My Miptor

My Miptor has purple fluffy furr, rainbow mane and tail. She has a purple horn and loves cupcakes. She has sparkly blue wings and bright pink hoves and loves to fly up high and dance on rainbows. She hates lettice and being left alone.

By Tilly! LOL!

My Miptor

The Pig Bikini windmill Medusa Miptor!

My Miptor is a… well actually i have no idea what my Miptor is but he is a girl and that is all I know! My Miptor has a pig’s head, bikini body with a big tummy, hands as Mini windmills and Medusa’s green, thick snake’s hair ( as legs)!

My Miptor has to be in three places at once because His head has to be in mud, his body has to be in the sun and his legs have to be in water, so what I am trying to say is how can I do that? What he likes is very not ordinary because he likes;

  1. Carrots in Meatballs
  2. Chocolate in Gravy
  3. and Burger with a snake poison!

(Very Odd!)

My Miptor

Berry is a very rare breed of Bumbleberries, he originally evolved  from the planet saturn. However a massive meteor hit the planet, causing a colossal explosion ; which almost lead to the extension of bumbleberries !!!! Fortunately , the bumbleberries managed to travel to earth,where they now  have created another habitat to live in , in alaska.


  As you may know most living creatures have emotion  on what scares them or makes them happy , bumbleberries do this too!!! Normally, they are very happy and enjoyable to be around although when they see mushrooms they go completely berserk , they start screaming, ” NO WOOO!!!!!!!” and jumping up and down . So i suggest you make sure there is no mushrooms around !!

 I hope you like Bumbleberries as much as i do for they just might be the new 21st century pet !!!

My Miptor

My Miptor is called Jaws and is a ferocious looking character. His scaly soft skin is a shimmering khaki green and his snake-like eyes are jet black. His teeth are like daggers, sharp and deadly. He can grow up to 5 metres long and his barbed dorsal fin helps him cut through the water. He is an ambush predator, spending most of his time lurking in the shadows waiting for his unsuspecting prey. His metre long tail propels him through the water at explosive speed. Unlike most fish, he can leave the water for up to an hour and move on his short, sturdy legs. If he doesn’t catch any fish, then he goes looking for bird’s eggs. If he eats fish 30cm long or more he will be extremely happy. If he doesn’t he will be very, VERY SAVAGE!!!!!!!!


William’s 2015 Coulds, Shoulds and Woulds!!!

This is my year review for 2015. You will see that some of the things I could do are different from the things I should do! If I work hard, I could get my karate black belt in the Autumn. I would also like to get a distinction in my trumpet exam soon. My Mum says I should fold my clothes up at night… but I can’t see that happening!!

This year

This year i would like to improve,my hockey, score more goals at hockey. I should be starting swimming lessons in a 50m pool at my local university. I do keep my room tidy however i could improve on that.

I feel Like Superman!!!!

As I was falling through the air, I felt like superman swooping past the city’s but unfortunately I was just falling out of the sky. I could feel the air hitting me every second I moved, my eyes were starting to water but that wasn’t really on my mind, I was getting the feeling that something would go wrong. My heart was in my mouth, I was starting to  worry, the sun was blinding me, I was getting the feeling I was doomed… As I reached for my parachutes ripcord, my worst fears came true…