My sock monster would be a vegetarian so it would only eat fruit and veg and it would be real. It would live in my bed because he’s harmless and it’s favourite food would be a pear and it’s treat would be a veg soup. it is very good and it can’t get mad. Also it would be the size of a calendar and it would look just like me. It would be my twin brother and it would behave like me and do most things I would do. It’s name would be Sam because that’s the name of my dog and a friend of mine that I know. It would have a lot of friend’s and every night they would sneakily come over for a play date. They would have that for an hour and they would also get me involved in it. My parents would know about him and they even had made him a veg ice cream before. After a while Sam started to just be a member of the family because my parents treated him the same way as they treated me. I was very happy for Sam and he liked it as much as I did.

Instructions For Your Sock Monster

Here are some instructions for keeping your sock puppet healthy and happy:

  • First, you need to find out what your sock puppet likes – my sock puppet, called Jeffrey, likes to eat glass – find this out by putting a few materials or foods in front of your puppet and you can see which they eat and which they don’t.
  • Next, you need to have somewhere to put this marvellous creature because you are not going to have it in your house are you; I put mine in a titanium cage so it will not get out.
  • Then, you need to have an accessory.  I have a jacket that makes Jeff/Jeffrey happy and a shock collar that shocks him when he gets angry.
  • You need to have nice food for your monster puppet to enjoy, so my sock puppets favourite food is metal, I know that sounds weird but its normal to Jeff.
  • Jeffrey loves to scare people, scaring people is his favourite thing in the world but it is a habit that needs to stop. He would do it day and night, never doing anything else, just planning for his next scare, if he had the chance. Scaring people is his hobby, although the shock collar hurts a bit he does it so much it has started to get boring.
  • Listen out! This is the most important instruction the way to make your sock puppet not angry with my sock puppet, (Jeff/Jeffrey), you need to give him his favourite food and to make it ever so angry you need to give my sock puppet soup, it hates it.
  • That is all for the sock puppet tips, good luck with your monster!

My sock monster.

My sock monster’s name is Jimmy, he likes to eat anything that is smaller than him even if it is metal or brick. He will always sleep on the gravel floor so if he gets hungry in the night he can just have a snack on a few little rocks. He does not have a sense of humour so don’t tell him any jokes or he will try to eat your fingers. His favourite food is a nice meal of small spiders which he gobbles down in precisely twenty-five seconds, or maybe a bit more if one of the spiders is still alive.

His favourite cage is one of the ones you can get down at ‘pets at home’ in the cage isle. For fun he likes to get into trouble and cause a lot of mayhem for the people who live next to him. He also likes to take garbage out of peoples trash cans (he’s a bit like a badger). If you don’t want to make him angry, then don’t tell him what to do or force him to eat something like a fish finger, as that is the one food he hates. Never tell him to clean out his cage or he will try to nip at your heels. That is how to my sock monster likes to be looked after.

How To Look After a Sock Puppet.


My sock bunny is a little bit cheeky, but she is mostly quite good.  Whenever there are any treats around she will do all she can to get them.  Floppy does not like going for walks or staying in a cage.  She loves sleeping in a nice soft bed, (with two pillows on it.)  You are not allowed to give her anything to eat after midnight, I tried it once and it didn’t go very well.


Floppy loves to do gymnastics, (just like me,) and she likes skateboarding.    Floppy also loves going into the kitchen to eat as many vegetables as she can.  Floppy loves to try and do backflips and try to be as good as me.  She always does the best as she can to get better at something.


My sock bunny wears a scarf; a dress; a hand bag and some earrings.  She used to have a mobile phone but she was on it too much so I had to confiscate it.  Floppy loves anything turquoise so everything that she has is that colour.   Floppy’s bed is turquoise as are her shoes, also, her shower is turquoise. Floppy’s favourite thing is unicorns, so everything is turquoise with unicorns on.

Sock Bunny

All you need to know about looking after your sock bunny:

  1. You need to get him or her a bed; you could but them in a cage or a bed. You could make him or her a cage or bed and put it next to your bed. You could make them a quilt cover out of: a few matching pieces of material and sew them together.
  2. Now you need to make them some food, (you obviously don’t know what they like). My sock bunny loves: carrots, lettuce, cucumber, peas, celery and sweet corn. My bunny is like a real bunny.  Mine really likes: mango juice. She likes it because it is smooth and fresh. For a treat she likes: coke, chocolate and sweets.
  3. My bunny needs clothes, hair bands, and lots of different accessories. Mine loves to have her hair neat so I always put it in a plait or two. Her clothes are very important so mine wears: trousers, t-shirt and trainers. For bed time she wears a bunny nightie.

4.  My bunnies behaviour and how you handle with them: Mine is cheeky, funny, naughty and mischievous. If your bunny is not behaving well you need to: give them two warnings and if they don’t behave well again…, give them a time out for a couple of minutes.

That’s all you need to know about how to look after your sock bunny.


How to look after my sock bunny

My sock bunny is called Snow because she looks like snow.

Surprisingly, Snow likes to be in the Sun running around . She hates it when it’s cold and love-s having company ( she hates being alone). Don’t make her be in her little house when it’s Sunny or she will get mad . Snow will do anything to have different things to play with out side : wood to climb on , a tunnle or two , to go through and something to go under when wanted. Make sure that she has shelves near her bed or she will get scared . She only likes a soft , comfy , apropret size bed to sleep on. Fake statutes at her side will make her happy. Cuddles will make her happy too. Snow hates Being lifted up when she is asleep however she loves cuddles.

