My miptor Luna

All about my Miptor Luna .

Luna is a rare bread of unicorns and butterflies. She loves to play catch the mouse under the moon and stars. Her best friend is princess hedgehog giraffe boy by the way that is flo’s miptor. she eats cupcakes, rainbow dust and loves cheese delivered straight from the moon !


My miptor is called Gollar.  Fascinatingly, he is half gorilla, half jaguar.  Scarily, he has rainbow iridescent eyes shaped like a jaguar. If you looked at them you could barley look away. He has gorilla like shaggy fur.

Astonishingly his legs are so fast you will miss him in a split second as he runs by. Also he is the rarest animal in the world.  His senses are 546,739 times more powerful than a human. Thankfully he is really good at finding things, I loose my things quite often so he’s a really good pet for me.

Although he eats smelly socks and chews up your shoes, he is the best  friend ever. You can tell him anything and he snuggles up to you all day.

He never ever sleeps because he is too busy looking after you and making sure you do not get hurt.

Although he plays football and is the best in the world,he would  rather play some sort of running game(I’ll tell you a tip,you will never catch him.)





Year 5 DJs

This afternoon I had the pleasure of working with Year 5, who were creating and mixing music as part of their ‘They see the world like this’ topic. Thank you to Lily for the music that you can hear whilst the video is playing.

Orchid class put down some tracks!

Year 5 have been using Incredibox this afternoon to compose some serious tracks! Listen to their efforts…

DJ Lily

DJ Issy

DJ Flo

DJ Theo

DJ Harry

DJ Wilf

DJ Ruby

DJ Felix

DJ Tom

DJ Edward

DJ Tilly

DJ Isaac

DJ Honor

Aren’t they amazingly catchy?!!

My Miptor

  My Miptor is called 3d 3d Tron, 3d for short, and is very non-sensitive.  He has a special room just for him full of computers!  I am happy to give you all the info about him all in this text.

He can be fed on cars and CD’s.  Make sure you feed ALL of the mouths on him because there are four!

If he goes all blue then the thing that I advise you to do is get some travelers tea, get a wheel-chair and pour the tea around you and 3d and push 3d to the hospital.

3d can go angry if, and only if, you make him. (I advise you not make him angry,  because it is NOT very nice).


my miptor

my miptor is a labradoodle dog it is very easy to look after all you need to do is to feed it take it out for a walk and give it lots of love.It is excactly like a dog and looks like one but cheaper.

Huge Maths problems!

1.I think of a number add 20 to it take away 3 divide it by 4 you get 5.

What number did I start with?

2.I think of a number add 90 to it take away 15 divide it by 3 I get 51.66′. What number did I start with?

3.I think of a number add 170 divide it by 7 take away 45 then square it I get 225. What number did I start with?

4.I think of a number times it by 12 add 45 then divide it by 2 I get 382.5. What number did I start with?

5.I think of a number add 98 take away 40 I get 21.33′. What number did I start with?



My Miptor

My miptor is called Eyegiee, he is a very cool creature.This is a fact file about him:

Name: Eyegiee

Animal type: unknown

Personality:Eyegiee is a very random character. When happy, he seems cute whereas when angry he is very scary! The things that make him angry are war and normal rainbows. He only likes to eat sausage sandwiches; he can’t eat metal.

My Miptor Bow, the Cuabit

Fact File:

Name: Bow Cute Bunny Cupcake iPad Mini Covers



Owner: Ellie-May


Marzipan blankets, Vanilla milkshakes, Cherries, Ice cream, Chips, Icing sugar, Her muffin tin house, Spoons and Butterflies!


Leaves, Bleak colours, Yoghurt, Big scary muffins and the sound of the wind!


Her favourite toys are her purple spoon, Butterfly mobile (the one that hangs from her house,) Milkshake maraca and her toy ice cream.

Feed routines:

At 7:30 she wakes up and plays for a bit, then at 8:30 she has a breakfast of Vanilla milkshake and Cherries! Then at lunch (which is at 12:00) she has ice cream and chips. Then at tea time which is at 6:00pm she has Spaghetti!

Night Routines:

At 6:30 she has her warm milk, then at 7:00 she goes to bed with her dummy and at 8:00 I take it away from her (when she’s asleep!)


She loves playing outside with her spoon, chasing butterflies and falling over! Basically looking cute while playing.

Night time:

In the night she always has a pink and white coloured blanket over her cage, those are the only colours she wants to see in the morning.


How to make her breakfast:

You will need:

.Vanilla milkshake&

.6 Cherries.

First, put the milkshake in a glass,

Secondly, get the six cherries and put in a small bowl

Then put it all on a big plate and serve!


Cuabit’s originated from Umpaloompa land, where they lived peacefully with other Miptors.

One day some people where exploring the land when they discovered these weird, cute and wonderful creatures!

They decided to bring them back here for people to keep them as pets!