My 100 Word Challenge

”Come on, Come on I can do it!” I said to myself. With a determined look on my face i jumped Agh!” The strong Breeze blew against my face; my cheeks and my lips rubbing together vibrating as well. I pulled my parachute with the colors of Red, White and Blue.If I can do this 3000m Jump i  could be in the Guinness Book Of Records 2015! ” Boom! Boom!” That was the sound of my heart beating like a Drum!  The Wind is tugging at my clothes, the straps were digging into my skin! As i Landed my mother was giving me a incredibly tight hug, I wish I could Jump Of that Airplane again!


On Christmas Day,  2014,  James, Sophie and I spent ages unwrapping loads of gifts,  but then Sophie picked up a small,  peculiar shaped box, it looked like a mini surfboard with a lump at the top. My mum’s face changed from very happy,  to ultra awesomified (if that’s a word!), and soon I knew that the present on my lap was no ordinary gift . . . .

After five minutes of deciding who should open the family present,  it was me, in the end, who got to open it. I was very surprised to find a dog toy, a rope ball, my initial reaction was,   “Why does it say chewable?” thinking that was some kind of toy for tempting James away from my mum’s cooking,  then Sophie blurted,

“Are we getting a dog?



100 word challenge, falling from the sky !

          Falling from the sky !

Pulling, tugging, yanking…jammed! My parachute wouldn’t open! I was falling through the sky, 3000 feet from the ground screaming and shouting trying to pull the rip cord loose but it wouldn’t budge. I yanked it as hard as I could, then “snap!” the rip cord broke. What was I going to do? I fumbled for my walkie talkie but it slipped right through my hot  hands. Then I remembered about the emergency parachute! I felt around my waste where was it “got it ” I said to my self. I pulled the cord and floated safely to the ground.

100 word challenge

Suddenly I found myself flying through the air as fast as a peregrine falcon.  I could hear my heart beating as loud as a drum.  I could see snow topped mountains jagged everywhere.  I  cut through the atmosphere like a knife through butter. To my surprise I found myself in a dusty cloud which blocked my vision. I crashed into the rocky cliff. With a tumble I rolled down the hill causing avalanches to crash into the blackness below me. Getting into position I put my muscular arm out and grabbed onto a rock .  I held on for my life.


flying through the air

As I fell through  the sky , my tummy turned over  and I felt a bit sick. I couldn’t breath properly either [because of the wind pressure.] The view showed all of my area where I live and when I was higher up I could see clouds beside me . suddenly I heard a snap and part of my harness broke ,it slowly started snapping away [all of it !] Then when I thaught  it was just going to snap I felt a strong hand grab my arm , thank-goodness for that but who knows what could happen next time

100 word challenge

As I whizzed through the humid air at the speed of a peregrine falcon, my hair was blown backwards. All around me, white fluffy clouds tickled my face whilst far below, my town was a model village. The green grassy countryside hurtled towards me. Would my parachute open in time? Almost deafened by the whooshing noises in my ear, I continued my descent. I had the bitter taste of fear and adrenaline in my mouth but I felt exhilarated! Unexpectedly, my parachute shot open; I was jerked upwards as if controlled by a puppeteer. Feeling joyful, I sighed with relief.