From a dream to reality

I imagined what it would be like to have eyes, arms, a nose and a happy mouth – smiling to all the children walking past or playing in the snow. I had been lying here on the ground since Thursday not being touched at all, but today was the day my wish came true. A little girl and boy came up to me this morning with their family holding spades and shovels; I knew I would be turned into a magnificent snowman. Quickly, they started shovelling me into three big balls, one was placed in the centre of some grass and was patted into shape. After a while, three of the family members walked off but the rest stayed to work on the me – I was watching them as they gently sculpted me into a dazzling snowman.

The three other family members came back (holding several things) and started to place a smooth, goldfish coloured carrot onto my face for my nose and lace black buttons for my eyes and mouth. Two twigs made my arms, and a scarf around my neck finished me off. I imagined what it would be like to have eyes, arms, a nose and a happy mouth and now I had it all.


The Snowmen

“WOAH, that was so scary! Then again, so much funnnn,” Scarfy screamed to to Crystal as she rolled down a rather snowy hill like a bolder hitting a wall. Crystal giggled and replied,                                                                                                                   “My go.” Crystal’s little stick arms waved around like mad. She was so excited that her neon carrot nose almost fell off (that would be another disaster completely)!  Scarfy laughed at her eagerness then, readjusting her scarf, started to look for her bobble hat that fell of when she tumbled down the hill. Her creators  (a bunch of kids enjoying the snow) had been kind enough to give her one, so she thought she better not loose it. Finally, she found it buried under a mountain of snow just as Crystal came to join her. She was completely drenched so Scarfy offered to wait for her if she wanted to go home to change however Crystal insisted she was fine. 

The turtle’s point of view.

I am going to tell you a story of a turtle who loved the ocean but also hated it at the same time. He didn’t have a name and that is kind of normal for an animal.  He loved to swim around in the ocean, but over the course of three years he started to realize something happening, it was… Pollution. The water used to be so clear for him to see but now it is getting ever so slightly darker because of all the plastic drifting over him. He was heart broken to see his friend jimmy (who did have a name) with a plastic bag over one of his fins and what tore him apart even more is that they couldn’t get it off.

After a bit of time he realised that the water was getting a lot warmer which he did not mind, he kind of liked it but he also thought to himself,”what is happening?” He asked himself this quite a lot because he really wanted to know the answer. Sadly overtime he decided to not go outside his house anymore to save him the pain of the pollution and that is the last thing we heard about him.




Our Oceans

In the past oceans were clean, healthy and had a balanced ecosystem. They were a wondrous place however modern man has changed all of that. In the last few decades we have carelessly polluted the oceans by introducing plastics, waste and oil. We have also destroyed ocean habitats and caused global warming. The oil is very destructive because when it gets into the ocean it kills all sea life that comes in contact with it. If untreated, it will effect the natural environment for years to come.

We haven’t been disposing of our plastics properly and lots of it has ended up in our oceans. Plastics take thousands of years to biodegrade. This plastic is seriously harming ocean life. It is affecting the food chain and even some of the fish we eat contains micro plastics. We need to recycle our waste more responsibly or even better use alternative biodegradable material. We need to stop all these terrible things from happening to our oceans and try and restore the water to it’s natural self for our and the planet’s future. We need to bring back the old, clean and healthy waters that had a balanced ecosystem.

The Turtle’s Traumatic Day

Timmy was sad, sadder than ever, the saddest a fish could be. His best friend (Martin,who was a fish,) got killed by a pieces of plastic- we were playing a game and Martin was really hungry so he ate some really tiny bits of plastic. A few days later I went down to his house, the door was open so I stepped in and I found him lead there dead.

“Help me get all the plastic out the sea; The Plastic Sea Hunt 31st of February 10am- 6pm,” Timmy called.                                                                                                                      “What a great idea!” shouted a clown fish.                                                                               “Why should we pick up the plastic in the sea?” asked a moody sting ray.                                   “Well my friend died because of plastic so I’m trying to save your lives,” Timmy replied.               “OK only if there’s free fish cake,” the sting ray laughed.                                                           “OK,” replied Timmy.

As soon as Timmy knew people were coming he had to get ready, it was tomorrow and he had to get everything done and dusted. He thought,                                                                          “I’ll mark out an area of where were going so all the fish can’t get lost.”                                      He then remembered he had to make fish cakes, and he had to get bags to put the rubbish in. It was going to be a long day.

