Adventure waiting

On the top of a dark hill with a broken down house lived a family of foxes. Mr Fox, Mrs Fox, Lily fox and Peter fox. Lily was a caring young lady who wanted to be a doctor when she was older. Peter, on the other hand, was quite different, well for a start he loves adventures and adores James bond and he loves being sneaky and cheeky.

Late one night while lily was brushing her teeth Peter was cheekily ignoring his mums call of going to bed and Mr fox was doing some important work on the computer when suddenly there came a loud knock from the door “open up, open up, I demand you to open up!” The scary voice said. Mr fox looked out from his study and saw it was a man, he ran down stairs as fast as a cheetah and told his wife “Go into the secret room I will be there as quick as I can, now go”, so Mrs fox took the children by the paw and they all ran to the secret room as scared as they were nothing would stop them.

Meanwhile Mr Fox opened the door and saw the man “Why are you here?” Mr Fox announced bravely even though he was really scared.

“I am the king of Almanya, it’s a country stupid, and my people are leaving my country because of you and your family,” the man said angrily.

“But my family have done nothing wrong!” Mr Fox said

“Yes you have, you have been stealing food from the village and my people have never seen a fox talk, so I would like you as far away from Almanya as possible, ok. I will leave you to pack your belongings, good day, “

“We will be back you mean king” fox starts to cry “oh why oh why this did happen we will have to move where though” he thought …………….

If you like my story looks out for the next half coming soon

Zac was visiting his uncle who lived in the Amazon Rainforest. One day, he was exploring when he saw a magnificent cheetah! Suddenly , it turned it’s head and let out a bloodcurdling roar. Terrified, Zac sprinted back to his uncle’s wooden hut. The cheetah was left clawing at the door.


Here we go over the top, slipping on my over-sized belly, just like a very big jelly. Water whooshing all around, bubbling, gurgling, people screaming all around. Down, down twist and turn, no escape my stomach starts to churn. Down the ramp round the bend, right into the deep-end!
I hope you liked my 50 letter poem. If you did please leave a comment. Thank you for reading Nutdog

The lost pony.

Hi I hope you will like my 50 word story.

“Neeeyyyyyyhh.” The voice of Pandora echoed as I strolled down the dry, dark corridor that   “Hello gorges,” I told her whilst slipping on her  head college.”see you tonight.” I added as she prodded along in the field to the juicy grass.                                                                                                                      That night:                                                                                                                        “she’s gone!”

Hope you liked the story, sorry it was short I had to take description out to add the story in probably. (This and the sentence I did to start of with do not count in the 50 word story.)




Here to tell you more about my faverouite horses. This time I will tell you about Toffee

Toffee is

  • 5 years old
  • was born at warliegh lodge farm
  • loves to roll in mud, eat mint, carrots and to chew my green jumper
  • hates to see her medicine in her food, celery sticks for horses and her picture being taken
  • she will buck you of if she cant stop when cantering down hill.

Bye for now

next time you will find out about my guineapigs

lots of love



Who are these Halloween Ghouls?

These ghouls were on my doorstep tonight. 

Can you tell who they were before they were transformed? 

Halloween Ghouls

Orchid please note:  Mrs. Tyler made sure she had all the proper permissions from the ghouls and bare-faced ghoul’s parents before she uploaded this haunting photo.