Wolf Dog

It was a misty day when John and I heard a howl as we walked in the dense woods with our lovely, bouncy dog Rover. As the howl grew louder, quick as a flash, John sprinted away into the rolling mist leaving me to look around and suddenly see our lovely, bouncy dog had changed into a fierce wolf.

Rememberence Sunday

Last Sunday, I went to church with some of my good friends: Harriet, Jemima Natasha an Ellie-May. Then we all read out a few sentence’s about WW1 and WW1 Afterword’s we went to the parish haul and had some soup and a sausage roll it was really yummy! Then we all went out with all of my friends and went outside to play forty forty in then a few munities I had to go and set a table for some of are friends to have dinner.

creepy sentence

I heard a horrendous noise down stairs so I slowly crept through the hallway about to quietly creep down the stairs until a enormously strong grab clutched on to my shirt and grabbed me back up the stairs “But?” I gasped  it was my Mum

“I know I heard it to!”

Spoooooooooooooky sounds

As I went to the toilet in the middle of the night, I heard the piano playing downstairs. I quietly  crept down the stairs and into the music room and saw the piano keys going up and down .

Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder, I looked behind me and saw no one!.?

by Florence!

the noise

I looked around my room then heard my name from downstairs “Millie come down I need to show u something” I slowly walked towards the landing. All of a sudden something was outside my window watching me…

2 Sentence Tale!!!

As Sophie slipped out of her cosy bed after her mum had called her from down-stairs, she was creeping out of her room when a milky-white hand grabbed her elbow tightly and pulled her into a dark, dank and dusty broom cupboard.  The woman’s face brought fear to her heart; she looked her in the face and whispered, ” You’re coming with me,”  then everything went black…..

A night to remember !

As I approached the remote town of the Undead, the storm advanced; the heavens were clouded and I soon felt the rain coming slowly in large drops. The darkness and storm increased every minute and as the thunder burst with a terrific crash over my head, I felt a   bony hand on my shoulder.


Remembrance Day

As it’s Remembrance Day, many of you have been out and about. Some may have been in parades and others may have been in church services.

Tell us how you have being remembering the heroes of WW1, WW2 and other more recent conflicts.