Snow loves to eat anything that is shaped like a snowball or she won’t have it . She won’t have any meat however she will eat chicken.  Her favourite foods are carrots , lettis , brockily , apples and pears . When she is good give her some extra brockily . Always make sure she has a bowl of water for when she gets thursty. Feed her once  a day but put a lot of food in and make sure she has water at all times .She can be a bit dumb , like walking into doors and …

How to look after your sock bunny

Here are a few instructions about how to care for a sock bunny:

  • They like to eat fresh food – especially when it’s just out of the oven. It is important that they eat everything on their plate as they do not have a big apatite. If you let them leave food, they will get into a habit of not eating enough and that can be very dangerous. Make sure not to miss any meals as they will go extremely hyper and may destroy you kitchen for food, if they are used to being fed three times a day.
  • They would need a cot to sleep in, that they can’t get out of. They need to have company in there room (even if it’s as simple as a teddy) otherwise they become lonely and sad. They sleep well at night and won’t wake you up.
  • BEWARE! They may miss there home, so make sure all doors and windows are locked at night so they can’t get out. If you read the last instruction; you would know that they are very quiet. In fact, one of the silentest creatures on the planet. They’re unlikely to run away if they are well treated. For more information – read the next instruction.
  • They should be treated like they’re human but try not to spoil them to much. They can be very greedy and they really DON’T like the dark. In their cot, they should have a torch and they should have a small night-light in their room. Some people have asked if they wear clothing. The answer is yes. Just like us, they do like to wear clothing. They keep up with our fashion and always look lovely (they say chic…the girls do anyway) in their clothes. Make sure each sock bunny gets material so that they can make all sorts of funky outfits. It is their way favorite hobby and they will go mad if they don’t make a piece of clothing in a day. They love homemade thing for their birthday (especially clothes) and they would be amazingly proud and cheerful if you made things for them.
  • To treat them, they like all sorts. Sweets; chocolate; a shopping trip; sleepovers; cinema; a football or even a notebook. They are easy going and love company. Try to take them with you everywhere as they get bored quite quickly. They are powering pets. Would you be able to care for a sock bunny?

How To Look After A Sock Rabbit

Food                                                                                                                                         Sock rabbits should eat plenty of chicken feed and a selection of fruit and vegetables such as lettuce, sweetcorn, cucumber and carrot; even though they love healthy things they also need a little bit of chicken every now and then to keep their minerals, protein and essential vitamins levels up. They must be fed three times a day, first meal at 6:00, second meal at 12:00  and final meal at 18:00. They only drink cleen, cold and fresh water.

Treets                                                                                                                                      Its ok to feed them a bit of chocolate but as long it is little and often but the chocolate must have something added to it like mint, caramel or nut: absolutely NO sweets otherwise they can become very ill.

Bedding                                                                                                                               They must be in a warm environment with something fluffy to sleep on as they like to burrow up in it to make them feel safe and comfortable while asleep. Luckily, they aren’t loud sleepers and are diurnals (means sleeps at night and are active in the day time). They are very hungry creatures so nearby needs to be some water and chicken feed.

Accessories                                                                                                                                 If it is going to go outside then must have a hat to keep them warm – if it’s Winter – or to keep them the right temperature if it is Summer: must have a tooth brush (brush their teeth once a day after their third meal). Also needs a litter tray to go to the toilet in. Play equipment will be needed as they are very energetic so they can play on to lose some of their extra energy.

Behaviours                                                                                                                   They’re normally bouncy, energetic, soft and gentle creatures; although, they always want to be the center of attention and always in the the spot light otherwise they get mad and start nibbling at your fingers (luckally, they only do it gently so it doesn’t hurt). They need to be loved and played with a lot otherwise can also get angry and full on bite your fingers so that it hurts a lot and can draw blood.  

‘CRACK!’ Suddenly, the glass window cracked open and one person was seriously hurt and the other person died. The police arrived there about twenty minutes after it happened and the window was at least the size of three people. Six weeks later… the person who was really hurt has now recovered from his injury and is now back to playing his favourite sport; Basketball. The police have not forgotten about this yet because they are still trying to find-out who-or-what could of coursed this. So far the police have found nothing but the police don’t give up that easily they will keep looking even if it takes about five years to solve the case. Then one the police men found a shoe at the bottom of a bin and it was size 8 and it had the name Charlie brown on it. Everyone new where he lives and then Charlie brown was put in prison for 10 years.

Instructions for looking after my Sock Bunny

My sock Monster is called Star and she is a rabbit. She likes to eat anything that is in the shape of a star. You should not give her any meat of fish (even if they are in Star shapes) but she will gobble down vegetables. Star’s favourite foods are carrots, apples, pears and oat biscuits, so they are good things to feed her. You also have to make sure that you give her plenty of water because she gets very thirsty. Her cage is quite big but she likes to run around a lot, so you must keep her outside as much as possible because she does not like being in her cage all the time. Some of the things she’s got in her cage are: pieces of wood to gnaw on, boards to climb on, oat-cubes to nibble on and a tunnel for fun.

Her bed should be made up of hay and grass that should be nice and thick, also cosy. It should lie on top of several sheets of newspaper. Star is friendly, tame, likes company and loves having cuddles and being picked up. She likes eating out of your hand but she is also quite cheeky because she’ll run off and try to eat the flowers. If you don’t want to make her mad then do not cuddle her or try to pick her up when she is asleep. Also, don’t force her to go somewhere she doesn’t want to go.