My 100 Word Challenge!!

Even-though it was a sizzerling hot summers eve, the warm wind gnawed and bit at my face as I cut through the air on jet-black wings. My coal-black wings were so big they trailed behind me when I walked. the setting sun glowed like the embers of a dying fire and the crystal-clear sky turned to a glowing scarlet. Suddenly a powerful gun-shot ecoed through the air. But my scream was even louder. The pain seared through my body. My arms were flailing and flapping. I felt my wings for the last time, and was free-falling through time and space…

my 100 word challenge by millie

As I jumped over to over turtle, I could feel the breath of the turtle. Flying swiftly though the sky then I reached out and touched a cloud it was like a fluffy pillow. All of a sudden there was a rumble  the turtle turned gracefully as I looked what was happening giant wings appeared from the clouds I asked my self what is it suddenly it was a dragon I could see I small figure on it was a person suddenly……It was a man I spoke “huh hello what and who are you” the man turned to face me…


Favorite Monty Buster Batten!

On Christmas day 2014, James, Sophie and I had spent two hours opening presents, and about ten minutes after those two hours, Sophie emerged from underneath the tree with a peculiar looking gift, shaped like a surfboard with a lump on the left side of it. As she brought it over to the TV table, I noticed that my mum’s face changed dramatically from happy,  to ultra awesomified (if that’s a word!) and at that moment,  I suddenly knew that the strange box was no ordinary gift . . .

I was surprised to find a rope-ball inside, which was supposedly for James, and my initial reaction was,                                                                                

Why does it say chewable?”I thought it was some kind of toy to tempt James away from my mum’s cooking, though he wouldn’t chew it (or would he?! Then, without warning,  Sophie randomly asked the fireplace as she looked up from the toy,                                                     “Are we getting a dog?” and my mum’s smile widened.

“Tomorrow morning, ” she explained,  ” We are going to visit some friends whose dog has has puppies,  and we’ll choose one to come home with us at the end of January and live with us forever.”

That really turned on the waterworks, in a good way of course,  but I was so happy I cried with laughter! What’s more, my dad was filming us, so with me completely hysterical,  Sophie showing off, and James using the camera lens as a mirror to get the chocolate off of his face, it was the most embarrassing yet unforgettable video made in our family!

We found out that my parents hadn’t gone shopping a few nights before, but to see the newborn pups instead!

We would have called him Buster,  but at the last minute,  James and Sophie changed their minds, so now his name is Monty: the cutest! 🙂

He’s soooo cute,  the most labradorable labrador in the world, and a bit of a greedy pig, too when I saw him eat, as I found out on Friday when we last saw him!  

School project

I have to choose what I want to base my topic on this term. I have been interested in circus skills          and I had a unicycle for christmas, so I am going to do the project on the history of unicycles and their uses today.


100 word challenge

As i plummeted down towards the ever growing earth, I could hear the screeching howl of the wind vibrate through my ear drums. It reminded me of the hundreds of howler monkeys in the depths of the rainforest I had been in earlier that day. The freezing wind was buffeting my face making my lips wobble uncontrollably like jelly on a trampoline, which made me laugh out loud. Through the goggles that were pressed tight against my bulging eyes I suddenly saw to my surprise a mystical peregrine falcon swiftly dive down like an arrow to the side of me.

My 100 Word Challenge

”Come on, Come on I can do it!” I said to myself. With a determined look on my face i jumped Agh!” The strong Breeze blew against my face; my cheeks and my lips rubbing together vibrating as well. I pulled my parachute with the colors of Red, White and Blue.If I can do this 3000m Jump i  could be in the Guinness Book Of Records 2015! ” Boom! Boom!” That was the sound of my heart beating like a Drum!  The Wind is tugging at my clothes, the straps were digging into my skin! As i Landed my mother was giving me a incredibly tight hug, I wish I could Jump Of that Airplane again!


On Christmas Day,  2014,  James, Sophie and I spent ages unwrapping loads of gifts,  but then Sophie picked up a small,  peculiar shaped box, it looked like a mini surfboard with a lump at the top. My mum’s face changed from very happy,  to ultra awesomified (if that’s a word!), and soon I knew that the present on my lap was no ordinary gift . . . .

After five minutes of deciding who should open the family present,  it was me, in the end, who got to open it. I was very surprised to find a dog toy, a rope ball, my initial reaction was,   “Why does it say chewable?” thinking that was some kind of toy for tempting James away from my mum’s cooking,  then Sophie blurted,

“Are we getting a dog?



100 word challenge, falling from the sky !

          Falling from the sky !

Pulling, tugging, yanking…jammed! My parachute wouldn’t open! I was falling through the sky, 3000 feet from the ground screaming and shouting trying to pull the rip cord loose but it wouldn’t budge. I yanked it as hard as I could, then “snap!” the rip cord broke. What was I going to do? I fumbled for my walkie talkie but it slipped right through my hot  hands. Then I remembered about the emergency parachute! I felt around my waste where was it “got it ” I said to my self. I pulled the cord and floated safely to the ground.