“Wow look at this big bit of plastic, its so big I can’t even lift it up,” shouted the clown fish.          “I’ll help you,” Timmy chuckled.                                                                                              It was the day of The Plastic Sea Hunt it was going so well. Timmy was happy, happier than happy the happiest fish ever.


As the turtle swam in the open ocean, the dazzling water rippled and the hue of corals glowed. The complexity of the sea was at it’s best in the wonderful sunlight. The various bubbles bombarded him from the sea bed, propelled by the power of a mighty wave. For a few short seconds, the crystal clear water became opaque and the turtle swam on blindly. As the water cleared a strange figure emerged from beneath the turtle. It had large black flippers and one enormous eye, and bubbles streamed from his mouth. What was this weird creature from the deep?  Ah, it was only a diver!

Later, a surfer aqua-planed over the water and the ocean seemed to burn in the light from the setting sun. An array of fish filled up the sea with a rainbow of exotic colours and turtle swam on into the darkening water. That night the turtle paddled on in the light of the silvery moon.



Tilda the Turtle

My name is Tilda the turtle, I live in the ocean. The water used to be clear but now its all full of plastic and lost its sparkle. Some days it is difficult to swim through all of the plastic and i have been hurt swimming past sharp bits of plastic. I would like to move to a different sea but I would miss my friends, my family and my home. it makes me sad to see so much plastic and rubbish in the water and some days I get mad when I think of what people have done to my home. There used to be more creatures here but now a lot moved away because of the pollution. Now I am lonely and sad. The bright, vibrant colours of the ocean are fading to brown. I wish I could go back to when the water was clear and all my friends lived here.

How we Should Change The Ocean

On the news today I found out that a turtle died because it ate a piece of plastic in the Indian ocean. After that, I then made a Youtube video and recorded what we should do about all seas. The next day, I asked my mate if he wanted to go scuba diving with me (he told me he will.) When we were in the water we had seen a dark brown turtle floating in the deep blue ocean. Loads and loads of plastic was surrounding the poor turtle, I then told my friend through the waterproof walkie-talkie “we should change the whole seas.” Then we brung the turtle up to shore and we took it to the local vets near us, me and him were so scared. The vet surprisingly whispered that the turtle had `one piece of plastic by the side of it’s lung. Finally, we took it back to the ocean it it swam away beatifically.

The turtle

One day there was a turtle called Jordan and she loved to swim by the coral because the water was always so clear ,on her way there she saw her friend Jacey so she swam up                         ” do you want to come and swim by the coral with me ?” asked Jordan politely .                          “I would but I am playing with my sister Kacey ” smiled Jacey awkwardly.                                  ” ok then ” sighed Jordan disappointed as she swam away .                                                     After a long swim Jordan found the coral but it wasn’t the same there were wrappers everywhere because of a local landfill site that arrived earlier that week.                                                       “What can I do to help this problem ” she thought to herself .                                                    “Maybe I can tell Jacey and Kacey about it, then they can help me tell more fish so maybe we can stop the problem (somehow) ” she spoke out loud excitedly .                                              Jordan swam up  to Jacey and Kacey and told them                                                                  ” by the coral there is loads of wrappers and I think if I tell you we can tell other fish and maybe stop the problem .

they didn’t manage to stop the problem but they never will stop trying .

The Sad Scuba Dive

3,2,1, SPLASH! All of a sudden, I had dived into the beautiful blue sea and saw amazing things like; Clown Fish as bright as the sun; fish that looked like plants and clear fish. It was amazing! As I glided along the top of the sea surface I looked down below and saw shadows lurking and I immediately thought “They’re probably sharks…” , so I decided to stay as far away from them as possible. I got a little bit scared so I thought that I would sit on the boat until they were gone.

Twenty minutes later, the sharks had disappeared so I got back into the sea ready to explore the bottom a lot more. There was coral and coral reefs, also I could see lots of slimy seaweed too. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I could see a plastic can holder, so I went up to it and put it in my little bag just to make sure I could help the ocean a tiny bit. “Whats that over there?” I thought. There was a mysterious trail of lots plastic and I picked it all up and I followed it further and realised that it went on forever. I decided to turn around because it was making me sad.  I saw a turtle, stuck in a plastic bag. Eventually, I got it out and I named it Lucky, I think that people should really respect the ocean. Just think, if fish are eating plastic then we eat them then we are eating plastic. What should we do to help?