My sentences !

My rabbit Bramble is energetic, adventurous and adorable whereas Bracken is far more dominant and sure-footed.

While the fisherman waited until he got a bite, he admired the luminous dragonflies dancing in the reed bed.

Flopsy & Cho

I have two rabbits, one is called Flopsy the other is called Cho. Flopsy is a big cuddly and fluffy rabbit, Cho is a small but very bouncy rabbit. My sister cleans them because I cant, she also feeds them because I cant do that either, I do like holding them though.

A wedding success!

This weekend I went to my aunties wedding as,some of you may know I wrote about in my last post . The little girl I looked after was adorable! And dressed in a Lacey dress and sparkly shoes. Over all the day was a success apart from a few hiccups. The bride and the groom were very happy and both enjoyed their day!


Hamsters are fury fat animals that like having lots of toys.They  like playing in balls that roll on the floor.You have to clean there cage out every week. If  you don’t it will stink your room out  nasty. They like being SPIDER HAMSTER.


This week I’ve been busy playing with my best friend Sasha we have been split up because were in different  years I am year 5 and she is year 4 so we’ve been making the best of break time.

by Ruby