100 word challenge

Suddenly I found myself flying through the air as fast as a peregrine falcon.  I could hear my heart beating as loud as a drum.  I could see snow topped mountains jagged everywhere.  I  cut through the atmosphere like a knife through butter. To my surprise I found myself in a dusty cloud which blocked my vision. I crashed into the rocky cliff. With a tumble I rolled down the hill causing avalanches to crash into the blackness below me. Getting into position I put my muscular arm out and grabbed onto a rock .  I held on for my life.


flying through the air

As I fell through  the sky , my tummy turned over  and I felt a bit sick. I couldn’t breath properly either [because of the wind pressure.] The view showed all of my area where I live and when I was higher up I could see clouds beside me . suddenly I heard a snap and part of my harness broke ,it slowly started snapping away [all of it !] Then when I thaught  it was just going to snap I felt a strong hand grab my arm , thank-goodness for that but who knows what could happen next time

100 word challenge

As I whizzed through the humid air at the speed of a peregrine falcon, my hair was blown backwards. All around me, white fluffy clouds tickled my face whilst far below, my town was a model village. The green grassy countryside hurtled towards me. Would my parachute open in time? Almost deafened by the whooshing noises in my ear, I continued my descent. I had the bitter taste of fear and adrenaline in my mouth but I felt exhilarated! Unexpectedly, my parachute shot open; I was jerked upwards as if controlled by a puppeteer. Feeling joyful, I sighed with relief.


At that moment ,I dived off of the mountain into the sky.  I could hear the wind whistling in my ears as I flew by a group of seagulls.  All I could see was a strong black cloud heading north.  Suddenly I saw the blue ocean below me.  “Oh no” I shouted.  I had left my parachute rucksack on the rock.  Luckily for me some one was flying a big kite ,so I swerved near it and grabbed on.  The person who was flying the kite looked at me and pulled the kite down.  “Thanks, that was close” I said.

By Flo


100 word challenge


I was flying, flying through the air, the wind in my face and the smell of cool breeze. I could feel the clouds curling round my ankles and brushing my cheek

Swallows swooped and curved below calling to each other in the  breeze, I could see land and sea below, through misty clouds I could see the moon and stars. We were coming down through the clouds and jumping onto flying swans backs heading North for spring.

My hair blowing behind me my face breathing in the cool air and warm clouds closing in on me, I was happy



Mrs Tyler I would like to have a go at drawing famous paintings. Or getting tissue paper and a big piece of black paper cut holes like a pattern and. Stick the tissue paper over the holes then stick on the window.

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