I was in my room. I felt slimy tentacle touch me.Then i saw it the POTTY MONSTER …  i screamed. Running for the door but it got me.When i woke up i didn’t remember a thing.

My Suspense Writing!!!!!!!!

I was on a adventure, that I was not allowed to embark upon. At least I was with my friends, Amethyst and Pearl, who were also wizards. Oh wait, I forgot to tell you that we are wizards, not the boring type that don’t have wands, the type that have wands. I am on a quest to find the Emerald of the sea!! I shall tell you about the part where I almost died…

I held my wand high, ready for any attack. I walked toward a pitch-black forest. I heard a noise. My wand was ready to strike. Suddenly, Pearl screamed. Then Amethyst screamed. It was as though she was carrying on a death cry. Abruptly it all stopped. Then all I could see was pearly white mist, weaving itself in and out of the tree-trunks. After that, despair flooded over me. “Dementors,” I thought, trying with all my might to conger a Patronous. Suddenly, I felt something brush my shoulder! I looked around. As I did so, the mist cleared. I could taste fear on my tongue and feel despair in my heart…

Roller Coaster

Roller coaster Yesterday we went on a roller coaster. The ride was fun to start with, it was nice and quiet but suddenly it went 60-80 miles per hour down the track! This is how we got on… With screaming and shouting ringing in my ears I couldn’t see anything except the giant drop into the black hole. Swerving round corners, up, down, right and left we even went upside down. People had their hands up in the air screaming at their top of their voices. The roller coaster went up slowly and carefully like a sloth climbing up a tree. We knew there would be a big drop coming. We felt our tummies turning upside down in anticipation. Finally we got to the top but just as we were going to go down everything stopped. Two minutes passed but still nothing, four, five, ten. We were terrified. The wind blew our hair back and howled in our ears. We were holding on tightly to the metal bar .Would we ever get back down? Eventually it started again and we shot down the track at 70 miles per hour which felt like a billion miles per hour … to be honest I didn’t know when it would stop?

Suspense writing

Bobsie stepped out the red ,mahogany front door into the sunlight. spryly Bobsie raised his head and In took a sickly breath of the intoxicating air polluting the breeze of the bustling city. Flowing across the road was a sea of vibrant, colourful cars like a rainbow turned to liquid and dropped to the ground.Reatring his gaze from the serene surroundings Bobsie quickly ascended onwards,down the fleeting staircase of cobblestone leading down to the black metallic front gate.Aproaching it Bobsie planted his hand swiftly onto the cold aluminium.loudly it creaked open revealing the dense, busy part of the city. Whistling an ecstatic tune the road opened up to him and Bobsie crossed inaware of the speeding car flying towards him 50mph, 45, 40! Suddenly everything went black, Bobsie felt nauseous.what would happen ? Would he be in severely damaged? Bobsie was in grave danger …


As I gingerly crept around the house, a snowy owl hooted. It was a full moon;  I dreaded hearing the sound of a wolf howling in the eerie moonlight. Just then a shadowy silhouette flitted past me. I jumped! My heart was beating like the booming of a bass drum. Sweat poured from my head like a waterfall. I reached out. What was this thing?

suspense writing


I was walking through the woods and I found a bone.  suddenly I felt a rumble in the ground! “AH!” I screamed as the bone rumbled to life.  I ran as fast as I could through the forest,  the beast running at my back.


The noise was loud and sharp,almost like a siren but one that hurt your ears. I ran of the wooded area and looked around the field. Everyone had mysteriously disappeared,not a soul in sight. I could see vague shadows in the classroom so I ran to the door. As I approached,something stopped me in my tracks. The silence was frightening. Suddenly,I felt a force on my shoulder then – black…

My suspense writing

Francis aged 11 was an unpopular girl because of her personality.As a treat her Mother and Dad let her go camping with them and so she did. But the night she got there, she wanted to go bye the lake to have some calm moments, so she got on a canoe, ore and road on to the middle of the lake about a mile away from the tent were she was staying. In about 20 minuets  she led down and began to write in her diary when suddenly she herd this knock! She instantly got up and looked in all the directions Left,right,up and down she could see nothing. ”Knock!” There it went again now she was petrified. ”KNOCK!! KNOCK!!” It came closer; and closer it felt like it was right behind her ear! She then got her ore and started to try and feel this thing under the water, oh no it started to pull the ore right down to the bottom of the lake! Then the other ore drifted of into the lake… The next Day.. Francis was never found since then; however there was a note on the canoe with bloody hand prints saying. ”I did knock first!”

My sentence

Atrociously a couple of days ago I knocked over the Empire State  building, I met a man called Mr Poppyseed, he had a quite exquisite roast dinner picture on his smiling pencil he showed me this :