The haunted wood.

I was going for an evening walk through a vast, dense wood. The hairs on the back of my neck rose as a spine-chilling creature emerged from a shadowy bush. “NO!” I bellowed.  The creature scampered towards me. My heart pounded, I ran as fast as my legs could take me.  On the horizon I saw the safety of the city: the lights of my house shining brightly . I scurried all the way home; still bemused at that chilling monster. The next day when I was walking to school I saw some people entering the eerie wood. Distant screams filled my ears. Was I the only person to make it out of that wood alive?

The figure in the mist

I was once walking along an old twisty track. I normally take the first left when instead I tool the first right. My friends all tell me it’s huanted, but I told them it’s not true. But to do this I had to have proof. So I was going down the first right and  all of a sudden mist came over. And that’s when it all happened; the face; the body and worst of all the scream. I never returned from that trip. Now I terrorise anyone else that goes on that path.

The darkness

“AAAAAHHHHH,” screamed Tom. Someone was chasing him from the darkness: someone he didn’t know. Tom was scared and didn’t know what to do with himself. He just had to run. Suddenly, the man was gone and disappeared into the obyss. Tom came out of the dark woods and then run in the shop.

“What is happening!” cried Tom as he stayed in the shop until he couldn’t see the man that was chasing him…


The Stranger in the Mist

As I ran on down the path I came to a gloomy dark wood. The trees stood still like they had cement on their roots; it went on for ever and ever with a ghost like mist running through it. In the mist I faintly saw a figure standing like a solider. The cold delicate breeze ran down my spine and gave me a bad feeling. The mist got thicker and thicker, the figure I could barely see now: what was the figure? A person, or a sign post, or a ghost?

Suddenly I looked back but nothing, it was a dead end. Now I was frightened the figure now coming towards me like lightning, I looked side to side but there was no escape. The mist now gone, all gone; I could see the figure all black, none of its skin showing. I didn’t care about what he looked like though I just tried to run anywhere I could, but there was nowhere. The black outline reached out its hand almost to my face, pushing me back, but I couldn’t do anything.

Into The Mist

“Bye, I’m off to school know.” commented Henna. Henna and her family were new in Whitfield and it was her first day at her new school (Fenix High). Every thing seemed strange; not just the fact that pretty much every thing was new around were they lived now. As she set off down the icy cold and abandoned street, she heard a noise: it sounded like it was coming from the bushes to the side of her. Every were she looked there was spooky (and possibly haunted) paths with mist and fog darting at her every second. It was like a night mere – a bad one at that! Miles long of trees, trees that had been striped of its leaves. It looked like it would never end! At this point she was wishing that her mum had come with her after all!

The Forest Of Forever

He ran through the seemingly endless fog. That dark shadow kept appearing : why was it chasing him? Now his feet felt like jelly, he tried to escape from the grasp of this forgotten creature. There was no knowing where he was going but wherever it was it did not seem good. Then a blood-curdling scream resounded around the forest ; the crows in the tree tops seemed to flock away as he came across a place he did not know. It was a small memorial with a burning fire in the center ( that was the only light )  and it was surrounded by colossal creatures. All had boils rippling around their flabby bodies and knife like horns that were now battered and bruised. Then the shadow that had been chasing him pushed a slender hand out moving him forwards and towards the hell like things…

: ; () ? … ,

Homework: Fear.

I sweated as I walked through the eerie darkness; my cold fingers fumbling dumbly for the lamp, which had gone out, leaving me in a black void of death. Thoughts surged through my head uncontrollably as I heard a twig snap. Every muscle in my body tensed like a piece of taut elastic. I stopped, squinting to see if there was anything there. I shook it off, telling myself I was just making it up. I still carried on, intent on getting through this place of horrors. I was on the verge of getting myself together, when another twig snapped. This time nearer. Now I was scared. I stood there, staring into the bleak darkness. I then realised I couldn’t move. I was stuck, paralysed on the border of life and death, yet every second I was slowly moving towards the other side. It then hit me like a bullet. The legend. It was true. Real, and I was experiencing it. I knew I would die. I had played into deaths hands. But was it an accident? I then heard a deafening cacophony, slowly coming closer, out the gloom. Fear gripped me, and then… darkness.

