What I have enjoyed this year in the curriculum.

This year I have enjoyed learning many things. I found learning about Bhutan very interesting. Freda came in and gave us information on the country and different things that they do compared to the UK. I found out that the national dress for girls is called a kira and the national dress for boys is a gho. I found it very interesting how that the parents can’t choose the name of their child.

What I Have Enjoyed This Year

This year in the curriculum I have enjoyed learning about the Neolithic era. A few weeks ago we did a cooking activity over the fire. We got into groups and we did have to plan it first but when we did it over the fire it was very fun and a relaxing thing to do after SATs. Broadcasting has been an interesting thing to do. When I first started doing things on the blog I never wanted things to be put up on there but now I am putting my voice on a radio to the world.I am sad that I am leaving so I won’t be able to do it anymore but if I am sick on Friday I will try to listen in. In February, Orchid class went to the West Wilts Dance Festival and we did an amazing job and I really enjoyed it. Me, Sophie, Luke, Billy and Matthew went to BETT in London to broadcast on the BETT show. It was a huge place and we got lots of free things – I even got a cap and a thermal mug. We went with Mr. Rockey and my mum. This was a hot trip as it was very busy in London but an amazing experience. We went on the show with Russell Pru and started the show at 15:00.A few of us went to a rugby tournament and we came fourth, it was very very cold and it even started hailing. I was on for all of the matches and we made up our own chants and we kept singing them. The matches were a little hard but we got through them but the last one was particularly hard because we had hail blowing in our faces. I am proud of where we came and it was very fun.

This Year!

This year our topics have been Out Of Africa,Myths and Legends, Maya, Earth as an Island and we have learnt about Bhutan. Orchid have been lucky enough to have had a visitor called Freda Fern she has been teaching us about Bhutan, she has come several times and I always enjoy her presence. Broadcasting for the passed three years has been a time of lifetime and I have enjoyed every show it will be sad not being able to broadcast almost every Friday. It has made me more confident and happy because I have been able to learn things I never would have known. Having lots of visitors has taught me tones and I really appreciate that. I would like to do more cooking and learning how to cook, I know that we might do cooking in St. Laurence. This year I have learnt a lot and I’ve had loads of fun. 

What I Have Enjoyed This Year

This year has been a great experience and it will be one to remember.  Some of the topics I have liked are Earth is an Island because me Ana and Jenna drew an island that we were going to ’live on’.  My favourite topic was Myths and Legends because we made some dragon eyes.  It was really interesting as we had pearl paint to use and mix together to create different colours.  I have mostly enjoyed everything this year and will be quite sad to leave. I have also enjoyed learning about Maya : it was a topic we did and it was very interesting.

We have also been doing extra maths with Ms Bartlett, she has helped us learn us a lot with our learning.


Maths Day

On Monday 24th June, it was our school Maths Day. We were split into groups of 4, including the whole school. For the whole day, we were doing something called The Diamond Maze. This involved 4 zones:Coding, P.E, Mystery and Shape. Throughout the morning, we travelled between the zones, taking part in all of the activites. For each zone, we could earn up to 4 diamonds. Each diamond was worth 5 seconds in the diamond gazebo. In total, we earned 13 diamonds which meant 1 minute and 5 seconds in the dome. We collected too many minus point tokens in the gazebo so we got -109 points or something. Anyway, it was all really fun and I can’t wait for whatever is coming on the next Maths Day.

Meeting My Destiny

I woke up to the sound of my brother and sister fighting. Unfortunately, I woke up to this sound every single morning. Sleepily, I lifted the zebra skin rug that keeps me warm and cosy at night in our cave. I looked over to were my mum and dad sleep and I noticed that they weren’t there. Therefore, I assumed that they had gone out to find some food for that day.

I shivered by the dull fire and quickly slipped on my bear skin tunic. I jumped up and stopped my siblings quarrel.

“Come on, we need to get some more wood for the fire so we can have something to cook over and to keep us warm,” I insisted.

