At Simonsbath I’m looking forward to a range of different¬†things; the thing I’m most looking forward to is the outdoor activities and the thing I’m least looking forward to is the walk!

I can’t wait to try the food as I’m hoping it will be delicious, especially the cooked breakfast. My parents are very envious!

In the ‘down time’ I’d like to practise for the talent show, read and play games.


I am excited about Simonsbath because I am going to do Archery and also climb trees. The one thing I am most excited about is the assault course at the beginning of our trip.


The things that I am looking forward to…

1  going on some mountain bikes.

2. going to bed at 9:30.

3. camp fire with hot drinks.

4. the delicious breakfast.

5. mini assault.

What I would like to do in my down time…

1. play chess with Tom. draughts with Tom.

3. write a post card to Mum, Dad and Charlie.

4. draw some cartoons.

5.lisening to my iPod shuffle


I am soooooo excited about Simonsbath  her is a list of the reasons why

1 are mums and dads will not be there to tell us what to do

2 we will be outside all day

3 we will be doing a load of fun activities

4 I fink the food will be nice, well I hope it will !

In my spare time I would like to draw  talk to my friends and write in my notepad about what we did


At Simonsbath I am really looking forward to the Archery and going on Mountain bikes. I also can’t wait for the assault course and team challenge. In my own ‘Down time’ I am going to enjoy just chatting with my friends and drinking hot chocolate!!

My School Trip To Simonsbath

I’m looking forward to going to Simonsbath because i’d like to do the following activities:¬†

1. Abseiling
2. Quad biking
3. Zip wire

One thing that i’m worried about…THE FOOD! I really, really hope that it’s going to be nice. Whatever happens, I think I will enjoy myself, but if I do get upset or sad because I am away from home my friends will be there for me.

My Week In Simonsbath


On the 13th of October my class (Orchid) are going to a place, in the middle of nowhere, called Simon Bath.

We have to write what we want to do in our down time and what we are looking forward to doing while we are there.


What are you looking forward to at Simons bath?:When I go to Simons Bath I am looking forward to the Talent Show and mountain biking.

What do you want to do in down time: I would like to be able to write eat sweets and sleep in down time.



Simons Bath.

Ok I’m am really really exited about going to Simons bath it’ll be so fun I bet you, my best-friends will hopefully be in the same dormitory as me. Why I ¬†will like Simons bath is because I am a big tom boy and I love doing rock climbing, wall climbing, ab sailing and doing all those crazy things. And best of all getting WET and MUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!! And I love getting mud on my face that is really fun.