in my class fainted in reception, the helicopter landed on our school field.

Pigs vs Ducks

The big question in my mind is Pigs VS Ducks!

Here are some fascinating facts about both!!!

Pigs have few sweat glands so the phrase im sweating like a pig is false!

Ducks are probably the least intelligent animal on the far!

Pigs are very clever and often have been described like humans!

leave a comment below about who is better.

Jack out!

Duck Cartoon Looking Back Or Behind Royalty Free Stock Image - 25347786       Three little pigs. Vector illustration with simple gradients. Each in a separate layer for easy editing. - stock vector

Ellie :-)

This week we have been practicing our production , which is called the Pirates of the Curry bean . It’s about a strict, mother pearl who gets kidnapped by evil Red beard and his pirate crew . Jackie and Liza ,pearls children  are on the case .They catch a trip with captain cod and admiral horn honker’ s crew . However there’s a massive storm and Red beard takes over  captain cods ship ! Red beards driving ship skills are not to good, so the ship ends up  on  the shore  of lumbago ,were they find the treasure ,they were looking for ,with the help of CHEEKY  scuttle and slack .

about me

I have a horse called katie . And a car called racing dot for racing  i love them both. I love to get in my hot tub with my BFF Elzie

I have a golden retriever called Benz as in Mercedes Benz and a cockpoo called Ruby

Jasmine in school.

This week we have been practising our production! Its called the pirates of the curry bean, my part is Jackie Periwinkle and I have a twin called Liza Periwinkle. My best friend is Admiral hornhonker a hilarious character. Its about a lady called Pearl Periwinkle and she gets kidnapped by pirates. Jackie an Liza set off in a navel ship to find her. In the navel ship Admiral hornhonker is always forgetting what the parts about the ship is. They all get washed a shore in Lumbago and the Periwinkle family finds there lost husband/dad also known as Captain Swagger sword  a pirate who lost his memory. The pirates of the curry bean crew try to steal the treasure but captain cod asks Cutthroat cleg to cut off captain red beards pink beard. The Periwinkle start a new life as pirates. The end!