My Guinea pig Comet. And Rabbit Hoppy.

Hello here’s my guinea pig Comet.



What he likes to eat: Carrot peelings and Celery

Favourite activity: Running around and playing hide and seek,

Favourite toy: his wooden ball and wooden hut and his purple box,

Fun facts: He loves to have his picture taken and to be able to run around on the grass with me running behind so he doesn’t run off.

His best friend is hoppy because he has been with him for ever. He also has a friend called Bambi who is on my blog.

Did you know? guinea pigs have to be in pairs otherwise they get lonely (but my guinea pig isn’t lonely because he has Hoppy) and if you have to boys be careful they may fight.

My Favourite Animal

Parrots can come in all different colours, talents and breeds.        Some can ride a parrot bike, run a play toy shop and can ride skateboards!


Some parrots can talk.  I know someone who owns a Morecore. Morecores are very colorful and pretty.

My friends parrots have been trained to say naughty words!

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are my favourite animals because they are cute and like a ball of hair.

I have never had one of my own but that won’t stop me from loving them.

Did you know that a baby guinea pig is called a pup

Guinea Pigs will eat all day and all night, just like me!

Guinea Pigs need to drink water to stop getting thirsty, but actually they get s lot of their water from eating grass.

You can tell that a Guinea Pig is happy because they purr.

When they sense their owner is nearby, they will squeak.

Here are some pictures



My pet dog Mollie.

I have a dog called Mollie she is a border collie black and white.  She loves her toy ball and she also has a toy chicken that she shakes all day long!

Here is a list of the stuff she likes.

  • Her ball.
  • People.
  • Her basket that she sleeps in.
  • Her chicken.


My cockatiel!!!

I have a cockatiel, her name is silver. Silver is 16 weeks and a day old.

For Siver to be a happy and healthy bird, she needs to have lots of room in her cage to spread her wings and fly. Also she needs to have lots of toys and entertainment to keep mind her busy.

As Silver is very young (cockatiels can live to 15 years old) therefore, she needs to be trained. I train her by putting my hand in her very tall cage, to see if she will fly onto my hand. I also train her by hand feeding her treats.

  • Silver loves me ringing her bell and her favourite treat is millet.
  • Silver hates fast movements that make her jump, and her bed time cover.
  • Silver has a bird bath to keep her clean, but she does not like it.

Silver loves to go on her edible swing and eating it!!! 🙂




My Pet(s)

As you may know, I have a dog called Hal. Some people may not know but I have another pet, which is a bird. Her name is Arrietty. I chose Arrietty (the name is  from The Borrowers) because my Dad used to work with birds, and keep them. He also reads a lot of books, and so he likes names from books. Then I thought of The Borrowers (which I had already read), and I thought of the name Arrietty, “What about the name Arrietty?” I asked my Dad and that was the name we decided on. If you didn’t know, she is a type of bird called a Sparrow Hawk.