animal jam

Animal jam is fun game it is a online game you can play games even I play it is so pretty when the christmas update is on the are lots of people to meet and make new friends if you would like to here more just say in the comments and some people will help you if you need help with something just ask me in the comments.

the recycled jammmer

The recycled jammer



On a quiet day in jamma, the beta days, one if the very first jammers appeared. Her user name was recycled, since she was new and all she went exploring this new world called animal jam. Were she was no ordinary jammer she came with an item no one else had. But wait jammers don’t come with items when they first appear in animal jam, well recycled did. when she started another item popped up in her inventory. She didn’t even buy it, it was just… there! This item was called the scary locket; it was a black, white and dark red locket. She wore it all the time not knowing it was the only one in jamma. Recycled found a friend (Snow11) they soon became BFFS they did practically did every thing together they talked, had parties together and just hung out. Since they weren’t like any jammer they bought any thing they saw. Because of this recycled went to recycle some items. When she recycled her Viking helmet, yes they were sold in the beta days, nothing strange happened just more space in her inventory and more gems the next day recycled got a new item it was a black, white and red pirate sword

“Umm ok then?” she wore the items probly making other jammers jealous since her inventory was full, yet again! she recycled her cheap necklace the same thing happened again! The next day she had another item a black, white and red snowflake necklace those don’t even exist in jamma! And the weirdest part was… she could wearer both of her necklaces at the same time, what!

“there is something strange going on” she went and told snow11 about how strange it was they both went to recycles  den what they saw was horrid! there was a black, white and red wolf just the colours of well almost every item she got! It was just standing there with no name tag or animation. the weirder part was the wolfs 3d matter was glitching out? its non moving body was shape shifting into all sorts of different shapes! recycled and snow11 were freaking out and recycled quickly recycled those items…however after she recycled those items recycled was never seen again… you could say she was recycled snow11 was so upset she quit animal jam but after she’d recycled all of her items. if you ever happen to get teleported to recycles den you will see him shape shifting, no animations in the same spot with no name tag at all!… you will be recycled and never to be seen again.


Jamie,crept outside to find a monster that had crashed

onto the earth he slipped his old ripped slippers on and strolled into the wet slippery grass when the beast had risen!

Jamie paniced as he knew something was going on.

“Who are you?”Jamie cakeled in fear when the alien striked…


Once when I was running through the deep ,dark forest I saw two shimmering lights. ” Finally ,some one has come to rescue me!” I thought.  I ran closer and “ROUR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”A lion leaped out at me.  I jumped to find my self on the floor , I must have been asleep!

Haunted House

“What happened?” I looked around, I was in a dark,gloomy,cobwebby and dusty room with only a candle light to see. I appeared to be in a mansion that was said to be haunted by a slender man, just the thought of it made my hairs on my back stand on end! Suddenly a black shadow loomed over me I turned around and tried to scream but no sound came out…

my suspence

I walked anxious to the woods there was howling through the dark, spooky woods I stopped I seen a black figure something was watching me I turned away then he was there standing in mid air staring at me I ran for deer life he was following me then I realised I was not in the woods then a dark hand  was on my shoulder….

The Experience

The experience

It was a normal Saturday morning, my cousins were playing outside and I decided to play a little animal jam. So I logged on somehow when I logged on, the server in jamma was just…grey. I could still see, but it was black. I was confused I decide to ask someone what was going on

“Hello?” so I herd a voice. There wasn’t just speech bubble. Yes, there was a speech bubble but also a voice. It said…

“WELCOME TO OUR WORLD!” I was scared. Mainly confused but also really sacred. Maybe it was a glitch maybe animal jam made a new update to sounds! But then they grabbed me I screamed.

“What are you doing?!?” I tried my hardest to run, but I tripped on a lose slab in the township there they were again sending a chill down my spine with there smiling faces



“This world will keep a hold of you soul”

The horse was skipping around like a five year old she was singing…

“Ring around the rosy” they captured me. They tortured me. I cried of course, but nobody was there for me, to help me I was trapped all alone… I tried to escape there it was. Another voice that just scared me… it was a cute fuzzy little voice that just scared ME! And I saw on my screen a grey bunny with x eyes and a little cute skirt she had blocked my path and said…

“I’ve been expecting you for a long long time” every thing was still grey I was scared out of my life. I tried to close the internet window. Trying made my computer make horrible screaming noises. The bunny tilted its head and screeched

“wanna play it will be very very very fun”  I yelled

“NO! What did I ever do to you that made you want to torture me like this?”

I shouted the bunny just replied with

“You’re in our world now you are under our control! So you can play with me for ever and ever” looking horrified at my screen my wolf gave me a pleading look as if it was begging me to save it, it gave one last sigh and then went limp…