I was on tour with a very uncompromising man. …But what if I was in charge… I  thought to myself. I strolled on with a dejected look on my face after being heavily told of by the delinquent man. Questioning my reasons for talking, a resounding noise knocked me of my feet from the impact. Next I new I was on my own. Heart in my mouth I vigilantly loitered on. A gelid wind whipped around my bitter face ; it chilled me. The daunting trees waved there chilling faces in the penetrating wind – something was up something scary.

The day it all changed.

“Mum, I’m too tired to go to school. Can I stay at home?”I asked. “No because I have to go to work and I need to earn some more money and granddad and Nan  are on holiday so there’s no one else you can stay with.” “OK” I answered. “I trolley stop the wet side walk up to school and then I have no idea but what if I was in charge… everything would be better. Well that’s for all the children. The stupid adults just want us to learn, learn, learn.


A predominant man: tall, muscular, rich. He ruled over Svansile… ordering people around. His brother ( Gamal ) had wanted to be the ruler of Egypt for many years but every year, he failed his task. “ But what if I was in charge?” Gamal paced around his abnormally large house telling his butler about all the things that annoyed him.  King Osiris ( the ruler of Egypt ) was a delinquent man; had everything his own way and if anyone dared to challenge his words, they would be executed. Gamal’s eyes suddenly went bloodshot as he said with rage… “ this means war!”

Imagine if I were a head teacher of a school

I had a weird dream last night, but what if I was in charge?… the dream was that I was a head teacher and I could do what I want. I dreamed I was letting all the students do what they want and go to school in what they want like their home close and also wear there slippers, “WHAT” then in that dream they were on the field all day playing football.I wish that came true imagine I was the student it would be so cool do what ever you want whenever u want I really wish this came true.

Vote For Me

But what if I was in charge? I could drive around in a solid gold plane. I could put my feet up and watch TV all day. I could attach 20 jets to a bottom of a galleon and party with my friends. I could ride around on the top of a huge rat. I could have a sleepover every night. I could bring the dinosaurs back to life. I could cure every disease. I could feed the hungry. I could give the homeless homes. I could stop all wars. This would all happen if I was in charge. So vote for me.