Facts about climate

  1. Climate is average measurements of temperature, wind, humidity, rain and snow.
  2. Climate is like weather but over a long period of time.
  3. The five different climates are: tropical, dry, mild, cold and polar.
  4. There are also different subcategories which are: rain forest, dessert, tundra, savanna and steppe.
  5. When climate changes animals and plants start to come endangered.
  6. Since the sun hits the land and ocean around the equator at a direct angle, this area is generally the warmest area on the planet.
  7. Winds are generally in the same direction in certain places over the ocean.
  8. If the jet stream goes over then it is a warm country.
  9. If the jet stream goes under then it is normally the arctic.
  10. The wettest place on earth is India and the driest is Atacama desert.

Fun Facts About Climate And Weather

  1.  Did you know, 800 to 600 million years ago, Earth was so cold that it was covered in ice?(Look at it now)
  2.   Every 40,000 years, the amazing Earth changes positions and that is what causes climate        change.
  3.   We (humans) are causing climate change and these are some examples: smoking, steam        trains, factories and cars.
  4.   If you didn’t know, climate change is the process of Earth heating up.
  5.  If climate change gets worse, than it is going to be harder for the weather people to predict     the weather.
  6.  In 1684, a river called the Thames river in London, froze for 2 solid months.
  7. The width of a tornado, is about 100 to 200 yards but it can be up to a mile.
  8. Did you know, the USA are faced with 1200 tornadoes a year.
  9. When you have a cubic mile of fog it can hold up to a gallon of water.
  10. When lighting strikes the ground, the heat around it is 30,000 degrees.


Amazing Fun Facts About Climate and Weather

  1. Weather events happen because the sun heats the Earth’s surface unevenly.
  2.  More sunlight hits the equator than it does the North and South Poles. 
  3. Uneven heating results in temperature differences, which cause air currents to form.
  4. The sun constantly powers this process on the Earth and causes high and low air pressure.
  5. Climate refers to long-term average temperatures, rain and snowfall data collected in a place for over several years. 
  6. Rain is made when water evaporates and the air cools down and then turns into water droplets.
  7. Some Climates are the same kind of weather, but the UK has a very unpredictable climate.
  8. The highest wind speed ever recorded is 372 km/h.
  9. The highest temperature ever recorded on Earth was 58 Celsius in the Libyan desert.
  10. The coldest temperature ever measured was -88 Celsius at Vostok Station in Antarctica.

10 Amazing Facts About Weather

For each minute of the day, 1 billion tonnes of rain falls on the Earth which is equivalent to 1440 tonnes of rainfall each day.

The largest hailstone ever recorded fell in Vivian, South Dakota in July 2010 and measured 20 cm in diameter. Wow, that’s colossal.

Lightning will sometimes strike after a volcano has erupted.

The driest place on the Earth (outside the polar regions) is the Atacama Desert in Chile, South America.

Mawsynram, located in Meghalaya State which is in India, is the wettest place on Earth.

When water evaporates to become a gas, the gas is called water vapour.  Water vapour is invisible unlike water in its other forms, liquid and solid (ice).

Weather takes place in the lowest section of our atmosphere, an area called the troposphere.  In the troposphere, there is lots of water vapour so we have clouds, rain and snow.

There are 4 types of clouds. Cumulus cloud (thick, fluffy clouds), stratus cloud (low, dark layers covering most of the sky), cirrus cloud (whispy white cloud, high in the sky) and nimbus cloud (dark grey clouds holding rain).

Mountains are usually very windy places, and the top of mountains are often wet and misty.

Tornadoes start inside thunderclouds where a column of air is set spinning by high winds at the top of the cloud.  Tornadoes are also known as twisters or whirlwinds.


Interesting Facts About Weather and Climate


Different places in the UK have different types of air such as the air from the South West is warm and wet, the air from the North West is cool and moist, North East air is cold and dry.

The air is different in different places because it has moved over different land and sea and has taken on certain characteristics.

Air which has been over a warm sea is warmer and wetter than air that has been over cold land mass.

The wind strength is determined by the differences of pressure within the depression.

When the air gets warmer it expands and becomes less dense and rises.

When dirt is mixed up with wind it can make dust storms which is called black blizzards.

Lightning sometimes follows after a volcanic eruption.

Hurricanes are the worst type of storm known to Earth and it happens 4 to 6 times a year.


10 Weather facts

Did you know that the biggest hurricane ever was in the United States and it was 190 miles per hour and it was also called hurricane Camille.

The difference between climate and weather is a measure of time. Also weather is not climate; climate is something different to weather.

Did you know that the most rain ever recorded in 24 hours is 182.5cm (71.9 inches). The most rain ever recorded in a year was 25.4m (1000 inches).

Also the most snow ever recorded in a year was 31.1m (1224 inches).

The heaviest hailstone was weighed up to 1.0kg (2.25 pounds).

Did you know that the highest temperature in the world is 57.8 degrees (136 Fahrenheit.

Did you also know that the coldest temperature ever on earth was -89.2 degrees (-128.6 Fahrenheit).

Also the highest temperature in America is 56.7 degrees (134 Fahrenheit).

climate facts

.600 to 800 million years ago the world was so cold that all you could see was ice.

.The earth is still in a ice age which started 2.5 million years ago.

.90% of scientists agree that this current change in our climate is caused by humans.

.Climate is controlled by many factors including areas near oceans and large lakes.

.You can tell the temperature by counting a crickets chirps.

.The coldest temperature over officially recorded was -89.2 degrees C.

.A heatwave can make train tracks bend !

.About 2,000 thunderstorms rain down on earth every 1 minute.

.A mud bath can carry trees, rocks, vehicles and even buildings.

.Hurricanes can push more than 6 M of water ashore.

Weather and climate facts

  1. Rain is made when water vapour in the air cools down and turns into water droplets.
  2. The most changeable weather on the planet is half way between the Equator and the Poles, where there is a constant friction between warm and cold air.
  3. Air pressure is the weight of air pressing down on the Earth’s surface. Each square metre of the Earth has about 10,000kg of air above it – that’s the weight of two male Elephants!
  4. When air warms up and rises, there is low pressure. When air cools and sinks, there is high pressure. Pressure varies across the planet because different areas receive different amounts of the Sun’s heat.
  5. Wind is caused by warm air rising and cold air moving into replace it.
  6. Climate is the average temperature and rainfall in a place over many years. Climate is influenced by the atmosphere, the oceans and the landscape.
  7. There are lots of different types of climate, such as Polar (cold), Tropical (hot and wet) and Arid (hot and dry). The UK has a Temperate climate, which is very changeable.
  8. The Earth has had all sorts of climates, from very warm to very cold. Millions of years ago, your home could have been in a desert, a jungle or buried in snow.
  9. The highest temperature ever recorded in the UK was 38.5 degrees on the 10th August 2003 in Faversham, Kent.
  10. The highest monthly rainfall in the UK was 1396.4mm in Snowden during December 2015.

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