Mini Man Madness

“NOOOO” raged the Candy Industries manager as he pegged it to the nearest shop to get a broom he had dropped the candy.) WHOOSH! a dwarf space craft landed next to mighty mess of sweets. They were tiny: as if they had went into a mic TV. What were they doing? these things were picking up the candy. ” Boss it is our worst nightmare a… twix bar”

“RUUUUUUUN!” panicked one of the men as they darted to the ship never to be seen again. Lucky for the men, the Candy Industries manager came and picked up the candy and left.


” what’s happened here then?” asked police detective Stan,

“Cash me outside howbow dah,” was Danielle Bregoli’s honest reply as she gandered at the incredible mess of sweets and crystals. ( Danielle only ever says cash me outside howbow dah because she got paralysed at the age of 7 due to she ran of her own roof and can only move her mouth.) Detective Stan looked at the mess in horror he thought about the town shops and whatever had caused this, that’s not a good mixture: they’re would be explosions from every where, people dying with them in the explosions.

Sweet crash

I’m a small person , well that is what people say I’m like a plastic.   I was on my way to the park and found a broken gar with sweets poring out . I ran home to grab my broom however my Mother had taken it to work . I ran back to the sweets ( no one had touched them because it was covered in green slime ), when I was there I saw my bff ( my best friend ) she worked at the trash yard so she helped me clean it up. After an hour of hard work we finished . Me and Meka got a medle  from the mayor …

Beady eyes.

“I’ve got my beady eyes on the bucket,” the man sighed. A  V.I.P. (Very important package) was being taken to a secret base.

“I’m losing control of the bucket.” the man panicked. Suddenly the bucket fell onto the floor spilling it’s round contents. BOOM, CLATTER, BANG. Thousands of… beads were all around the floor.

“The beads are everywhere, my beady eyes aren’t working,” the man screamed “Get those beads back in the bucket.” The men sprinted out in pristine white suits and picked up the beads one-by-one.

“Get your beady eyes on the bucket.” Would they clean up the beads?

. Sweets

  • I was just walking to see my friend when there was a crash, it was coming from the small sweet store on my right I turned around but before I could see my friend Susan came up to me.  I wondered if she heard the crash. Suddenly it went again and that time I did see it the lady who was celling the sweets she  was accidentally knocking the jars over. I decided to go over to her and she asked me if I wanted to eat some of the sweets however I was going to a party so my mum had said no more then…


There had been a murder : Sir lightbullbain had been attacked. He was the pride and joy of the Sagola people and someone had slayed him. People in caution suits patrolled around the dead body, then he heard a earsplitting scream as Penelope the posh plummeted down from the scaffolding   and onto the now blue blood splitting floor. Everybody suddenly heard a strange rhyme from the top of the scaffolding,

I am coming,

Coming for you,

With my vicious crew,

We are so superstitious,

So bow and we will not attack,

We will get payback,

And we will be back.

Jelly Bean Crash

One day there was a family that ordered a sweet lamp with jelly beans in it the kids were so excited. Some tiny workers were delivering it to the family when suddenly  CRASH! The sweet jar fell it crashed all the sweets fell on the floor the people were shocked it was not tilting and it just tipped. The family were just passing the mum was shocked and angry, the dad was very angry, the girl was extremely angry and the boy was happy. The family had a go at the workers and the workers got fined because it wasn’t stable…

The land of beads

Suddenly, the round contents spilt ferociously from the 10,000 metre tall jar. They said it was unbreakable… but it wasn’t! Then I heard a screeching scream- I wondered, where did it it come from? Then I heard it again and again but I couldn’t see anything or anyone, all around me was 10 metres of beads and fortunately I was on top of a three story building. I was tempted to save them but what if something happened to me or I try to… suddenly the wind pushed me in,will I ever see the light of day again!


Once there was a little girl called Nicky who was tremendously greedy. She was never great full of having a  big house and lots of chocolate (every day). “AAAHHH!” She Nicky screamed. “What ever is the matter?”  asked her mother worriedly. “My jellybeans spilt.” Rang the angry voice of Nicky. “Oh.” Her mother sighed. And indeed the jelly beans had. Nicky moaned and told there maid to clear it up. Quickly, the maid rushed in and when know one was looking she placed a little man by the jellybeans. As soon as the little man started clearing up the mess… 

The Greedy Girl.

Once there was a family and of little people, they were called the Smith family.  One of them was called Maddy, she was very greedy and she was alwase knocking things over and geting into trouble.

One day she was very greedy and knocked over a massive lamp (that she’d knocked over a lot of times) but this time it smashed.  Lots of big jelly beans came out, it was like they were chasing her, the greedy girl ran out of the room and hid in her bed breathing heavily!  Afterwards lots of little people came to clean it up…