I was really excited to hear that I am going to the wolf exhibit in London I have never been there before.However it is a very long way to get there I have to go on a plane to get there I live in  San Francisco. And we are going for three weeks answer are staying in a hotel .three days later ,yay we’re going today eight hrs later,we just arrived and we went straight to the musium we went into the wolf bit and we seen something I wish we didn’t see it was 500 wolf skulls I screamed and ran to the hotel.

the 10 foot bats

Jack was going on an adventure and then, it happened. His feet got swept up of the floor and the 10 foot bats took him to there hide out and since then he was never seen again.

3 months later…

” didn’t we have a boy named Jack and he went out and he never returned,” cried Jacks dad.       ” WE DID. AAAAHHHHGGGG.” shouted Jacks mum. They both quickly got in the car and went looking for jack. They were looking for jack for an hour until they saw the 10 foot bats. they went in there and the bats took them away to there hide out.

They are coming

LIfe was black love was black how did they get hear don’t ask me I don’t know but it started when all life was draining from not human but trees and the dirt was not brown but black.  

The last time they were here they wiped out the dinosaurs  they must had come back to finish us of.No One knew about this but  a hard working farmer called Ishma he lived far away but suddenly from the bushes came a pumpkin wearing a cloak he immediately ran brandishing his scythe and swiped and hit the head the last words were we are coming.

The End Of The World …

The fire burned down every tree down. It had spread so much since the start of the week and no one thought that it was ever going to stop. Looking back to where it had all started , it looked kind of stupid that someone had dropped one single lit match and caused this . It was complete chaos .


Two days later, the fire was still getting worse .Loads more trees had burnt and there was going to be no end to it .Everyone soon realised that this was the end of life . We all said goodbye to each other just before the world went up in flames…

The Mystery Needs To Be Solved

I was in my back garden when it happened, playing on my trampoline, having the best time ever. I had been practising a new gymanstics skill: I had been trying to do it for weeks on end and I jumped up, rotated, spun and my feet were back onto the nice soft trampoline. I had done it, I jumped up and down filled with happiness and delight. Suddenly, there was a rumble, thunder, lightening struck our back garden and there there lay these odd creatures staring at the sky, waiting for something to happen. The sky turned black and… they were gone.

Year Seven

Bettie was bored. She was sat in the classroom, unzipping and zipping up her pencil case : Mr Howard, her history teacher, was droning on and on about the black death, it wasn’t even interesting, as it normally was. The bell rang and they filed slowly and noisily out of the classroom. The whole of Bettie’s class (all year seven) were looking forward to their art lesson because they would always watch movies instead.

‘Today’s lesson is about dreams so go to sleep and think of a world, please,’ said Miss Josephine. Bettie closed her eyes and saw a desolate landscape where all trees became stumps…

Monster Mountains

Alien Abigail was on planet Earth (in a disguise) to get her another crystal from a witch store that she usually goes to.All of a sudden,when she grabbed this light pink crystal it teleported her to another planet that she didn’t know of.”What is this place”she said with a shocked expression on her face while looking ,wondering,listening ..

“Hello i’m Stub if you are new i can show you around” yelled a little elf creature


“i’ve been stuck here for 1067 years now by touching that pink crystal ,did you do the same thing as me or…”

“Yes I-”

“Great now follow me”while running to a Monster Mounting…

Summer Camp

I was a normal city girl, apart from that my parents were extremely rich. Annoyingly, my teacher had signed me up to go to a summer camp.

“Do I have to go” I moaned to my parents.

“What did we tell you about your behavior ?” my mum asked me. I gave her a glare and walked out of the door.

Two hours later I had finally arrived. I got out of the car and put my foot on the ground. A massive squelch noise came from my shoe. I lifted my head up and looked around. There was a soggy bog with trees growing out of it!

DRNA the world of bats

DRNA was a world of bats nothing lived there except from bats, however they were facing extinction because they could not provide water or food.As they died the first humans began to rise the bats realized this and indicated the humans to help.The species was saved but  the humans were endangered and were fragile. The humans did not fully understand what was going on and stayed with the bats. Until the humans  got more civilised  and left the bats to die. As it had been so long the humans forgot who started it and moved on.

Litter world

The litter was every where, a huge pile of litter was starting to spreed all over the land.I thought I might as well get started really because it is gonna take a long time.I got out my bag and my litter picker and started to pick it up.After two hours it was all complete so I could finally get back to my home and have my dinner.I walk through the little village until I got to 34  on lower street.I told my mum what I did and then she gave me my dinner and a slice of chocolate cake with cream.