Our Secret World

As usual, I was just gliding through the shouls of fish with no care in the world until, all of a sudden, an interest hit me, out of no where – what would our secret world be if the humans were to find and possibly and destroy it? I realise that I am drifting to a hault because I had been day dreaming; however, I was vaguely awere that I was bobbing and bumping, face to face with a moss covered topped, moldy green, moist rock. A satisfied yet mysterious look crossed my face while examining the surroundings realizing the much valued sea bed full of coral (with many homes for fish) seaweed that produces the much loved food, and much more that we call home. I don’t think I can even possibly imagine our home trashed, darkend, ruined and drowned in the horor in the mess that the humans bring amongst them.


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  1. Hi Jenna, thank you for posting your story. Your story had a superb angle to it at the end where the thought of the humans wrecking the environment was so abhorrent and ‘impossible’ to imagine. Next time, remember to check for tricky spellings. You used some really precise phrasing which were very effective. A sad tale. Well done! 🙂

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