Our Polar Diver Session

It was Tuesday the 30th of January when a Polar diver came in to talk out what he does (diving under ice). His name is Simon Holebeach and he has worked in many places around the world like Antarctica – many times before. He also came in to teach us about buoyancy,

You needed to know alot about it if you wanted to be a diver as buoyancy is the way to control how deep you go. If you wanted to go lower then you would need to decrease the buoyant force by adding weights to yourself. We passed around weights they would wear around their suit (or they would just collect stones of the seafloor). To rise up to the surface you would need to increase the buoyancy; in the diving suit there would be pockets of air and to increase the buoyancy they would let the air out. Simon allso talked a bit about Boaty Mcboatface and that it can dive up to 6000 meters! It is used on the RRS Sir David Attenborough.

Last but not least, we made mini divers out of pipettes, white tack (to create the right buoyancy) and drew faces on them. We filled up a bottle of water and floated them on the surface and when we squeeze the bottle – with the lid on – it was supposed to sink to the bottom. It was a very exciting day in dead but best part was testing out our divers buoyancy.

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