Fun in Simonsbath

Today i did some tree climbing,it was very fun because when i came down off of the tree i said flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap.Then i made some Indian bread out of flour,sugar and water,after that i went mountain biking it was very fun.


By Isaac

Simonsbath Day 2 – Photos!

Here is the first of three group photo sets – the others will be posted as I work through them tonight and as our wireless permits! As you can see, we have been extremely busy, had a lot of fun and the children are still going as I type with a puzzles evening!

What a fun morning at Simonsbath – Day 2

We’ve just sat down after lunch at Simonsbath and I have a few minutes to update you. It’s been non-stop since breakfast with the class working in three groups. One group went off mountain biking first up and down some of the muddiest, slipperiest and exhilarating paths that were local to the centre. Needless to say our washing machine will need to be pressed into service when I get home!!

Another group started with tree climbing. Harnessed up and with a head for heights, there was much fun to be had as children challenged themselves to climb as high as possible. And they all did very well. The third group learnt fire building skills and made dough twists which they then cooked on an open fire. With a blessed morning of very little rain, there have been whoops, cheers and plenty of singing from everyone.

This afternoon we do the last of our three activities then it’s on to some shelter building before tea and games after. Hope everyone is ok back home. We are all having a super time.

Good morning!

Good morning from a slightly damp, yet very exciting and fun Simonsbath. We are all up, dressed and ready for breakfast and another day of fun. On today’s menu we have…mountain biking, tree climbing, an Indian tracker, shelter building and puzzler games to entertain us. We have internet in the common room only so we will try to get as much as we can on the blog later and if we have time during the day. Everyone had a quiet night, slept well and says hello!

What we enjoyed about our first day!

Have a listen to to what we enjoyed about our first day at Simonsbath!