They shrugged there shoulders at me and walked out of the cave. Speedily, I ran after them making sure that they didn’t go out of my sight.

When the sun was over the trees, me and my family were all gathered around the crackling fire eating berries and wild deer. As a special treat they had also caught a young antelope. We were all munching away when a lion cub came trotting over to us keeping well clear of the fire. We could tell that it had lost it’s mother by the way that it glanced at us. I carefully stood up and walked over to it. Nicely, I looked into it’s amber eyes and wondered if it would remember me.

Homo sapiens

A stone age  hunter -gathers had to catch or find food . They ate moved from place to place i search of there food and water scores . Early stone age people hunted with a sharpened stone on an end of a pole type of stick thing . Later, they used bows and arrows and spares tipped with flint or bone .

People gathered nuts and fruits and dug up roots. They went fishing  using nets and harpoons . Stone age people cut up their food with sharpened stones or rocks , and cooked on a fire . They used animal skin for clothes and shelters . After a good days hunting , people could feast on meat . But the next day they had to start finding food again .

In the early stone age , people made simple hand -axes out of stone . They made hammers from bones or even antlers .

Climate change in the stone age caused animal life in Britain to go through several changes .Stone age Britons made necklaces and bracelets  from tusks, bones and shells . They also drew patterns on their body , by using a kind of paint made from ochre ( or a type of red clay .) People living in caves are very interesting and good to learn about .

The Homo sapiens

It was 3000,000 BC  and the Homo sapiens were waking up. They got up and  stumbled over to their sharp sticks to go and hunt for breakfast.  The children would have to stay and wait for their parents to come back. When the parents return the food it would  be eaten over the fire then it wold  be ready for the family and then would go to make marks on the wall to tell some story’s to the children. As 12:00 o’clock  rolled around the parents would all group up and go out on a big hunt. Leaving the children to play and get up to as much mischief as they want. When the parents come back from the hunt around 2:00 o’clock the children go back to their houses all with a fair share of food. Suddenly, the family realised that they had no wood and sent the children to get some wood but as they did they noticed bones leading a trail to a ditch which was filled to the brim with bones. Then they heard sounds which shocked them and sprinted back but they could not find the way back and was lost. Then the next day the family got  the village to go out and search for them, they set off into the woods. Luckily they found them but they all are scared of that noise and don’t ever want to hear it again [the noise.]



















Today I, Ugg, is going to hunt big creature so me going to find flint to carve rock into pointy thing. Me also use sneaky traps for bigger prey so now me be off to hunt big thing. Now I behind furry creature herd “Yamma” I yell and me and my troop run and force towards the cliff so furry thing falls off. Now me go down and check if it be dead, but no (Ugger  scared), poke poke, it be dead now. Me and my troop get body and go back to camp, we be using meat for food, fur for cloths, and ivory for stronger weapons. Then we be celebrating for our hunt, it not be often we be get this kind of food. We do painting, more hunting, and finally more painting. The next day we not be needing to go hunting we still got lot’s of food left, we just be chilling for the day, but we need to stay near the fire so we not be freezing to death! We don’t have much to do so we go hunt some rabbits they, are much more of a challenge because they are so much faster.

By Ugg – 9,000BC.

Prehostoric family

In the stone age the cave men ruled the earth for thousands of years in a row.One day I was watching my dog darcey doing her really cool tricks with her bone. Something happened that changed everything. A big fire ball came crashing down on to the earth at 2222222000000 miles per hour. Surprisingly one of the cave men survived by hiding behind a few rocks. He rushed into a cave and hid behind a big rock but then he had a good idea.He rolled a big stone in front of the door and ducked. He waited until the end of the day to seach the surroundings.

The next day was very hard for the cave man because there was know one around him at all.He said  to himself that the world has been distracted by a lava ball so why wasn’t the ground burning.He went over to the lava ball and stared at it really hard as if it was a long lost friend.He walked a bit closer to it and then noticed a few more lava ball around that first one.If you think about it the cave men were really stupid but sometimes very clever and smart.However don’t forget the dinosaurs.They were awesome.

The End