What i did last week at school

On Wednesday the 25th of february, Orchid class entered a dance festival, at the Forum in Bath , this year your dance had to be about a childrens story book . So Orchid class based their dance on the Northern lights , by Philip Pullman .

They had called our  names ‘ Westwood with iford ‘ it was time . I had butterflies fluttering around in my tummy like watching your little sister play with their slimy spaghetti . The screeching howl of the vicious  wind entered the stage ; i slowly walked on , my heart beating fast . As i placed my Golden compass to the floor.The music started . I forgot everything around me and danced it was like being free and roaming the clouds. As i leaped through  the northern lights i realised ,we had done it the dance had ended . I wanted to do it again !!!

My Diary Entry

This week in orchid we have been doing a vast range of exciting things, I have most enjoyed the tag rugby as it is very fun and involves usage of the brain and physically running around; This week we also did the bath forum dance west wilts festival and it was a ecstatic time where everyone tried their hardest and exceeded on blowing the minds of the crowd. Lastly we did the programming of the bee bots if you told it to go right it would obey and spin 90 degrees right.

That was my week in Orchid class!

My Diary Entry

As it was half term last week,  I really enjoyed having time off school, playing at home and with my friends. During this term I went to the west wilts dance festival 2015,  at the Forum in Bath.Most of my class-mates went and we all had good fun!  My family came (They said my school was the best).  I had an absolutely brilliant time!


Safer internet day

On safer internet day (Tuesday 10th february ) We learnt how to be safer on the internet and we had an esembely in the morning about diffrent websites and how to be safe on them.

My diary entry.

In the past few weeks i have most enjoyed the dance festival not just doing our dance but also watching everyone else dance.It was very scary when you step up onto the  stage with a load of people staring at you but once you start dancing it is fine. I really started to fell at home well sort of! But then the next day we were all exhausted and could not really think the only thing we could do was talk witch we do every day. I also enjoyed playing around with the bee bots we made them park then even did a race My team(Honor, Tilly and I) won.


As I knelt on the floor of the dance forum in Bath I felt very nervous, as a consequence it sent a shivering chill down the back of my spine! I could hear my heart as clearly as a pounding bass drum as the arctic winds howled around me. Suddenly the music kicked in  and I leapt into  action as I lifted my body into a vertical position, then I saw the whole auditorium “packed to the gunnels” with people! I knew at that moment that I wanted to be on the stage more often because it made me feel proud, exited and exhilarated.

My first week at Westwood!

My first day at Westwood was great and everyone welcomed me. The night before I started I felt nervous but excited at the same time. On Wednesday my class and I used and programmed some beebots. We were put in groups of three and together we programmed a beebot to complete an obstacle course race. My new friends and I programmed a very precise program for our beebot so our beebot would win, but just as Mrs Tyler started the count down for the race to begin, I realised that the beebot had been off the whole twenty minutes we had been programming it!!!!!!

On Thursday year 6 did a cycling proficiency course. It was very fun and quite hard at the same time. It lasted all day, in the morning we practised in the playground. It was raining so hard we went under a canopy for shelter to learn about bike maintenance and how to check if a bike was safe to ride. Unfortunately we’d left our bikes out in the rain so after the playground practise at lunch we all had rather wet bottoms!!!!! After lunch we went out to a quiet road just behind Westwood school and practised things like U turns and signalling, I learn a lot.

Overall my first week at Westwood school was really fun.

By Megan

Bath Half marathon

Sunday 1st of March 2015                                     Bath Half

I had to get up at 07:30 am, it was Sunday the 1st of March and my dad was running for the Bath half marathon and I was so excited to watch my dad run. We got the train to Bath, which was packed full of lycra clad bodies.

It was a lovely day for a nice long run.  When we arrived at the runners village we walked over to the Time Is Precious tent which was the charity my dad and Russell Howard were running for. The charity, Time Is Precious help seriously ill children in hospital and help raise money for iPad’s, Sensory equipment, dvd players, t.v,s, parent room essentials, physio supplies, Special Seating and tables, games and any other equipment needed which the Hospital Specialists request.   (http://timeisprecious.org/what-we-do/)  Why not check out the website.

As my dad got ready to start running, me and my mum walked up the route and got ready to cheer on the thirteen and a half thousand people that were running.

The atmosphere was buzzing it was great!! There were so many crazy costumes, Batman & Robin, Spiderman and even Disney Princesses. It was so much fun.

My hands are still aching from all the clapping and my throat is still a bit sore from the cheering.

It was a great day! 🙂