Our visitor Simon Holebeach

Our visitor who was called Simon came into our classroom to learn about buoyancy  and he has dived in Antarctica and teaches people to dive safely underwater. We learnt about Buoyancy and how it works in water. We were told the less buoyancy you have more heavy the object will be and maybe will sink Or if there is more buoyancy it will float on the surface of the water. However if the weight of the object is the same as the buoyancy the object would float in the water. We made fake divers out of a poppet and white tac and a bottle of water. We filled the bottle up right to the top so if you squeezed the middle of the bottle it would float to the bottom and if you let go it would float to the top. Our class asked questions about his diving experience and what its like to dive underwater for a job. I tried a scuba diving suit on he wore when diving. That was our visitor who came to our school.



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