i am on the laptop but at that moment i saw a shadow be hind me “AAAAAAAAAAHHHH” i screamed !lily was making funny faces behind me !



“thats what horses eat”she said

“you got me”suddenly lily and me heard the bell ring


“time to go bye!”

by florence

My mini snow saga!:)


In my mini saga I’m going to write about an adventure involving Paddington Bear!

What’s a Saga?

A saga is a mini story with hundred words in it!

We are entering a competition were we have to write a Saga. We hope to win!:)


I’m going to write about a Paddington bear and they go on holiday and Paddington gets into a lot of trouble with the hotel owner, their next door neighbour and the house owner (the owner of the place where there staying!)

slam poetry

I like to write slam poetry and this is one I came up with:

My name is elijah and when I’m older I want to be a spy,

but I won’t be one cause when I hurt my self I cry,

when I leave school I won’t fail to say goodbye.



Star Wars 3: how to draw yoda

Okay so what were going to do is draw the position you want him in.

After that you draw the shapes.

Then you draw the basic details.

After that you do detailed details.

THAT IS HOW TO MAKE YODA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

animal jam

Animal jam is fun game it is a online game you can play games even I play it is so pretty when the christmas update is on the are lots of people to meet and make new friends if you would like to here more just say in the comments and some people will help you if you need help with something just ask me in the comments.