Simonbath : Evening 1.

This evening we saw the amazing birds of prey!!!!! A man brought in a buzzard called Boots, at the end he posed for the pictures!!! Then he brought an amazing barn owl in called Sage and his ears are asymmetrical!!!!! The last bird was a bird that we were all waiting to see, it was a …… Peregrine falcon!!!!!!!!! Her name was Sky and she was in the middle of  molting. After that we filled into the common room for blogging, hot chocolate and biscuits!!!

It has been amazing so far!!!!    By Bella ( the amazing )!!!!!!!!!!!!

First evening at Simonsbath!

This evening at Simonsbath a man came in to talk to us about all of the amazing birds of prey he owned . After looking at the birds we filled into the common room to drink hot chocolate,eat biscuits, and totally chill out! Blogging on our school crome books and computers,while the girls were blogging the boys were sitting around Mr Rocky’s wii and xbox. Most of the girls at the moment can’t wait to get into our beds that we made earlier! Oh by the way the choccy buiscits taste good! Yum. . .


By Ellie-may and Harriet 🙂

Our first day at Simonsbath by Ellie !

The journey to Simonsbath was horrible, especially when we were rapidly driving over the pebbles on the road . (it made me feel sick ) When we arrived ,at 12:45, we had brief tour around  and were then sent to are rooms to unpack . Fortunately , my dorm was rather quick at this . After lunch we went on  are river study thing . Where we got to do experiments on the river ; which was awesome . Are next activity, after tea, was seeing real life bird of pray : such as Buzzard  , Peregrine  falcon and a Barn owl . My favorite bird was the Barn owl because of its fantastic  ,fluffy  feathers ! By Ellie



I am so excited about Simonsbath because .

1. Thomas won t be there yay!!!!!!!!!!

2. We can do what would like to

3. We will get to do archery and wall climbing.

4. We will be with all my friends.

5. I f someone wants to come in our room and you say no they can t come in.

6.  We get to walk through a river!

7.We are trusted to make a sandwich.

8.We can play pranks on each other.

9.We can take electronics but its our own responsability.

10.We will get wet!!!!












Wilf’s story

The story of the Hobble Gobbles

We mounted over the snowy white mountains. I quickly scampered up the mountain and off into the misty distance. As quick as a flash of lightning something or someone popped his head out of the snow. We were staring right at them, they were so strange looking we could hardly believe our eyes. It was the Hobble Gobbles

We quickly ran away, as fast as a peregrine falcon we soared through the air. In my glistening top they could see me although they couldn’t see Jim in his chequered blue and white top which blended in with the landscape perfectly. Out of nowhere a scream of pain came from Jim.  He was unfortunately dragged out of sight just as I turned around.

Suddenly a secret passage appeared in the snow which was as white as a polar bear’s skin.  I raced down it.  A narrow spiral staircase appeared. I grabbed a flaming torch to peer around the corner. To my horror it was filled with gigantic spider webs.  There was a wooden door, it looked like a door that I had seen before somewhere but I would have to find out later,
I had no time to lose. The door was so rotten that if it didn’t open when I pushed it I could smash my way through. It was locked so I would have to try and break my way through. I tried but it wouldn’t work so I tried again and again but it wouldn’t open so I had to go back out into the cold conditions.

 A day passed and there was no sign of the Hobble Gobbles but I knew they would come. After a week I saw something black moving in the distance.  I moved closer trying to hide my body and I was being as silent as possible. I was going to get my own back for what they did to Jim. I was armed with a sword and a spoon.  We were now close enough to see each other properly.  The battle began. It went on for a long time but eventually the Hobble Gobbles were so strong that they pushed me to the ground.  One snip of the Hobble Gobbles’ iridescent crab like claws and I would be dead but I managed to put the spoon into one of the claws. I jumped up and with one mighty swipe of my sword they were dead.

I was just about to walk away when I saw something on the neck of one of the Hobble Gobbles, it was a key, it looked like something I had seen before. It glimmered in the sunlight, I raced down the narrow staircase to find that the key was the key that would unlock the door.  I sharply opened the door and a whirl pool of colours appeared.  “Bye, bye,” I shouted and with that I jumped into the whirl pool. The whirl pool went on for a long time but finally I got back to my house.

The next day at school I looked at the school door then I thought for a moment. I realized that the school door that I was staring at this very moment was the door that I thought was familiar at the mountains.  I quickly ran inside.  At that moment I saw Jim. But Jim was dead, I thought!  I went over to Jim and asked him where he had been. “I thought you were dead,” I said. “What are you talking about,” replied Jim. ” I’m not dead, I’ve been inside doing my homework, you know the story writing about the Hobble Gobbles.”

By Wilf Steggall

Simonsbath YAY!

Next week we are going to Simonsbath. Yay! I am so looking forward to it. Especially abseiling  , walking down a wall/building with a rope, I have only done it twice before and it is so fun.Everything we are doing is going to be fun, I’m not great at archery though not fail, miserably, stressfully. PS I’ll be free of Freddie MUHAHAHAHAHA. No comment.comment below. BBBBYYYYEEEE.

Simonsbath trip

I am most looking forward to archery, mini assault course, river ramble, climbing wall and mountain biking.
At down time I am looking forward to colouring in one of my colouring books and also listening to my iPod.
But the thing that I am most excited about is the talent show and I already know what I would like to do!!!