The noise ( 100 word challange)

My bed seemed comfy until the noise started. Bang, crunch, Thierry whistling that echoed throughout my house. My little ears  became big from the frobbing of the noise. Mysteriously,a black hand began to reach closer and closer to my bed, knees like jelly rolled furiously out of bed like my life depended on it. Tears flooded, my heart raced breaking my incident rib cage. I felt like I was trapped. I needed help now.puffing and puffing trying so hard to breath. A butterfly fluttered in, CRUNCH. The man the figure killed it. Hope was really lost and then the noise stopped…

And then the noise stopped, It started to get louder and louder until it just stopped, just like that. But it then started again, but now so close it sounded as if there where 100 of them, mabe there where? The noise seamed to eco all around, like a tennis ball, but it was still the same high, shrill, non-quavering, matallic laugh! “who are you, and what do you want with me?!” I screamed, and like there’s my voice ecod around
“I am the Bogor man and I want you! Ha ha ha ha ha!” he laugh his high, cold laugh, then I fainted

105 word challenge

Light was fading , darkness was approaching. I was running away from a thing or even someone. Eyes gleamed through tree holes. Vicious winds wailed between the tree trunks. Suddenly, there came a cry of horror, it made me jump. I landed bolt up right on the ground. Then I tripped on a prickly tree root.A scaly rotten hand, pinched me on the leg . stiffly and slowly i turned my head and screamed, but no sound came out .Suddenly ,out of the blue there came a colossal wind , which meant that the scaly rotten hand slipped off me and then the wind stopped all fell silent , suddenly…


“Hello.” Indigo calls to something, a object a figure? Indigo was confused she couldn’t make out what the blackness was. She ignored it and rested her head back on her pillow.                                                                                                           “Crunch, Indigo don’t forget me your life will pay.” Snarled the black out line in the corner as it swooped away Indigo realised what it was. But who was it? Would she only live for a few more days.

Indigo was sketchy the few days after that night. She told no one. Her friends got worried they talked together about Indigo and they thought they knew a man visited her like he did to them, only they knew what he wanted.

(To be continued).


Going down the mine.

As I pushed the mine trolley down the rails, I had a sudden flashback of when my Dad went down the dark, damp, dusty mine and I glared at him for leaving me with my strict Mum as a child. But as everybody has to die, he died aged just 30. The reason he died so young was because of all those years down the mine. I remember the awful day he died like it was yesterday. I was right by his side, his breathing got shallower and shallower and then the noise stopped. He was dead. Now as his son, I had to carry on the family business so this is what I am doing.

100 word challenge by sophie





And then the noise stopped,I accurately hid behind the tree making sure no one can see me; I suddenly came out of the tree and shouted

is there anyone here”

but no one replied. I stepped forward a bit more I turned my head round but I couldn’t see anyone it was as quiet as a mouses footstep I was petrified. I looked at my watch it was time for me to go home I thought to my self,my Mum plus Dad must be really worried abut me. All the sudden I thought to my self shall I go home so I went …


100 word challenge


I awoke. Quickly, I pulled myself up to my feet. I looked around me; my eyes met with a long, narrow, dark, dusty corridor. Why was I here? The stranger had attacked me; was I dead or dreaming? AH, I had a large, painful bruise down the side of my head. Cautiously, I took 10 steps forward before I heard an ear-splitting screech from the end of the corridor. Terrified, I started to sweat and then the noise stopped. I breathed, but then I saw a tall black figure coming towards me. Frantically, I rubbed my eyes, but it wasn’t my imagination . . .



My suspense story.

Hello people of the world!
I was bored so I thought I would write a suspense story as that is what we are doing for the big write. Enjoy…

The church.
My footsteps echoed eerily as I softy walked to the front of the church. I felt 67 pairs of eyes on me and my pace quickened, eager to get to the end. As I walked, staring at my feet, everything felt mysteriously quiet. As I heard the door slam shut I whirled around. Dreading the sound, the soft clink of the key in the lock rang in my ears.Heart beating furiously, I realised some thing terrible. I was locked in the Church…

As the bombs dropped the powerful smell of smoke loomed . The defining sound of the air raid siren piercing through many ears . The air was hot and stuffy .boiling Smoke was every were making me splutter . I baked away feeling queasy as I did so I backed into something cold and ridged I stumbled and fell in I bashed my head instantly I placed my cold shaking hand on it terrified I rolled over pulled myself up taking my hand away from my head I was bleeding I rubbed it on the seat beside me .I was flying .I was dead .Death had defatted me .