Our Visitor Simon Holbeache.

On Tuesday the 30th January, a very interesting man called Simon Holbeache came to our school to show us all about being a polar diver and about the science of the sea.  He brought a diving suit which he had worn diving in lots of different countries, such as Egypt.  His talk was very interesting and I learnt all about under the sea.  Simon told us that the favourite thing he had ever done was play with the seals.

We did a experiment where you put half of a pipette in a nearly full bottle of water and tried to get the pipette to float by putting more or less blue tack on it to weigh it down.  The heavier the pipette was, the lower it floated in the water.

Simon Holbeache told us all about his experience as a polar diver and we (Orchid Class) got to ask him questions like, “What sharks have you seen?”  He has seen lots of sharks.  Some people got to try his diving suit on.  They looked very funny.

Simon Holbeache used to be a Polar Diver but now he is an Astronomer in Bath.


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