The Favourite Swing

Happily, Mia and Oona ran to the old swing. The tree, that the swing hung from, looked like a piece of broccoli. THUD, a branch from the tree fell onto the grassy ground.                                 “How did that happen?” asked Oona suspiciously. Mia didn’t answer because she felt so unsteady.

The Rabbit

One sunny day, I was walking along the rocky pathement to my Grandma’s house to give her some lovely pink and red roses. (I chose them myself.) I was wearing my best clothes to visit her because she is a little bit sick, I am wearing: a yellow and black top and a black skirt with my favorite sparkly shoes. All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye I spotted a black and white rabbit hop across the path and it reminded me of a time when I saw that same rabbit in our garden. “WOW, that rabbit went a long way!” I exlaimed.

The Day I Will Never Forget

It all happened one sunny Monday afternoon, it was really strange. For some reason it reminded me of a time when me, my pet donkey and my pet pig walked into a lamp post. This time me my pig and my donkey were walking to the park when we bumped into Her Majesty. ” Excuse me child but what are you doing here and may I ask what are you doing with a pig and donkey,” she asked (looking rather puzzled). I was speechless I had know idea what to say, all I could do was curtsy with my pig and donkey.

‘BANG!’ Suddenly, a massive robot started to rise from the ground.I gasped and fainted, a few days later I woke up and then got up       and ran away but then I realised that I was trapped in a big cage.

The cage was steel and then it reminded me of a time when I got trapped in that other cage. I escaped from the other one by a little passage and than I realised that the same passage way was here.

Suddenly,  John heard his mum hiss wake up you’ll be late for school. No, no, no, anything but school he had dreaded this day as he moped out of his sticky bouncy bed.I remember when I really didn’t want to go to school. As he walked out of his oak door he approached the yellow half broken school as he dreaded the day ahead he kept his head down and stepped onto the rusty steps of the bus. When he made his way to the school he now knew he was in hell.

Could he stand another year?

the the maya pok ta tok

The game pok ta tok is a famous Mayan game which we as kids learn about at school my life as a Mayan was difficult. I had to play pok ta tok it reminded me of a time when  I went to play it at school and grew up to be a pok ta tok player sadly, it was a deadly job if you lost you would be sacrificed and that is a true fact. So when I played I had to be careful of what I did and what moved I tried because I could only use my hips.

Zombie army 3

we were on then line we  fell down and down thud we  hit the ground like a ton of bricks we  woke up  the ground was ash red oh no it had allready been here the Zombie had eaten the worlds core he had moved on to the next world it reminded us of the time when we lost to a mouse at Zombie army 3. “That was on clever mouse” “I now but that is not the point the point is it was a mouse that is the point the point is that one little mouse won to us we need to be that mouse they tried and they failed so bad.

this is Halloween

“Ahhhhhhhhh” screeched a little girl named Alice                                                                     “haha Igot you” laughed Carla                                                                                               it was a dark gloomy night on Halloween people were going trick or treating however someone got took by a killer clown who was her dad called Egg. She did not know it was her dad yet it reminded me of a time when I got lost in a forest and I just about heard a voice coming from out the tree it whispered “this is Halloween  everybody scream (aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh). ”                She sprinted across to the random house in the middle of the forest she hid in it “ooohooho.”




by Ruby,Daisy,Tula and Zak

The major mouse

In the middle of the day digit was prowling around the museum of cheese and he was getting ready to take it with his team of mouses. So let me tell you what they are called there names are the leader Digit,and the recruits are Gaz,Rex,and then there were to more and they were twins called Hawkeye and his twin Chase. Well digit was the head and he new how the team was formed so he said”it reminded me of a time when we were very young mice”they grew up as friends and all through there child hood they were fighting the arch enimes and still are till this day!

slow write.

on a Tuesday morning, a boy excitedly jumped out of his bed and ran to the window. The frost on the window, which was cold, was on the outside because it was snowing outside. “Bang,” a tree fell from outside the window and hit the ground making snow fly everywhere. He loved it when it was cold. He was so ‘happy’ because he would get to use his new sled today and he made it himself.