The answer

I was about to find the answer.  The answer to why they left me. Why my parents left me. The look of the forest around me was fascinating…okay maybe a little bit spooky and I couldn’t wait to get out of there. “Am ready to meet my parents?” I asked myself . I looked myself up and down then shrugged. No one was going to reply but I knew that: I was alone alone (I hoped). I walked right out of the forest and crept up to my mothers cottage.. Hands sweating; my muddy finger reached out… I rang the door bell. The door slowly creaked open. A wrinkled face opened the door. “And who are you?” she asked. I took a deep breath,”Your daughter,”

“Sapphire?” my mother asked me. “Is it really you?” She looked at me; right in my strong brown eyes; as if she could see right into what I was thinking. “Why did you leave me?” I asked keeping a  straight face. Not letting a tear drip down my face. “I..I..” she began but then fell to the floor. “WHAT!” I screamed, “Mother…MOTHER!”  She wasn’t breathing. This was the end. I sat up. Then walked out the door. I had to turn away. I had no choice and I wished I did. I knew I would never know the answer.

Roman and Greek facts about gods and Emperors

Greek gods.


He was the son of Leto and Zeus(and he had a sister). He was born on a small island called Delos. He(and his twin sister Artemis also an Olympian) shared a special talent for archery.


Hermes was considered a trickster due to his cunning and clever personality. Hermes was born in a cave on a mountain in Arcadia.


Poseidon was designated his dominion after the fall of the Titans. Poseidon was most notably the God of the sea.He was also the protector of water.


Socrates was born circa (470 BC in Athens Greece), Socrates’s life is told through only a few sources (because he never wrote much) the dialogues of Plato and Xenophon and the plays of Aristophanes.He was a philosopher.


Kronos was a son of Uranus and Ge and he was the youngest among the Titans. He was married to Rhea by who he became the father of Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus.

For Apollo, Hermes and Poseidon I got the facts from

For Socrates and Kronos, I got the facts from

Roman Emperors.



Augustus was the founder of the Roman Principate he was also considered the first Roman emperor he was controlling the Roman Empire from 27 BC until his death which was in AD 14.


He had some kind of disability which made him struggle to speak and walk, and his family kept him from the public office until he was 38 nearly 39. Claudius’ infirmity may have saved him from the purges of Tiberius’ and Caligula’s reigns; enemies did not see him as a serious threat because of his disability.


Nero is known as the emperor who played a fiddle whilst Rome was on fire, but actually, he played the lyre.He was also horrible towards Christians, but some ancient sources say that Nero was popular with the common people during his reign.


Hadrian built Hadrian’s Wall to keep the Scotish out of the Roman Empire, it marked the northern limit of Roman territory in Britain and part of it still stands today. He also built the Pantheon and the Temple of Venus in Rome.

Marcus Aurelius:

Marcus Aurelius’ wrote Meditations, he wrote it in Greek when he was away on a war campaign between 170 and 180, it is still a great insight into Roman life. It serves as a great example of how Aurelius approached the idea of a philosopher–king.



A Robbery In The Air

It was 12:30 at night, the sky was dark and it was the perfect time for a robbery. Suddenly, the bushes started to move through the darkness and when you least expected it, 2 robbers popped out the bushes, giant bags in their hands. They tiptoed to the cottage in the camp, sneaking through the window and going to the safe. The code was smack down in the middle of the desk – they took it, putting the code into the safe lock. Grabbing the money, they were about to escape and,

“Jeremy, wait,” whispered one robber, “we have the money, but where would we hide it all?