My Diary Entry

On Wednesday Orchid (year 6) had been practicing our dance routines for the dance festival. It didn’t take very long to get to the festival because it was in Bath, so about 15 minutes which is nothing really, some of the parents had to take other kids to the festival but my Mummy picked me up on my own because she was going to watch. It was so horrifying going up on to the wooden, creaking, crackling and colourless stairs. As I was approaching the stage my stomach was getting a strange feeling, like butterflies fluttering, but that doesn’t matter because I think we all had those in our tummies. It was really hushed and quiet as we waited, but then the music started and my butterflies flew away, which was a spectacular relief! There were loads of different schools taking part. I’m not sure how many there were, but there were hundreds of all different ages who were going to dance.

It was quite funny because the next day all the kids Mums kept saying how phenomenal we were and that if it was a competition, then we would of easily won but all of us were saying.

“Nope, we wouldn’t of won. Don’t you think?” to our friends who would just agree… because they always do when they have no idea what you’re talking about.



What i found fun this week

In the past few days I have found the dance festival the most fun!

The pressure was all on us now as we entered the roaring stage.                                         “Put your hands together for Westwood With Iford doing the Northern Lights!”  the commentator shouted over the crowd.  We got into our starting positions, everyone in perfect line. Then the music started and so did we, the energy was as loud as a fog horn as we danced.

My Diary Entry By Millie

Wednesday 25th February 2015,

On Wednesday 25th February Orchid class went to the Bath forum to do a dance based on the northern lights it was amazing all the other dances were amazing it was so fun.When we were getting on the stage I got butterflies until I knew that it is not that scary.The dance off was really scary! when we finished I really wanted to do it again people were clapping along when we were dancing it was the best day ever.

My diary entry

On Wednesday the 25th of February orchid class went to a dance festival. It was so fun! As you are waiting to go on stage its really scary but when it started it wasn’t that scary but  when it finished I really wanted to do it all over again.

My Diary Entry

Sunday 1st March 2015

Dear diary,

This week in class we did something called Bike ability. Most of the year sixes did it (because the year fives weren’t allowed to do it) and we did it all day with two great instructors from Wiltshire Council. First we completed level 1 in the morning before lunch and then in the afternoon we started level 2 which we finish next week! We were out all day rain or shine and we were very cold! We do level 3 in secondary school. You learn so much from this and it was really fun!                                                                                                                             x Ellie-May


My diary entry

The homework we were set this week was to write a diary entry about this week.I decided to write mine about bike ability. To find out about it click here.

On Thursday 26th February, 11 year sixes had a day with Bikeability instructors. We could go to school in comfy clothes as we were outside for most of the day. I was going to wear my waterproof trousers but I forgot them! We were very unlucky weather wise as it tipped it down with cold, miserable rain; we all got very wet. In the morning we were in the playground trying to achieve stage 1; I struggled the most with signalling. After we had eaten our lunch we went out and around Westwood learning about how to pass parked cars.

All in all we had a very good day and I am looking forward to next time.

My diary entry

Wednesday 25th February

The swooshing sound of wind at the beginning of the track whirled past my ears.Anxiously, I clenched my knees with the palms of my hands;the vast stage was illuminated with a golden yellow glowing light, everything around it, was black. I glanced up at the blazing lights and waited expectantly for the howling to die out and the music to start.The swirling feeling of butterflies fluttering around your stomach engulfed me in a blanket of anxiety and made me fell unimportant and small.Suddenly the music started, I waited expectantly for the part when I would come in.

What we learnt Today

A few days ago Orchid Class (not all of them), went to a Dance Festival. For the dance we had to dance to a book; are’s was called The Northern Lights ( Film is called the Golden Compass), I was meant to be an egyption child. The leaders were Lira and Mrs. Coulter. It was a lot of fun I want to do it all over again! We left quite late after it was all finished so the next day we were all very tired( it ended at 9:30 but most of us got home at 10:00 because of the traffic)!

The diary of Wednesday 25 February 2015

First it started like an ordenery day all of a sudden as soon as it striked 2.00 the world had changed.Orchid ran in and out of the class room getting changed or haveing make up done.Ping went the reseption doors pearents were arriving to pick up children to take to the dance rehersal.Next we were all on stage rehersing are dance. a sigh of relief passed my face we were in . Now we had to wait  3 HOURS! till the real dance. But lucky anuf me and Mia , Flo were going shopping and then went to gormay burger kitchen for dinner. Right lets go said the pearants. There was miss Tyler and miss Hobson waving us in ready to start but we werent first we were 15 so we sat and watched they other dances dance. “Come on Miss Hobson” said we all stod ready to preform in a line all nervous some exited. and “WESTWOOD WITH IFORD SCHOOL”! . We all ran on suddenly the music started it was are moment to shine. go to are blog and see how we got on.

by    Ruby

The dance festival!!!

What a night! On Wednesday the 25th February, Orchid Class performed a spectacular dance routine at the West Wiltshire Dance Festival 2015. The Forum was packed with over 500 excited parents and children who were eager to see some enthusiastic performances. Every school performed their dance really well. I felt very nervous and excited about our dance but as we went on stage I felt really confident that our routine was good and everyone knew what they were doing. Just before the music started my mind went blank and I couldn’t remember any of my moves! But as soon as the music started, I could feel it almost taking control of me and I couldn’t believe I was actually performing on such a big stage. We all danced brilliantly, remembering our timing, dramatic moves and to be professional. I completely forgot that: my head teacher was watching me, my parents were watching me, my dance teacher was watching me, that I was being filmed and I was performing in front of over 500 people. After the performance, as quick as a flash, I felt really exhilarated when everyone started cheering for us. I’m really proud of what we all did and when it comes to performing in-front of a big crowd again I’ll have more confidence now I know what it feels like.

Congratulations Orchid 🙂